U2360° TOUR

Apr 10 2011
Sao Paulo, BR / Estadio Morumbi
with Muse

The heavens opened and drenched everyone ahead of the band taking the stage for the second night in Sao Paulo but this turned out to be a memorable night for all kinds of other reasons.

'Real Thing' opened the show and then, 'for special reasons, this is our first single' announced Bono as the band broke into a surprise that sounded as fresh and fierce as the day of its release in 1979.
'I had the feeling it was out of control
I was of the opinion it was out of control...'

Rain, what rain? 'Boots', Magnificent, Mysterious Ways, Elevation, the joint was jumping at Estadio Morumbi, it was well out of control.

'Mucho obrigado, Thank you to Muse,' said Bono. 'Extraordinarily talented musicians.'
'Nos amamos o Brazil... We love you... but you know that don't you?'

Still, everybody needs reassurance, so it was a good moment to make sure, he explained.
'Edge is a very insecure guy and asked me to check that you don't love other bands the way that you love us...'

The general ovation that followed suggested there wasn't too much to be concerned about, but still, as Bono continued,'You've had other lovers passing through - Oasis, Coldplay, now Muse - so Edge needs to know how much you love him.'

Brazil confirmed its undying love in the loudest possible terms. Tonight, in case of any doubt, Bono also confirmed it was Larry Mullen on drums and Adam Clayton on bass guitar.
'And if I wasn't insecure I wouldn't have become a singer - my name is Bono.
We try to serve you. We salute you...'

Special thanks went out to Governor Alckmin for the loan of Sao Paulo. 'No work tomorrow, is that right? U2 day. Its official! Alright new song, this is North Star.'

Beautiful Day segued into an stadium-wide sing-a-long of Singing in the Rain before Vertigo turned the stadium into clubland again. And then, out of nowhere, after Miss Sarajevo, a total surprise, the return of Zooropa, which hasn't been played live since the year it was released way back in another century.
'Zooropa... a bluer kind of white
Zooropa... it could be yours tonight.'

You know a track is making a little bit of musical history when it starts trending on Twitter which Zooropa did tonight - amazing moment for Brazilian U2 fans.

'Don't know what to say to you,' exlaimed Bono after 'Streets. 'What an unforgettable night. We will never forget this night. Good looking people!'

And with another special dedication of 'Moment of Surrender' to those in sorrow, 'mothers and fathers without children', after Thursday's events in Rio (see our clip from last night above), the second show in Sao Paulo came to a close.

Were you at Estadio Morumbi tonight? What was it like when Zooropa was played? What was your highlight ? Drop us a review and post a photo below.

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Zooropa In Brazil
Thank you U2 for make me so happy on that unforgeatable sunday evening. Out Of Control, Zooropa, City Of Blinding Lights and Ukltraviolet on the same setlista... what else should I ask for. Thank you so much. Hope you guys come back soon. That was a Beautiful Sunday in São Paulo, a perfect show and an unforgeatable night!
Perfect night
Perfect set list!!!! I´ll never forget this night!!!! Me and my sister were there with the yelow ballons!!!! I love you guys!!!
Simply the Best!!!!!
On Sunday (April-10) my son was at show with me...and know he knows what the meaning of U2!!! It was just FANTASTIC!!!
thank you!!thank you!!thank you!! sunday was a BEAUTIFUL DAY... zooropa, out of control, the entire setlist was perfect!! i can't describe how excited and happy i was to be in morumbi to see this epic band, this epic show!! U2 is the BEST!!! and yeah...you guys are our favorites... we love you more than any other band!! definitely an unforgettable night...WE will never forget this night!!! love you guys. you guys should come back to brazil soon!!!!
Special Guest
I´ll never forget this day. Thanks for coming here. We really love you Edge!!! Look at the tower... we had a special guest from another planet!
Special Guest
I´ll never forget this day. Thanks for coming here. We really love you Edge!!! Look at the tower... we had a special guest from another planet!
U2 and our marriage!! (April 10 at the M
The U2 is part of our lives! We were married at the sound of One Pictured are the stadium and follow the beautiful spectacle of 360 on April 10 at the Morumbi stadium. We are very happy because we saw the first day on the track and closely follow our stars, and in the second day we managed to visualize this big project 360 °. The impression I had was of being in a unique and magical place! Like U2!!
The perfect night
I had the time of my life in this show. Everything was perfect, and this word describes the hole night. Never saw or listen to U2 playing in such a good way. They gave us 200% of them. I also never saw such an amazing audience participation. It was really a big sharing of energy and vibrations between band and public. All the songs, the chords, the beats, the snippets, the speaches, the surprises...This is the show of the tour, if you ask me, and how luck I am for made part of it! It's hard to find one best moment or song here...Even Better Than The Real Thing, I Still Haven't Found, Ultra Violet, Pride, With Or Without You, Magnificent....every song was special, but I got speechless while listening to the full Zooropa for the first time, and I said words I can put here when I slistened to the first chords of Out Of Control! And yes, I had the time of my life as I said...My brother carried me up during the hole Where The Streets Have No Name, my favorite song. It was me, that huge audience and the band, everything in perfect shape! I started crying soon as I touched the ground again. I have no words to say how thankfull I am... It was the perfect show, U2!
Another time, the same place
360° for me was the best U2 concert/tour I've ever been at. And the image that doesn't leave my mind (and never will) is rainy Sao Paulo (not exactly rainy when they appeared, thanks God!), crowded Morumbi, sunday evening, the stage full of blinding lights and Zooropa being played so intensely, so beautifully, in its entirety. I closed my eyes for a while and I almost could touch that video wall of Zootv. Unforgettable!!
Thank you U2
I went to the 2nd show in São Paulo. I flew 3,5 hours from Fotaleza to São Paulo just to see the concert. It was the best night of my life so far. I have no words to describe how I felt the minute I stepped into the Morumbi stadium and saw that espectacular stage-space ship-claw structure. Simply amazing. When the band started playing Even Better Than The Real Thing I just couldn't believe I was thare, standing in front of the greates artists in the world. Thank you U2 for make me the happiest living person on earth during that unforgeatable sunday night in São Paulo. Hope to see you soon!
Falling in love again and again
The show was great. It was a pleasure surprise to hear Zooropa live. U2 is the soundtrack of my life.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Great moments
A great show, to remember for my hole life. "With or without you".... is in my mind up to now! Thankyou guys!
Set list
This is an amazing set list. Please bring it to Toronto this summer... But-change Hold Me back to Ultraviolet.
10 april... beautiful, no more words! Beautiful, beautiful!
An unforgettable night in our lives
was an unforgettable night. By the time seems to conspire in favor ... after some minutes of the time rain stopped and the clouds moved away to get the U2! I and my wife went and it was certainly one of the happiest days of our lives.
What Can I say?
It was just perfect, when i heard Out Of Control and Zooropa i thought i was going out of my mind...Just perfect!!!!!!AMAZINGGGGGG!
Sunday's concert was the best show of my life! It was a dream that became true. I was amazed in the same way I believe Bono was when said that it was an unforgettable night! I do LOVE U2!! You're the best!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for loving Brazil!!! We love U 2 !!!
It was a beautiful day!
This was my first U2 show and it was amazing. I'll never forget this. I love all the songs that were played, but listen to Out Of Control, Ultraviolet, Streets, Walk on, Moment of Surrender, Pride, Sunday was wonderful! I just missed Breath and In a Little While. Anyway, it was an unforgettable night! Thank you, U2, for giving me one of the best days of my life! Thank you! Love you always!
Unforgettable Night
Unforgettable!  It was simply unforgettable. Thanks for playing Zooropa and the show this Sunday it was wonderful. The show was perfect and, no doubt, I, Sao Paulo and Brazil love U2.
Zooropa, fly the friendly skies
Thanks..Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry and all staff. This weekend was unforgatable. I watched saturday e sunday. Both Magnifcent. Play Zooropa on sunday was magic. I like a lot this song, and i never imagined watch live. The Musical notes flew like stars in the Brazilian Stadium. “Zooropa, fly the friendly skies.” Was spetacular. Thanks for The big surprise. Others highlights was "Magnificent", and "Ultraviolet linked With or without you". I traveled 3000km(from Fortaleza-CE to São Paulo-SP) to see you. Sun, rain, cold, tired, but very happy. It was worth it. Please come back always... Brazil loves you!!!!!!!
The Magnificent Unforgettable Night!
What else can I say about April 10 concert? Magnificent, unforgettable, perfect, spectacular, fantastic, a historical concert to be always remembered. "Even Better Than The Rela Thing", "Mysterious Ways","Until The End of The World", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For", "Walk On", but listening to "Out of Control" and "Zooropa" out of the blue made that show even more special. An amazing setlist. I'm overwhelmed. Thank you for memories of a lifetime.
My life has changed!
Simply THE BEST CONCERT OF MY LIFE! It was AMAZING! U2 gave us an outstanding performance and united 80000 people in a single voice during more than 2 hours. I´ll remember this night all my life! Thanks guys! You made me a happier person!
My first U2 concert, and i was off the floor. Have never imagined to be that way. Redzone was crazy!!!! But also really good concert on the floor outside of redzone where most of my friends were. One good friend that is a U2 fanatic went off the hook when they played their first single and ZOOROPA!!! Just amazing, if i was in Sao Paulo today i would go again!!!! U2 rocks!!!
That's all I can say after that memorable night on april 10th with the company of Adam,Larry,The Edge and Bono they are wonderful and I had a good time there, I really hope to see you again... And thanks for coming back to my country again. The picture that I chose, was the beautiful performance between Adam and the Edge at the Elevation song,and I was there really close to my idols.
Greatest show ever!!!
I watched the second night of the brazilian leg. It started to rain, but when Muse came to the stage the rain stopped... Thank god!!! This is the greatest show on earth, I've been to the Pop Mart Tour and Vertigo, but nothing compares to this!!!!! Thanks guys for the greatest night ever!!!!!!!! Love U !!!!!!!!
That´s the word to describe the experience. It´s not just a rock concert, it´s a full experience of sensations and emotions. "I still haven´t found what I´m looking for" brought me to tears... And many others, like Walk On, Beautiful Day, Elevation... I just couldn´t believe I was standing right there, watching them alive! It was almost like a dream, and the memories are just like it - a really good dream that came true. They didn´t played my favorite "Stuck in a moment" - but that´s ok. All the others were fantastic! Thank you U2, hope we meet again! ;-)
São Paulo - 10/04/2011
Very exciting time. A gift to Brazil. Ultraviolet.
silvia catia
Amazing Day I never Forget !!!
Before the best concert ever ... I worked as One's volunteer Great day , my heart beat loud full of love !!
The real meaning of "Spectacular"
How to describe that night? A blissful night, a magnificent show, the better translation the word "spectacular" could get. Thank you Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam, for offering us an unforgettable moment.
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