Jun 29 2018
Newark, NJ, US / Prudential Center

The door is open in Newark, NJ

Newark, New Jersey tonight. Add your reviews and photos.

'The door is open to go through
If I could I would come too
But the path is made by you
As you‘re walking, start singing and stop talking...'

When & Where
Friday June 29th 2018, first ever show for the band at the Prudential Center, Newark, NJ and last show but two of this North American leg of the #U2eiTour.

Set List
All Because Of You returns to the set after missing one show, and it felt like everyone in the room joined together for a very moving version of One, dedicated tonight to journalists and reporters and victims of the shooting at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, MD. Here's the set list.

On The Fansites
Harry Kantas from @U2Songs  was at the show and sent us a few reflections.
'The iNNOCENCE and eXPERIENCE theme has been running deep and on multiple levels for the past 3 years. The Innocence Tour in 2015 was about the familiar, the memories, the losses, the gains, the sparks, the fans - your main source of energy, and the songs that came along over the years, that reminded you why you're still around. The Joshua Tree 2017 Tour came to visit that place in time where everything changed. Overnight. And you had to figure out how to handle the changes for yourself, there was no instruction manual. Not in your language, anyway.
The Experience Tour this year, from where I'm standing, is all about taking risks. Change takes risk. That's when you go away to dream it all up again. Or, when you come back to fuck up the mainstream. Be it love, politics, raising your kids, going back, moving on. Acrobat is being played live, for the first time ever. And it's a revelation, night after night. But after years of build up and anticipation, there was a good chance it would never reach expectations live. That was a risk. Mr MacPhisto has come out of the shadows, to laugh in our face. POP is finally back in rotation, being celebrated as U2's psychedelic period. The Joshua Tree is sitting this one out. Risks. Last night in Newark was no exception. The band is in top form. There is a fluidity throughout the show, that only comes when you're relaxed, and really enjoying yourself. Favourite part of the night (besides Acrobat, because Acrobat always wins!): the extended version of Staring At The Sun!'

@U2gigs  also posted up a roundup of the day.
'Tonight U2 are taking a break from New York City by crossing the state border into nearby Newark; they head back to NYC on 1 July. This is the group's first concert in Newark. The last time they played in New Jersey but NOT in East Rutherford was all the way back on 12 May 1983 in Passaic. Tonight thus breaks a streak of 26 shows played in the same location. Fans heard two songs so far unplayed this tour during soundcheck: Summer of Love, Every Breaking Wave, and then Summer of Love a second time. Neither appeared in tonight's performance. All Because of You returned to the set after missing one concert. Before Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bono spoke of the bombing of Dublin in 1974 which inspired Raised By Wolves, and how he would have been caught up in it if he had not decided to cycle to school that day. One was dedicated to the victims of the recent shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper.'

On The Socials 
@craigbsnyder (via Twitter) 'Really enjoyed the #u2eitour last night. The staging and video features were amazing. The new songs fit perfectly. Glad to see @u2 on point.'

meatanpotatoes (via Instagram)  'U2 in the round. They did an awesome job of playing the whole arena. There wasn't a bad seat in the house.'

maddyyypryor (via Instagram) 'Got to see @u2 last night at @prucenter and it was insanely bonkers and incredible! Crazy crazy visuals. Awesome show! #u2eitour thank you'

The Newark Prudential Centre (@PruCenter on Twitter) itself had photographers at the show and have a gallery from the night presented on their Facebook page. 

Experience(s) Of the Day
@MBinMD (via `Twitter) 'Just finished MRI test. Got through it by thinking of @U2 & being in GA of #U2EITour.  The sounds were exact. Hold your breath & relax....'

michele.angermiller (via Instagram)  'A dream come true! Playing a "G” chord on The Edge's guitar! One of them! I can't play like him, though!' 

What Did Bono Say?
'(We) dedicate this next song to journalists… to reporters. To people, who at their best give us the very foundation of our democracy.. they give us the facts on which to form our opinions.. they give us truths to guide our understanding… and we need them.. we need them. We need them to help us understand what's going on, and we need them to help us understand each other. We need writers… so we can focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. So, for the Capital Gazette.  There is no them, there is only us. This is 'One.'

If you were at the show in Newark, add your own reviews and photos.

Full report coming up but meantime here's the set list.

And don’t forget -  #WomenoftheWorldTakeOver.  
Ahead of the show, why not... SING IT. RECORD IT. POST IT.
Sing the song, share it online. Join the movement. 

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    U2 eXPERIENCE - Live in Berlin Trailer
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    NJ Loves U2
    Amazing concert! Not only does U2 never fail to disappoint - they always exceed expectations. I never miss a tour and enjoy each and every show. My sister, who is a frequent concert attendee of mine, and I have been fans since we were in our teens and she attended the show with me. We attended the VIP party where we were treated so special! Thanks U2! U2 brings out the best in people - U2 concerts are events where fans become like family. xoxo
    1st time in Newark!
    You guys gave us a real treat, usually you go to the Garden, or Metlife but you came to Newark! A first for us, and the band. I snapped this photo during Staring At The Sun.
    Mirror Ball Bono
    Bono striking a pose for me!
    The best night in Newark
    Thank you guys for this great Show, it was our third night, the best in Newark. Amazing night at Prudential Center. We are waiting for you soon in Chile ...
    The best night in Newark
    Thank you guys for this great show, third night of this tour for us, today in Newark, great night at Prudential Center .. We are waiting for you in Chile..
    Bono Strikes A Pose at Prudential Center
    I had a great time at the show and met many many fun and friendly U2 fans!
    The Chorus
    Thanks for a great show! As always a tremendous job by All. The Chorus was spectacular (how do I join again). Your people are extremely friendly and courteous, really makes the atmosphere Just Unbelievably. Hi to my new friends from Dublin happy b-day and sorry for the bad Irish imitation. No offense I’m Irish to. Love U Guys!! Thanks Again U2
    Our 5th different tour seeing U2
    It never gets old , they are the greatest live band/showmen that I've ever seen in my lifetime. This was a 1st though, waiting to get into the Red Zone, Bono's vehicle stopped and he got out to talk to the fans, take pic's , sign some auto's …I was floored and so grateful to him that he would do that!
    No Bad Seats
    Every time Bono walked back to the main stage I felt he was looking right at ME :) and when they were not facing us I felt like a backup singer. Loved my U2@Newark Experience!
    Rebel Rebel
    In the Coda of Vertigo, where they’ve added a few bars of Bowie’s Rebel Rebel, have they ever extended that portion beyond just a taste? Would be such a great cover. Also, in the spoken intro to Pride where Bono states that this is not America, is he quoting from Bowie’s Falcon and the Snowman? Same lyric...just couldn’t hear the details.
    Another Amazing Night
    This was my sixth time seeing the band, and it was just as exciting as my first! I can never describe very accurately in words just how much Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry, and their music mean to me. I would not be who I am without them - the lyrics of their songs and who they are as people really inspire me. As usual the band was in top form and powered through the songs with the energy and emotion of those four young men from 1970's Dublin. I love the new songs just as much as the old and there was a great mix from throughout the band's career in the setlist. Just amazing. If I could follow them around the country and even to other countries I would, because there's nothing like seeing this band live. They put on the best show I've ever seen by far. But as much as I can't wait to see them again, I hope they enjoy a well-deserved break after this tour. And that would give fans' wallets a break too ;) Thank you, U2! Thank you for giving your fans a better life! I love you guys!
    Second time this week. Monday MSG, Frida
    Wonderful shows and Bono topical as always. Great audience vibe. As usual, the religion of U2 and their unique gospel.
    All together now!
    Group photo!
    M Wincek
    Great Show.....Thanks Again!!!
    U2 lovefest
    Another amazing and inspirational concert
    Thanks U2 for practically ignoring the entire seating area behind the stage tonight. Guess we we didn’t spend enough on tickets... And thanks for not playing two of the best songs on the new album.
    Welcome to Newark
    Hoping the boys make their first ever appearance at The Rock a special one.
    Hope they mix it up
    Was in the Garden on Tuesday, and it was a great show. Hope they mix things up a bit to hear some older stuff. Looking at the set lists, and understanding that the screen is tied into the show, I know it's not easy, but hope for some other selections. How about ending the show with 40? C'mon boys!
    touch me
    take me to that other place can't wait PS lunch?
    Counting Down the DAYS!
    15 days and COUNTING! Well.... life is ALL about eXPERIENCE & iNNOCENCE Going back to the 90's..... haven't missed a show in the NYC area YET Final Show at GIANT's STADIUM pic's ... again in 2017 at MetLife Stadium and every show in between XOXOX
    Brazil wait this success
    Please, we are waiting the magicals moments of Sounds of Innocence.
    Come to BRASIL
    Hello guys! I love youuuuu Come to Brasil, please! Beijos!
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