U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Mar 1 2024
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli The PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #39

Larry Mullen Jr in The House

While he might not have been seated behind his drum kit, on Friday night Larry Mullen, Jr., was in the house and delighted to be watching his band mates perform at the Sphere.

'We love you, Larry Mullen, Jr.,' Bono said before the band played their 'Beautiful Day' encore, saluting Mullen, who is recuperating from medical procedures. 'Larry Mullen, Sr., would be very proud, and we thank you'.  

After he pointed out Larry in the audience, delighted fans leapt to their feet and chanted 'Larry! Larry! Larry!'

Later in the evening, Larry took to the band's social media channels: 'What an incredible night at Sphere-So Grateful to Bono Edge and Adam and of course Bram for an amazing job-very emotional night for me personally'.

Like last weekend's shows, Friday night's performance was filmed and there was one shake up in the set list as 'Angel of Harlem' replaced 'Love Rescue Me' on Brian Eno's turntable. There were a few musical nods to fellow artists, including George Harrison's 'My Sweet Lord', 'Sympathy for the Devil' and 'Paint It Black' by the Rolling Stones, and The Beatles' 'Blackbird', which closed the night.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

What Bono Said

After Desire: 'Jukebox song! I'm starting to like that song again.'

Introducing All I Want Is You: 'Whispering feels really cool because you normally can't whisper in a place like this. Can you hear us up top whispering? The sound is just amazing in here….Whisper, whisper, whisper'.

After With Or Without You: 'We're at journey's end, inside Es Devlin's Nevada Ark. It's a miracle of a place, this Sphere, not just of art and science, but something other... 'Thank you to MSG people for getting it together and Jim Dolan. Thank you for your grand madness, we have some of that ourselves'.

'So many rumors that we wouldn't get here, but we did! Also rumors that Larry — our Larry — would be playing with us are not true, sadly, but he is here with us', he said, gesturing toward the crowd before the encore. 'I think I can see … is it over here? Where are we? Can we get a spotlight? There you are! Larry Mullen, Jr! Woo! That is the man who pinned the note on the notice board at Mount Temple Comprehensive all those years ago and we are very grateful that he did and that he's with us here tonight. And we wish him a speedy, speedy, speedy recovery.'

Shout Out

To Larry and his partner Ann Acheson, during the encore: 'It's a beautiful night, Larry…  you're beautiful! Ann!'

To Joe O'Herlihy and Jacknife Lee before 'Love Rescue Me': 'Thank you to Joe O and Jacknife Lee and everybody who's worked on [the sound system in Sphere]'

From the Socials

'I've never seen Bono like this before. Vulnerable? Yes. Emotional? Absolutely. This is different. We are so unbelievably lucky to have this band. Those songs. These raw moments. #U2UVSPHERE' —@InstantKarma510 on X

'What's now clear to see, obvious to the fans I know but what a band and what an amazing group of friends they are in that the whole Sphere situation etc has shown the respect they have for each other, not many bands around have what they have. #U2UVSphere' —@number9UK on X

'We love and appreciate Larry Mullen Jr so much. #u2uvsphere @u2#grateful #nowords' —@tilldecember on X

'I nearly lost it when that “Larry Larry” chant went up from the crowd… So much love in that stadium.' —@jason_king72 on X

 Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'THAT was an amazing moment (I need to add to the the Favorite Moments thread). But just thinking how someone in here (can't remember who, sorry) said last night that Bram looked so comfortable at this show. Bram got to play for his mentor. And his mentor got to see him play.' —mich40

'You guys called it. Just walked back late to our hotel room and walking along the Las Vegas strip with a large pizza for my kids definitely was more absurd than a balloon. Also, it took my quite a while to find the room key.' —hexis

'Well that was a whirlwind! I hope they're not filming the final show so they can just cut loose and surprise us!Thank you for the Mixlrs and Facebook streams!THANK YOU ALL! Dinosaurs! MATHS! LARRY!!!!!' —Canadanne

'So happy to have found my way here with all of you.' —AmandaJo


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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U2 Creating lifelong memories
What an experience, my wife and I can't stop reminiscing. We'd planned a two week tour of California flying in and out of LAX but when the opportunity arose to see you drove straight to LV as soon as we touched down, through the night arriving at 4:30am, a surreal experience, the Strip was so quiet, saw the sunrise had breakfast, secured an 8am checkin to the Venetian and then got absolutely blow away that evening. This was such a magical experience, the music atmosphere and set were incredible. Thanks so much for the memories ❤️ I so hope you look to make The Sphere a recurring tour hopefully with Larry behind the drums rather than in the audience. An absolutely incredible experience we'll never forget xx
Bono and Edge, 3/1/24
Here's the missing photo from post.
Had to return again for U2UV
Friday 03/01 was the 4th of U2UV for me. I just couldn't get enough after seeing it the 3rd time on 02/07. Love you U2! You guys rocked it out.
Friday Night, 3/1/24
I've enjoyed U2's music for over 40 years but hadn't experienced a live performance until the residency at the Sphere. My husband and I saw the show in November in the 300 section and had such an amazing time that we came back to Vegas for the March 1st show, this time with floor tickets. Here is my best photo from that show.
U2uvachtungbaby#vivalas vegas
U2 Final Night at Sphere
Thank U2 for always providing music that inspires the heart. I want to be able to see you perform in your home country as it is on my bucket list. Thank you Dallas for the efforts you do to keep Edge on cue and for your incredible kindness. I was fortunate enough to attend opening and closing nights. I ❤️ U2. PS. The first two U2 concerts I attended, I won by being the first caller! Circa 91 lol And I was hooked…
March 1, 2024, a day that will forever b
Words cannot describe how spectacular, spiritual, and moving their second to last show at the Sphere was to me. Being there on the night Larry was in attendance was the cherry on top. I had resisted going because without Larry, the band's founder, I felt it was sacrilegious. But Bram did an excellent job and the fact that I could say I technically saw all four of the band members (even if Larry wasn't playing) in the Sphere! Also, I took this as an opportunity to dress up the Macphisto as a nod to the ZooTV character Bono created 30+ years ago. Any reason to put on a costume, I'm going to take it!
U2 on stage without Larry doesn't feel right. Wish you the best Larry!!!!
10th Feb show
WoW, WoW and ten millions WoW!!
A night to remember
This night truly was something special, the love and the comradery between the band and the audience was so evident throughout the show. We are all so blessed to have this band and their music in our lives
The Longest Day to the most Beautiful Da
Journey began Milton Keynes Bowl 1985 on the final night of Unforgettable Fire. 4 decades later last night at The Sphere. Spent last night by the stage watching Dallas and Edge at work and personally handed over a letter from my son. Can't wait for tonight and just thinking about time Bono told his joke about '"the sandwich that walked into a bar..." as he desperately filled after Bad had gone very bad in Milton Keynes. Wouldn't have happened on Dallas' watch!
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