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Dec 9 2010
Brisbane, QLD, AU / Suncorp Stadium
with Jay-Z

'See Australia right in front of you...' sang Bono during Beautiful Day and on one of the hottest nights of the tour so far, we couldn't just see this great country we could feel it.

'Hotter than last night,' said Bono, 'And that's a good thing... it was a great night last night and tonight we're gonna take it somewhere else.'

Take it somewhere else they did, with plenty of surprises in the set including New Year's Day, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, a spine-tingling version of Bad and a rapturously received closing track in With Or Without You.

Adam was welcomed as the 'Silver Fox' ('wearing the same t-shirt he wore in 1976') and Edge as a man 'just about tethered to this earth', tonight wearing dark grey ('the new black'): 'And I'm your MC for the evening and my name is Bono. Your minstrels are here to serve you and we're gonna play a new song - and this one's called Mercy.'

For a song that has never been on a studio album and been played live less than a dozen times, Mercy is rapidly becoming a 360 favourite.

So there's a few of our highlights from tonight - you've been posting some great reviews of last nights show. 'At times I bopped and clapped and danced... At other times I could only sit and stare, mesmerized.' 'What an awesome show! Staging is absolutely fantastic and even from the farthest away seats possible the view was spectacular...' 'The most awesome night of our lives... lighting and video was out of this world. Thanks for the ride on the spaceship!'

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Brisbane Thursday
Magnificant! What a hot man you are Bono! LOL I listen and feel every word and felt like I was put into heaven for that time. Taken out of this world and put just where I wanted to be. I saw your very first performance from then on. Every sound and song gave me goosebumps and I sang and danced and cried lol. Some of those songs speak so much about my life and I could scream them. Very therapeutic hehe. Wow it you were all so amazing. I didn't want you all to leave it felt like it was so short to me. I have followed you and to describe you is hard because you would be different things for different people, your songs are like that I think. I LOVE you and who you all are from where I'm standing too. :) Sending you all love and happiness. We won't forget you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A treat for BrisVegas
A fantastic show, and a brilliant complement to everything on night one! So good to hear New Year's Day! The 360 structure is incredible and proof of how amazing stadium shows can be! Thanks for bringing Jay-Z, and for making the long journey to Brisbane. We won't forget you. Don't forget us.
Went to both shows in Brisbane and they were both great in different ways. Just like you can't say which child is your faviourite I can't say which night was the best - they were both unbelievable. Highlight however was on the Thursday night when Bono stopped right in front of me and sang I'll go crazy if i don't go crazy ...
A Different World
There are so many great bands and we have been lucky to see so many great concerts. But U2 are STILL so much better than EVERYONE else. It is not even close. Went along sceptical that age was catching up with the lads. Don't you believe it! Worlds greatest band by a million miles. 30 years on, still take you to that other place! In the mosh pit right at the front- Miss Sarajevo and Bad were the highlights for me - unbelievably powerful and mesmeric. Can't tell you how good - just imagine!Elevation and Vertigo still are great craic - full-on sing-a-longs! New Years Day made me think of four horsemen in the snow and With or Without You made my wife cry! Great also earlier to see Bono come out of his hotel and talk to fans and local TV news! Still a man of the people with feet on the ground! Sensational night - 6th concert we've been to over 25 years in Ireland and Australin - BEST YET! Don't miss it....
A great night in Brisvegas
It was Larry that was wearing the same shirt since 1976, but not to worry. A massive night in Brisbane, and the epic version of Bad was well worth missing out on Moment of Surrender which had to be dropped due to lack of time. I can't wait to see the lads in Sydney!
Edges new vocalist, Pas.
Thursday night was increadible, i was in the circle n front of Edge Bono and Larry smashing away behind them, plenty of eye contact and smiles as we were singing our hearts out, Edge was jammin away & i was his vocalist for the night as Bono was away flirting some were else, Bad was Awsome, i will never forget this evening, being so close to the band and rocking, for 28 years i have been in love with there songs and growing up with them, wensday in redzone was fantastic with Adam grooving away with his bass, great to see Adam get down and party. Thanks boys for 28 years of great moments and songs, see u again soon.
Best Ever
Thank you for a great night... music and effects out of this world. You guys are the best!!! Please come back again soon!!! PS Loved the message from Desmond Tutu - reminded me of home :)
Absolutely FANTASTIC show! I made my husband come along with me, and he was not looking forward to it, but by the end of the show he was raving about how great it was. You guys are just amazing and put on such a brilliant show. Like one fan said 'we paid for seats and didnt use them' - we also did the same thing!! There was not a bad seat in the house. I will be raving about this for months to come. Also, LOVED the revolving drum kit, so Larry could play to every seat in the house. Wish i was going to see more shows.
Not Bad
always loved Bad. Last night I finally got to hear it live and a blistering rendition...with a climactic rebuild after it looked like it was spent...followed by a sweet textbook finish. Magic 'condemnation let it go'. amen Bono. Mercy is shaping up to be a really hot track. For me the sound was perfect at this show out of all the aussie shows so far.
On a U2 High
Saw both concerts and thought last night (thursday) was incredible, Bono was really hitting his strats and you could tell we were in for a fantastic night. Seemed to played more old stuff last night, ending song with or without you was brillant. Wednesday night was also amazing after waiting 4 years to see them again it's impossible to stay seated as the rush you feel with such songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday and Streets. We decided at 4.30 thursday to buy cheap tickets and go again this time taking our two daugthers, eldest loved it, while our 7 year old fell asleep. Thank you for playing Bad and One. U2 always very sad to see you leave Brisbane please come back soon.
Somwhere Sunny
Thanks for the Show
The world needs these guys.......thank you!!!!!! This was the best show I've ever seen, I think they"re getting better, the pasion still remains after all those years and all those shows, they really look like they are enjoying entertaining us. Paid for seats and didn't use them, we didn't want to sit down, how could we?? too much energy. You must see this show!!!! Thanks again!!!
Amazing Grace
This show was out of this world. This was my third 360 date, and by far the best. Bad was unbelievable, Bono's voice like an angel, Edge supreme, Adam what can you say and Larry grooving in Crazy Tonight. We had the best view in the front section, great crowd, better than last night. Sound tonight was awesome. You guys take me to another place, in this world but unseen, that place where miracles happen. I'm 37 now and been listening since I was 14, this was a night I will never forget. Enjoy Sydney!!
Loved the changes to the set list guys. Red Zone was brilliant. You need to spend more time on the outer ring though. By god you and your team put on one hell of a show. Keep it coming. See you Monday.
U2 Brisbane Dec 8
Unmatched brilliance. Appreciated the old school rock entrance by walking on and off stage. Brilliant set list matched with stage presence and about 4 gazzillion lighting effects. Best best show on earth pulled off by the only 40 plus guys who look hot in leather pants.
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