U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere

Mar 2 2024
Las Vegas, NV, US / Sphere
with Pauli The PSM

U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere #40

'This is 40'

One for the ages on Saturday night, never to be forgotten by those of us lucky to be there, with some big surprises and big emotions. Onstage surprises included longtime collaborator and friend Daniel Lanois to play on 'One' and, via remote recording, Neil Finn for a duet of his 'Don't Dream It's Over'. And a surprising and moving closing for the 18,000-strong congregation in the 'Elvis cathedral'. 

'There might be an actual encore after this', Bono mused as the band began 'Beautiful Day', the last song of U2:UV set. After a snippet of 'Gloria' and The Beatles' 'Blackbird', Edge and Adam switched sides, and a roar went up as fans recognized what that stagecraft signalled… the final song of the 40th and final night of U2:UV would be '40'.

'It's been 40 days and 40 nights in the desert — what's a fella with a messianic complex gonna do?'  asked Bono. 'This is a song we wrote in 40 minutes. We had 40 minutes on the 'War' album left to record, opened up the sacred text to the Psalm of David, and just kinda read it out— that was the lyric. This is “40”.'

As the band left the stage one by one — Bono first, then Adam, Bram, and finally the Edge, waiving one last time as he carried his guitar offstage — there were more than a few tear-streaked faces, singing the familiar litany:  How long to sing this song? How long to see this song?

Until we meet again….safe home.

If you were at the show in Vegas, add your own review and upload your photos below.

What Bono Said

Before 'Desire': 'You, sir, have run away with the circus…On the drums, this is Bram van den Berg — an extraordinary man. Take the microphone, if you would, sir', he said, as Bram stood to speak.

Bram:  'Where to start? Thank you, I guess. I mean, thank you guys, and Larry, for trusting me with this legacy. I [could have] been a total weirdo. You didn't do a background check, did you? Oh, I am a weirdo? It was a freakshow, right?'

Bono: 'If you had a job in the circus, what would you choose, what sort of a circus performer would you be? Let's say a musical contortionist? Tightrope walker, somethinlikethat?'

Bram: 'Safety net'. 

'Before 'Don't Dream It's Over': 'The U2UV experience is kind of a tightly constructed show, but as it's our last night we wondered if it might be alright to experiment on ya a little bit'. Bono explained they had  something special in store tonight for their cover of Crowded House's 'Don't Dream It's Over', which they've been dedicating to Alexei Navalny since his death on February 16.

'The idea is to record something special to honor Alexei Navalny's widow, Yulia [Navalnaya], who's continuing a fight against Vladimir Putin for a free, free Russia, which is what we want for the rest of the people….We got a beautiful email from Neil Finn, who wrote this bewilderingly beautiful song and he attached to the email a version of the song that he said we could play — it's a new version that he did and we thought if we're gonna record, maybe if you'd be on that recording and we could make the session the last night kind-of recording session and dedicate it to Yulia. It goes, 'Hey now, hey now, don't dream it's over…' and it's a song about freedom'. 

'Comin' in from Auckland, New Zealand, this is Neil Finn', he said, as a recorded track of Finn singing the first lines  began to play.

Before Acrobat: 'Shall we wake the baby up? Fuckin' right we'll wake the baby up!' 

After Acrobat:  'Was that intense enough for ya?'

Shout Outs

To Coldplay front man Chris Martin, after singing a snippet of 'Yellow' during 'All I Want Is You': 'Happy Birthday, Chris Martin!'

To 'Mrs. The Edge', after 'Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World': 'Morleigh Steinberg — love you!'

To Dr. Jill Biden, while introducing 'All I Want Is You', dedicated to all the great women in their lives : 'And one woman in particular who's with us tonight — she's a teacher, she's your First Lady. This is for Jill Biden!'  

To Yulia Navalnaya, at the end of 'Don't Dream It's Over', in a chant joined by the audience: 'Yulia! Yulia! Yulia! Beautiful'.

To Willie Williams during 'Love Is Blindness': 'Thank you, Willie Williams, for this blue sky'.

To  Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl, during 'Beautiful Day': 'We believe in you…David Grohl…yes we do'.

To former Rolling Stone Magazine chief Jann Simon Wenner, during 'Atomic City': 'For everyone…for Jann SimON…SiMON!'  

On The Socials

'After all these years (and 40 shows at the Sphere) #U2 still know how to light our fires #U2UVSPHERE' —@u2tour.de on Instagram

'Tired beyond words. Physically exhausted, emotionally spent. The desert Cathedral was rocking, jumping, praising & praying. The singing was deafening. From Elvis to Alexei Navalny to Neil Finn to King David — what a thrilling night. To @U2& #U2UVSphere, much love & thanks! is archetypal in the Jungian sense, a resonance w the collective unconscious. This is NOT just music.' —@timneufeld on X

'Dave Grohl @foofighters in complete rock fan boy mode supporting @U2's final night is a total mood @SphereVegas #U2UVSphere #U2 #FooFighters Video: Chris Carey / U2 at the Sphere' —@elliehoulie on X

'Tearjerker- what a 'residency' - EPIC to say the least. These dudes man - #BRAM, I will miss him, I cannot wait to see what he gets into with his band, he is a beast on the drums - and we all cannot wait to see Larry back in his seat...see you guys next year #U2UVSphere' —@RebelNapoli on X

'How Long To Sing This Song? #U2 closes their amazing @SphereVegas residency with the most transcendent moment #U2UVSphere' —@KevinS2U @ X

Zootopia/U2 Faniverse

'What an incredible night.  A great end to the whole run, I'm still awestruck by it all.' —trilo

'I can't thank you all enough for your excellent company over the past few months. It's been a wonderful experience - I will miss it enormously and treasure the memories forever. I hope you've all enjoyed it as much as I have. Think of these nights whenever you hear "blah blah blah"!' —Canadanne

'Just wanted to thank you all for welcoming me here last night - first time I did a live chat for a show in Zootopia! I literally crashed out right 40 and my cat stomped on me at 4:30 (2 hours later - SO NOT COOL) - What a gorgeous night...been watching the 40 video over and over and all my videos from the shows I attended...was a special run, wasn't it. Much love to you all. Cannot wait for the next one. I'm gonna miss our Bram - cannot wait to see his long journey and cannot wait to see our Larry back and well.' —sarahnapoli

'Sleep well, Zootopians (I know I'll do)... Sleep well and dream it all up again... see you soon... #U2UVSphere' —MaxTsukino


U2:UV Achtung Baby Live At Sphere - Beautiful Day
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The next Time I will be there!
Dear U2,   I'm writing to say that I am deeply grateful for your music's impact on my life.   Your songs have been a constant source of comfort and inspiration, helping me through happy and challenging times. I'm a 42-year-old Brazilian woman, a U2 fan since my 10 years old,  living in the USA in 2022 and battling with metastatic breast cancer since February 2024.  As a long-time fan, I have shared your music with my loved ones and relied on it when I lost my father and brother. Now, as I battle metastatic breast cancer, your music continues to provide me with the strength I need to persevere.  I was heartbroken when I had to cancel my plans to see you at The Sphere in Los Angeles after my diagnosis, but I remain hopeful that I will soon be healthy again. And when that day comes, I look forward to celebrating by attending a U2 show.  Many years ago, I read an article from AJ Hartnett, where he was sharing, " How U2 helped me beat his cancer," that material marked my heart and soul. I never imagined that at some point I would be in a situation like his, battling cancer with chemotherapy and relying on music to help me go through it.     Your music has inspired me, and I am forever grateful to you.   As I told you before, I'm confident that I will be healthy soon, and at the end of this journey, I will go to a U2 show with my family to celebrate!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely, Marcia
We were dying!!!!
One hour of sleep and 20 hours on our feet but totally worth it! Center stage and 8 people back. Incredible performance and energy!
There are no words
Thank you guys forever!
Fantastic show, amazing run
I was at the very first show and was completely blown away . The visuals, the sound, and just the thrill of seeing them u2 live again. Listening to that last brought me back to my experience but I could also appreciate how good they sounded all over again. I am hearing guitar sounds that I don't remember ever hearing live and I think that is what stands out to me the most. I'll never forget the visuals for with or without you, but there are so many amazing visuals that simply worked with the songs. Another unforgettable experience, they never disappoint.
I'm in Europe, when can I ear it? What matters if you put info of ET if we can't ear it? Shame
This was not just a dream, but it's over
Had the chance to catch the final night after seeing it already in October. The band was in great form and left the atomic city with some live moments that I will remember all my life.
Mind blowing
What an experience! Caught 4 shows and was there the last night. Emotional. Beautiful. The music. The images. Will never be forgotten.
Noel & James Ryan
Amazing venue, awesome show, so glad we were there for 40.
What a night ! What a show ! What a city
No words, as Stewart Copeland said about this show “words fail”. Thank you U2 for this incredible night for ever in our heart and mind
Thank you
Two friends, my wife and I were privileged to attend the October 5th, 2023 show. It was stunning. I can't add any more superlatives to what has been said. I am grateful to the band for continuing to perform live when you could do what many long-time fans, like me, are doing at this point in life when we "retire" to do something else, something different than what made us a living in order to retire. We've also reached that point in life when we are more and more losing those around us, like our parents. In 2 years, both parents-in-law, a niece, and at Christmas, my father suddenly. One of the ways I grieve is to make family videos set to U2 music trying to capture the essence of those we've lost. Songs like Streets, Walk On and Kite have resonated even more for me and for family members not as familiar with U2 and the faith that can come from a powerful melody, and a poignant lyric relayed by hope-filled messengers. Thank you for continuing to share your gift with us - rock on!
Loved U2 and the Sphere in LV
This was the great concert ever! My wife and had the best experience with the whole experience. The music, the visuals, the Sphere and the shops was unbelievable. I can’t wait for the next time we go to see another concert with U2.
Thank You U2
Thank you U2 for another amazing concert at show #40 at the Sphere. It was very special! I was fortunate enough to see 3 Las Vegas Sphere concerts and all were excellent shows. I also would like to say thank you for the experience of Zoo Station at the Palazzo, which was great, especially for us fans. Thank you U2 for giving your fans the opportunity to have such beautiful experiences, and for all the great music over the years (& to come).
Forgotten Keys through the Peephole
Loved this song at the Sphere, still trying to figure out how the balloon string effect worked.
Unforgettable experience
After attending the first two shows, I decided to come back for the last two, making another long journey from Italy only to be with you guys! The show if possible, improved a lot, the band was in great shape and the audience on the last night was incredible. At the end of 40 the first row was all in tears. It was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. Proud of you, I will always be by your side. Let's kiss the future.
Sphere closing night.
Thank You to all I rocked with on the last show (except that dude on his cell phone talking out loud) just glad his gf told him to put the phone down. What a show these Lads put on, and ty to the maintenance crew for fixing that hiccup up in the ceiling. So mid July should be the completion of new album. The Edge on Love is Blindness was amazing as was Acrobat. WOW! Will be heading overseas for next tour. Just blessed these Lads are not done. Peace out.
What a band! What a run! What a way to e
Honestly, it's 5 days later and I'm still processing it all. Saturday night was my 8th of the run, and 139th overall, and it was absolutely one of THE best ever! Hard to believe we'll never get AB in full again, but thanks to U2 and Bram for giving us 40 opportunities - and maybe a film? Subscriber exclusive recording?? Pretty please! Even Elvis need a long cool drink after that one!
The U2 Cathedral!
It was LOVE AND JOY! I can't even wrap me head around it. I cried during "40".. can't we just go on? I will never ever forget my days and nights in the desert with U2!
The very best of times. Love in a (literal high tech) bubble. The end of 40 nights in the desert. My 4th show at the Sphere. 4000 miles from home. 4 amazing men. Worth every single moment. It could not have been better in any way.
U2 night 40
What an unbelievable, magical night. Brilliant atmosphere, and the band in brilliant form. Absolutely perfect.
Thank you Bono, the Edge, Adam, Bram and the crew for such a phenomenal show!! It was extremely emotional for myself who has only been to one other show in my lifetime and both my husband and I grew up with U2. My husband is such the fan and has seen U2 in Phoenix, so this was for his 50th birthdday and can't be topped!! The Sphere is something that can only be seen in person to decribe the experience, and U2 was the ultimate band to open it! We were completely submerged with the effects......AWESOME!! Thank you for the positive energy and love for the World that only U2 can give. We need this in the World right now....thank you for your hard work, talent, such energy U2 has still after all these years! "I will sing, sing a new song. How long to sing this song?" Sláinte!!
What a fck**g GREAT time I had
came to an end! It's always the same: where to start to put your feelings into words and squeeze them into a post? Who would have thought to fly to Las Vegas? And this several times - since September 23! U2 makes it possible - and only they can do it! And because of all the other crazy people!!! It's a U2 thing...you wouldn't understand! Bram, a very humble Dutch drummer who did an absolutely amazing job and, in all modesty, represented Larry damn well. Our boys together on stage: what energy, what a lot of fun, what emotions the boys shared on stage! I touched Bono's shoulder and his hair. I shook Adam's hand! We got Daniel Lanois!!!! And we got Larry! OUR LARRY!!!That moment when we all - the entire crowd in the Sphere roared "LARRY" and he stood in his place, visibly touched and overwhelmed, holding his hand to his chest. And then the last concert: we got 40! That moment when the whole Sphere sang “40” - minutes after the guys had already left the stage. Things continued outside the Sphere. Everyone sang “40” and other songs! Nobody wanted to go! Even the security was overwhelmed and touched with a permanent grin on their faces. I'm thankfull! Grateful for all the unforgettably awesome, touching, funny moments with U2, with all these crazy people I met, with whom I was allowed to share all of this! I'll miss you and can't wait to get back on the U2 road - WITH YOU! ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! #U2UVSphere ❤️ #love #friendship #u2uvsphere #lasvegas #u2 #u2road
U2 #40 - Best Concert Experience of My L
I am sitting in my office listening to the Sphere Ambient Mixes, just back from Vegas and Sphere show #40. It was our second trip to Atomic City to see U2 and my eighth U2 concert. These last six months have been quite an experience - it’s been nothing like I've felt before related to music. I am still trying to get my arms around why this has taken up so much of my time - I'm not in high school anymore reading the latest U2 article in Rolling Stone or waiting outside Constitution Hall in DC to see U2 for the very first time during the US leg of the Unforgettable Fire tour. That was 1984 - 40 years ago. Impossible that this connection to four people I do not know and have never met can run this deep - or last this long. When I compare U2:UV to all of the dozens and dozens of concerts I have been to - it was so much more than the concert event: fight traffic-go to concert-stand in line at merch booth-fight traffic. Four hours and it’s over. It was the social media sites - everyone was planning and offering help to each other. It was the great individual stories. A guy trying to get a date and then getting one. A father bringing his dear son with insurmountable health issues to the show. All the parents who brought their kids. All the kids that brought their parents. And sisters and brothers. All of our friends from other places coming to Vegas to experience this collectively. It was walking around the Venetian and just striking up random conversations. U2 playing on the elevator on our way to our room. It was definitely Zoo Station. Sitting in a Trabant and then virtually painting one. Playing on the B stage. The Anthony Corbin exhibit taking us back to the beginning. And the Ambient mixes. Just perfect for the venue. It was seeing Sphere from our room in the Venetian with the U2:UV logo. It was Venetian playing U2 in the elevators and casino. U2 signage everywhere. The amazing Sphere. Entering to the Ambient mixes. Walking into a virtual Pantheon while trying to figure out if it was real. The bird flying around before the show and those helicopters. The helicopters! Finally getting into the 80’s 90’s groove with DJ Pauli. Then the fascinating chorale intro projecting Bono on the wall transitioning into Zoo Station. And then the walls came down. Two hours of adoration. The Fly graphics showed us what Sphere could do. The flag. The unforgettable fire. The water. Bono. Elvis. Adam. Edge. Bram. The deconstruction of Las Vegas. A second sphere delivering All the Animals for Beautiful Day. Then the Colors Came Out. And then '40' to close it out - just like the first concert in 1984. And the crowd kept singing and wouldn't stop. Back to our room to watch Sphere and reflecting on what we just witnessed. As Bono said, it was the perfect fusion of art and science. My friends don’t understand why we felt compelled to fly 3000 miles to see a concert once - much less twice - because they weren’t here. It’s like Richard Dreyfus' character in Close Encounters. I just need to be there. Amazing experience. I can't believe we were at the last show to close it out. I've never felt closer to this band or any band - and probably never well again. U2 has been present in my life for over 40 years. Sláinte, my friends. were definitely part of something important. "You set my feet upon a rock, Made my footsteps firm. Many will see, many will see and hear. I will sing, sing a new song How long to sing this song? "
"40" "How Long to Sing This Song"
So fortunate to see U2 and the final show at the Sphere. My 5th show overall and each show was like being there the first time. An amount of sadness comes with the end of this historic residency, but I'm so blessed to have been able to take in so much of this U2 experience. Words cannot describe it, but once again U2 has opened up a new portal of extraordinary possibilities to a new chapter of performing Arts. U2 has reset the bar and raised their talents and vision to the next level. Have a well deserved break U2, and the U2 crew that worked so hard to bring us this musical and visual masterpiece. I'm so grateful for what U2 has meant to me in my life. Music heals, and you were there for me. Thank you for helping me through the hard times and good times. ...and I will sing this song, as long as I live. Cheers !!!
Thank you U2
40 concerts in the desert. 40 times for me to celebrate my favourite band! Unfortunatelly only the Nov. 1st show live at The Sphere. You are awesome! The show was awesome! And it was worth each cent to go from Bavaria to Atomic City. Don't let us wait to long for the next opportunity to have a great evening! Thank you! - Thany you! - Thank you!
Last night at the "Sphere"
I'm experiencing the final night of U2 at the "Sphere". I've been blessed to see U2s performance 5 times during this residency including the night the "Divine" Lady GaGa made an appearance. I'm sad to see their residency come to an end but oh so happy to have been able to take it all in multiple times. I wish every U2 fan could get to experience this unprecedented performance from the greatest band on earth. I credit U2 for being a positive in my life for over 35 plus years and many thanks to them for being there for me through my ups and downs. Best wishes to the U2 band and team as they go forward. Can't wait to see what the future brings. Thanks U2 for blessing our city, Las Vegas, with your residency and hope to see you again. Cheers to a great run and more to come. Best wishes
Once in A Lifetime
"I do this once in a lifetime"...i said to me many times, but it always had to do with U2;-) I went to Dublin to see the guys...and again for a second time. I visit Cedarwood Road, The Joshua Tree and the Harmony Hotel in 29Palms...and went to New York to see Bono on the Book Tour. But It was always a dream to see the last U2 Show of a tour...i can't believe that I'm doing this: Flying from Switzerland to LA...and then making a Road Trip to Las Vegas - Crazy. Thank you guys - you mean the world to me! I hope Larry joins the crowd for the last gig in the Sphere;-)
I want to see this show!
I hope I can make it happen :)
Viva U2 Vegas
Finally managed to secure a ticket for this gig - it may complete my U2 circle of gigs which began in 1987 in the small King's Hall venue in Belfast in front of a few thousand people. So flying in from Manchester UK and hoping the last night at the Sphere will be among the best!!
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