‘Stories Of Surrender’ The Book Tour

Nov 9 2022
Nashville, TN, US / Ryman Auditorium
Show Report
Show report coming soon
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Behind The Ryman
We were able to greet Bono behind the Ryman as he arrived for the show
What an absolutely amazing show by an incredible poet!
Nashville thanks Bono
Bono, Thank you for visiting my city with your book tour. What an amazing experience; made more special by virtue of no phones being allowed to be used! Thanks for sharing your life story with the world. Ali, thank you and your family for sharing Bono with the world. Thank you for the artistry and music of U2. If I could ever meet you, I’d want to shake your hand and say “ thank you for all the good work you do and have done to make this world a better place. “ Sincerely with affection and respect, Lawson Patten
Great show(man)
Bono put on a great show at this historic venue. If the walls could talk,,. That night the stage was alive with talk and music as Bono shared stories of Surrender in what I describe as an interactive play supported by the soundtrack to the life of an iconic rock star. We were honored to be in the crowd of 2400.
I was there
Validation, let me start there. I have been a fan for years and always said I belong to the church of Bono...Being in the Ryman Theater (church) sitting in a pew and listening and watching Bono go thru his story and bringing in his Dad, God and Ali and then how we all helped him get there. Thanks to (red) and the One campaign's. Then to remind us that American is not what 92% of us will find in a DNA test. All my loyalty all these years has paid off. Bono knows how to bring me closer to God and County. But make sure some one like Ali keeps you grounded. VALIDATED
Before the show
Warming up the stage for Bono…
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