U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Feb 15 2024
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli The PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #34

'We've cancelled Thursday night…'

'We've cancelled Thursday night. Tonight could be any night we want it to be', announced Bono early in this thirty fourth night at the Sphere. 'I'm going to take New Year's Eve, personally'.

'All I Want Is You', 'Desire', and 'When Love Comes To Town' from 'Rattle and Hum' were in the show, along with countless sonic tributes to fellow artists including David Bowie's 'Let's Dance', George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord', 'Sympathy for the Devil' and 'Paint It Black' by the Rolling Stones, 'America' by Simon & Garfunkel, 'Red Rain' by Peter Gabriel, and 'Live Forever' by Oasis.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

What Bono Said

After When Love Comes To Town: 'Elvis of course was the king of rock 'n' roll. And there would be no Beatles without Elvis…. there'd be no U2, Crowded House, or Oasis without the Beatles.'

Introducing Don't Dream It's Over: 'Freedom: It's in the room this evening….There are corners of the world where freedom is not just unwelcome, it carries with it the death sentence. A lot of complex situations out there in the world. To keep it simple — it's never simple -  but you can ask yourself one question: Who's for freedom… Who's for religious freedom, sexual freedom, as well as political freedom? That's the question you can ask'.

During With Or Without You: 'God bless you. God help us all…It's dangerous out there. Let's take care of the world around us. Let's take care of the people around us. Let's take care of each other.'

Shout Outs

To Priscilla Presley, during the intro to 'When Love Comes to Town': 'I'd like to talk about the king and queen in rock 'n' roll, because Priscilla Presley is in the house. There she is … we love you!'

To Peter Gabriel, also in the house, during 'Elevation': 'We believe in you, Peter Gabriel, yes we do'.

On the Socials

"From the very start, open up your heart
Be a lasting part of everlasting love..."
Celebrating everlasting love for the band and my band of friends who share the same love @u2 

Happy belated Vday to y'all…We love #u2uvsphere, final shows counting down' —@aoibhneas.athas on Instagram

'Currently breathing the same air as Priscilla Presley at the U2 concert tonight #elvispresley' — @TheWyMac on X

'Melts my face off!' [during Edge's solo on 'Love Is Blindness]' —@marilynemrick on @SuperBonoVox's Instagram live feed

'I'm not ready for #U2UVSphere to end' —@deank88 on X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'Sounds like they are all feeling sassy tonight'.—mich40

'It's like what Bono said about there being a right time for songs. They really suit this song and vice versa now' — Crooky  [about 'Don't Dream It's Over']

'It's an order: Love thy neighbor' —hexis


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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One For The Ages
Our recent stay last week at the Venetian, Las Vegas was excellent, capped off by U2’s performance commemorating the 30th anniversary of “Achtung Baby” at Sphere. For the record (literally), I’ve been to 228 concerts in over half a century (the first being on 3/17/1974). I have seen great artists perform along with amazing visual effects. I’ve been asked in the past to name the best/greatest show and I could never narrow it down to one. I now finally have a definite answer and there is no comparison – U2 on 2/15/24 @ Sphere in Las Vegas. Although I’ve seen the band on eight previous occasions, this time was different. I can’t begin to describe the sights and sounds I witnessed inside this technological marvel, Sphere. This was jaw-dropping immersive experience which I’ve never encountered. Terry and I left the venue feeling awe-struck. Hell, I was actually feeling a bit giddy. And that’s hard to achieve given my advanced level of curmudgeonliness…
Wish I could see the show again & again
I've been attending your concerts since the late 70s - across the USA. I readily admit that the shows that demonstrate your ability to harness technology in a spectacular (& artful) fashion have been my favorites. The original Achtung Baby show was jaw-dropping for the time. I saw the 360 tour more times than I can count. This night at the Sphere was worth every penny, & all the pain it took to get to Vegas to see it. Just gobsmacked! Hope you'll release some type of video in the future - albeit we all recognize nothing can capture the experience of being in that venue. Superb performance on the 16th!
Amazing show!!!
What a night! Thank you, U2. Amazing to see you again and in this innovative venue. You know how to cultivate the space into a kind, Friendly, fun and artistic space. You work within the extreme visuals while grounding us with your extensive catalog and top tier live musicianship. Bono is an amazing front man and experience host and nails vocals with high energy. The Edge- filling the room and sounding like an army of guitars. And of course Adam and drums keeping it all solid and on track. In GA it feels intimate and enormous all at once. A difficult job for a band! But you are experts at this. Well done!
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