The Joshua Tree Tour 2017

Buffalo, NY, US / New Era Field
with Beck 28

For The Dreamers
"We Irish were the Dreamers of our day.' Buffalo, #U2TheJoshuaTree2017.

"We Irish were the Dreamers of our day. Economic refugees, that's what we were. We must not forget". (Bono before Trip Through Your Wires, tonight dedicated to 'The Dreamers').

When & Where
Tuesday, September 5th 2017, New Era Field, Buffalo, New York. Show 34 of #U2TheJoshuaTree2017

Social Posts
@mysteriousdays - 'Vid' from Canada is a huge fan of the band, and this tour - she sent us her feelings via DM right after this show, still buzzing after one of her group, Sil, was pulled up on stage by Bono to dance during Mysterious Ways :
'Why do you see multiple U2 shows? This is a question that many of my non-U2 family and friends ask me. We do love our favourite band, and we love seeing them live, but beyond that there is something about the experience of gathering with our friends at repeated shows that is magical. What else would bring together people from different parts of the world other than our love for this amazing band? 
Exhibit A:  Canadian, American, Brazilian and French girls meet in Buffalo.  Can you imagine the laughs in their hotel room as they worked on creating this masterpiece?
Exhibit B:  Mysterious Ways brings on stage Birthday Girl Silvia Rigote.  A thunderous cheer is heard throughout the audience from the thousands of fans excited to see their friend Silvia being pulled up on stage to dance with Bono for Mysterious Ways!  What an epic night for Silvia!
Exhibit C: Die-hard fans were busy tweeting and messaging each other during the show to keep up with all the Beatles snippets!  Bono mentioned that U2 remember playing Buffalo in 1980, the night that John Lennon died.  Helter Skelter was snippeted in Vertigo.  Come Together was snippeted during Still Haven't Found, and there were a few other snippets which this fan will need to find after reaching out to the fan community!'

In The Press  
Buffalo News: 'After a late start under The Waterboys' "The Whole of the Moon"-- under a full moon over Orchard Park--the quartet busted into the militaristic cadence of "Sunday Bloody Sunday," which rang just as poignant as it debuted 34 years ago. Perched on the edge of a catwalk jutting into the crowd, they transitioned into fellow classic "New Year's Day" before delivering arguably the night's most personal moment: complimenting Buffalo before recalling its famous show at Stage One on December 8, 1980, the night John Lennon was killed. 
"Kindness the blind can see and the deaf can hear: Buffalo," said Bono. This led into the isolation, revelation and condemnation of "Bad," a song that still elicits an emotional response impressive in any setting. At New Era, it drew shouts and cries, all amid a stadium illuminated by cell phone flashlights. But this show was about celebrating "The Joshua Tree." With the opening trio of "Where the Streets Have No Name," "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" and "With or Without You," the band did just this, transporting many back to a 1987-era Aud on the euphoric wave of echoing Edge chords. And this persisted into the thick of its set. The political unrest of "Bullet the Blue Sky." The rarest of brass-backed thrills with "Red Hill Mining Town." The unbridled jangle of "Trip Through Your Wires," which Bono dedicated to the recently threatened Dreamers of DACA.
All were working for a band still at the top of its game--and still injecting a spiritual charge into audiences game for salvation….'

If You Had To Pick One Song 
Beautiful Day
@Alyjh02 - 'was brought to tears tonight with such a moving, incredible performance. It really was a beautiful day'
@Hwy_girl 'Niagara Falls right in front of you. During Beautiful Day!'

What (else) did Bono Say?
"Thank you for kindness. Kindness the blind can see and the deaf can hear. Buffalo… Buffalo"
Then, remembering the night that the band first ever played Buffalo, back in 1980, the very same fateful night that John Lennon was murdered :
"I'm going back to the first time we played this city, the night John Lennon was shot dead. We'll never forget it… Buffalo… And tonight our prayer is a simple one… a night that none of us forget, for all the right reasons… an EPIC night of rock and roll! A night to hold tight what lifts us up and to let go of what holds us back.

A slight lyric shift in Streets as a recognition to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey 'I wanna take shelter… from the hurricane' - also referenced later. 
'This country has been a second home for this band, and it is an amazing country and we feel very blessed to be part, even a tiny part of your lives. America, not just a country; an idea - a great idea. One of the best ideas ever. Recently we have seen a twisting of that idea, stirring animosity, summoning hatred. Bitter division here in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!  After Hurricane Harvey, watching Texans cross every kind of divide to help their neighbour - thats reminding the world of the America we always knew was here… that's who you are…"

Review On 
kevin_mcelligott 'Thank you! Last night I got to see my all. Last night I got to see my all time favorite band with the love of my life. The smile she had from ear to ear made the 4 hour wait worth it. Thank you U2 for the most amazing night. You are my all time favourite band!'

Other Noteworthy Stuff 
Was that a "Drowning Man' snippet appearance in 'One' ?
'We'll ride on the wings of eagles'
A night of snippets in fact.. (thanks to @U2gigs for list)
Give Peace A Chance (Lennon) / America (Simon & Garfunkel) in Bad
California (There Is No End To Love) in Streets
'Come Together' (Beatles) in ISHFWILF
'War'  (Edwin Starr) and 'America' (West Side Story) in BTBS
'Wise Blood' & Eeny Meeny Miny Moe' in Exit
'Starman' (Bowie) in Beautiful Day
'Helter Skelter' (Beatles) in Vertigo
'Miss you' (Stones) In Mysterious Ways

If you were at the show tonight, tell us all about it. ​Add your own review and photos below.

Sao Paulo - last show of The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. Video by

U2 The Joshua Tree Tour 2017


07 October, 2017
Dad give this to Bono
11 September, 2017
Unreal SHOW
Been to many 30 plus in 30 plus years Very tight show. Amazing pace and energy. Far better than the Boston show.. cant wait for spring and summer 2018 tour. Right ?...
10 September, 2017
Unforgettable night!!!
This was my second Joshua Tree show and U2 never disappoint!! So powerful and moving. I waited at the stadium all day and got to be right up front. It was amazing!!!! Getting to know some other great fans while we waited hours for U2 to come out was another great experience. I absolutely cant wait for the next tour!!
08 September, 2017
U2 did NOT disappoint!! Wonderful concert. Wanted it to continue all night. Beautiful weather as well. You all put on a great show!
07 September, 2017
Bullet the Buffalo Sky.
Watching Edge shredding Bullet the Blue Sky live was a life changer. Amazing show. Keep up the good work guys!!
07 September, 2017
3rd Show this Tour and Maybe the Best
Maybe the month off recharged their batteries. The first two shows I saw in Boston and NJ were great and they played great then as well, but they seemed particularly tight tonight. The guys had it all going on with the earnestness we expect and a lot of joy in playing these great songs. It was a privilege to see and hear this album 3 times in full this summer. As Mothers wound down I felt a tinge sad that it would most likely be the last time I get to hear it in full in person. The old connection of Buffalo to U2 and John Lennon brought out some great Beatles snippets and the section of Drowning Man in One was a both a pleasant and poignant touch point to once again recognize the unique ability to connect their songs with the real world and real people. Only slight disappointment was not hearing The Blackout debut live. I guess I will have to wait until SOE Tour in the Spring.
06 September, 2017
wide awake
Beautiful night with a beautiful band in Buffalo. Thank you U2 for one of the best nights of my life!
06 September, 2017
Great as always! U2 never disappoints!! Such a great show from start to finish. U2 has always been my favorite band, and always will be. Hoping this won t be the last tour.
06 September, 2017
Thank you Bono, The Edge, Larry, and Adam for another awesome and unbelievable show! It was great having you back in Buffalo. I have seen you many times but my brother has never see you in concert so I took him and he said that it was by far the best concert he has ever seen in his whole life. Thank you for making your fans feel important to you and showing it....
06 September, 2017
U2 Buffalo Concert
Thanks for amazing concert boys.
06 September, 2017
#U2TheJoshuaTree2017 #Buffalo
When you're out with the boys in Buffalo!
06 September, 2017
A concert under a Full Moon that warmed the heart and soul. Thank you U2 for another outstanding event <3 xox
06 September, 2017
Thank you!Last night I got to see my all
Last night I got to see my all time favorite band with the love of my life. The smile she had from ear to ear made the 4 hour wait worth it. Thank you U2 for the most amazing night. You are my all time favorite band !
05 September, 2017
Thank you!
Thank you U2 for restoring my hope for America after feeling discouraged on a daily basis. Uplifting & inspiring for the soul!
05 September, 2017
With my one
Let's go 9 o'clock
04 September, 2017
Ready for the Future
Please play NEW songs in Buffalo! Buffalo is ready for the future!
02 September, 2017
So excited!! Its been 30 years since I've seen U2. I Love their Music and cant wait for September 5th!!
01 September, 2017
Boston to Buffalo
So just had to get another show in Road trip....GA..and here we go Any U2 meet ups night befire or day of show? Hellooooo Helloooo wre off to Buffalo!
24 August, 2017
green man will be there
03 August, 2017
33 days and counting
After Twickenham & Dublin this show will be awesome, will be with my wife this time not my gig buddy. Shame Noel G will not be support but from the minute you walk into the stadium you are struck by the magnitude of it all, and then from the opening beats of Sunday Bloody Sunday it kicks off and does not stop for over 2 hrs.
03 July, 2017
Just seen show in Cleveland, buying tick
One word WNY.... EPIC !!! Amazing visual show!
02 July, 2017
From Buffalo, seen show in Cleveland, OH
One word. EPIC!! From the start, One Republic killed it! Nightfall, U2 jumps on with the biggest aural/visual show imaginable! Buying tickets for my hometown show now. Thanks U2 for sharing your time and talents, making a beautiful night spectacular!
12 June, 2017
Coming from UK
I am already going to see U2 in London & Dublin in July but when the Buffalo date was announced my wife agreed for us to visit friends in Buffalo and go to the gig. This will be my 12th time seeing the band since seeing U2 in Birmingham UK on the original JT tour, but this will be my wife's first time and we are taking our friends as well.I am so excited to be coming to the US and seeing U2.
09 June, 2017
Bucket List REALITY!!
I am so excited.... I am FINALLY seeing U2 after waiting literally 25 years, was beginning to think it would never happen. But, scored tickets today and going with best friend from grade school .... we're shuffling off to Buffalo to see the best band EVER.
07 June, 2017
Zoe From Buffalo
Cannot wait for U2 to come to Buffalo. So excited.
07 June, 2017
Opening Act
I know this is still in the works, but, Little Steven & the Disciples of Souls just put out their new album. Would be great to have them open again. Just a thought! Very excited about this show
07 June, 2017
Love you guys. Joshua Tree was always my favorite album. Thanks for touring. <3
07 June, 2017
Carol From Canada
Yahoo! - Can't wait for buffalo - been a while!!
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