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22 May, 2018
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The door is open to go through If I could I would come, too But the path is made by you As you're walking start singing and stop talking Oh, if I could hear myself when I say (Oh love) love is bigger than anything in its way So young to be the words of your own song I know the rage in you is strong Write a world where we can belong To each other and sing it like no other Oh, if I could hear myself when I say (Oh love) love is bigger than anything in its way If the moonlight caught you crying on Killiney Bay Oh, sing your song Let your song be sung If you listen you can hear the silence say "When you think you're done You've just begun" Love is bigger than anything in its way Love is bigger than anything in its way Love is bigger than anything in its way
10 May, 2018
Forza U2
After realizing my dream of seeing U2 in Brazil at Morumbi here is my second dream to see them at MSG in NYC coming from FRANCE. THANK YOU U2 for the 40 YEARS of HAPPINESS hoping still on the 3 dates at the MSG to hear the planetere tubes WHERE THE STREET HAVE NO NAME
25 April, 2018
Miriam (only 11 year) Spanish superfan s
Spanish M80Radio presents to Miriam (a U2 super fan withnonly 11 years old) will be in New York next June 25J-26J and 20SMadrid. We have no words to describe what Miriam 11 years has been able to transmit to us. Officially Miriam will be the special envoy of Wake UP! program Spanish M80 Radio to cover U2 concerts. Miriam wants wants to meet in person to U2 http://www.m80radio.com/2018/saloncito-la-fama-miriam-37246.html
10 April, 2018
crazy girls
From Italy............... for only you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
31 January, 2018
Looking forward to the MSG show...
I've seen them at Stoney Brook College back in the day to Live Aid and 12 other times... last year in Croke Park, this year I'm looking forward to coming home to see them at MSG... and Paris this year... Thank you, Cheers Larry
16 January, 2018
Welcome to Portugal
Since your first time in Portugal in 1982 that I don't miss one U2 concert. I hope I can get some tickets for this one, thanks for come.
10 January, 2018
Back again in NYC!
I've been a fan since the beginning, but this is only the 3rd U2 concert I will have attended. Saw I+E in 2015 in MSG for my birthday, JT in London, now back for E+I! Epic! Can't wait! Would love to see them again in Europe!
28 December, 2017
Coming from UK to see this, first time in New York too, so if you want a beer give me a shout!
21 November, 2017
First it was 2015 with the I + e Tour, and now we will travel again to NYC to enjoy the E + i Tour and thus close the cycle. Waiting to see them again guys ... 2018 to NYC¡¡¡
19 November, 2017
Great concert as always...
I've seen them almost every year since they played Stoney Brook College... to last year in Croke Park and it's nice as I'm looking forward to going back home to NY and see them at MSG. FYI benji the concert is on You Tube. Cheers Derek IT IS ELEVATION!!
18 November, 2017
Anyone get GA, Red Zone or 100-level tic
I didn't get my presale code (Innocence) group until late in the day. I had to call up for it, the text was never sent to me. There were only 200's and nosebleed seats left by then.
14 November, 2017
I am very disappointed that we can only order 2 tickets. It's always been 4. Myself and 3 others have always seen U2 concerts together. Although we can still go together we can't sit together. I know there's bigger problems in the world but I am disappointed......
14 November, 2017
Just Got A Place in New York
My wife and I saw the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour at MSG in July 2015. It was an inspirational concert. Now we have the opportunity to return to MSG for eXPERIENCE + innocence tour in June 2017 during our anniversary weekend. She's the best thing about me.
13 November, 2017
Getting Ready...
I'm getting ready to get my tickets, this year I was in NJ for TJTT2017 and next year in NYC... can't wait.
13 November, 2017
My girlfriend and I are very ansious to get some tickets. We 're from Argentina and we are planning to travel to New York just to see you.
12 November, 2017
So psyched!
Big week next week! Last treatment on Monday and tickets on sale Tuesday! So pumped!
12 November, 2017
Looking forward to this one!
This could be my first U2 gig outside my country and I can't wait for it to come.
11 November, 2017
Wideawake in America
Hopefully will get tickets to the Garden - never been to New York so would be a great trip from the UK,
08 November, 2017
No Place Like Home
Born raised NYC/ NJ area have seen U2 shows round the states and Europe. Red Rock was a amazing place have to say. Seems like NYC is home to these guys or let's say a second home from Dublin. NYC special, they write about often in there music and now all reside there. You can catch Edge, Bono, Adam or Larry just waking there Neighborhood like a regular guy. Now a transit in in SFL I do get to my southern shows but when they play the MSG I have to go home to see the shows, all the places they play never rock like the Garden. I'll see you in June my fellow New Yorkers. Wife's first time can't wait to take her!
07 November, 2017
New tour - New habit
How about you started this tour going to Latin America instead of Europe? Would be cooler as it was in October, São Paulo, Brazil... How about that, guys? We're already missing you <3 #u2cometoBrazil2018
06 November, 2017
Having seen many shows over the years, this year in Dublin Croke Park was amazing, but seeing them perform in Madison Square Garden would be fantastic, hope to be Lucky to get tickets. Hopefully in the european tour the will come back to my hometown Rotterdam .
05 November, 2017
Luv these guys.
04 November, 2017
We love NY and U2
We were planning on going to NY in June, wow what a surprise! U2 in concert! Yes! This will be a our sixth trip to NY and will be our best by far! Can’t wait to see the show! Thank you U2, seen so many shows now, to many to count! See you all in NY!
03 November, 2017
The greatest show (venue) on earth
Love this band. Too much is not enough. But there’s one venue I’d love to see them play again in, and it’s the Garden. Last saw them here in 2005. Perhaps it’s time to head back across the Atlantic once more.......
02 November, 2017
Alright alright alright.
See you in Boston! (Hopefully on stage)
02 November, 2017
Cannot wait
9 yrs ago at U2 at Giant Stadium I meet my husband. Since then we have been to every U2 show that comes our way. Last summer we flew to London to see the show which was amazing. Cannot wait to go and see where in Europe you are playing, a road trip might have to be planned.
02 November, 2017
i want you!!!!
I hope to be with you .... WOW TAKE ME HIGHER
01 November, 2017
MSG...the greatest venue on earth!
U2 at the Garden next summer?! Can't wait!
Erica R
01 November, 2017
U2 MSG on My Birthday!
Thank you U2 for coming to NYC on my birthday 2018! Can't wait!! Erica
01 November, 2017
I want to go...
Hi! I want to go to this tour...so please....come to Brasil. Pleaseeee I love u!
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