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18 September, 2018
hi, is not possible to change only ONE song between two shows.. Please at least 4/5 songs.. Otherwise they are all the same!!
15 September, 2018
My wife and I have seen U2 dozens of times here in Boston (each show was amazing) so we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary by flying to Dublin to see U2 on the 6th of November with 8 family and friends, we are all huge U2 fans. WE CAN'T WAIT....
07 September, 2018
Back again
Can`t wait to be back in Dublin to see the greatest rock band in the world. Been there several times but never in 3 Arena. It will be my perfect end for this tour. Then i`ve been in Berlin and Hamburg.
29 July, 2018
A la maisooooooooon!!!!!!!!!
Petit délire aprés Marseille,Paris,Nice,Barcelone,reBarcelone et Amsterdam....autant finir la boucle à la maison!!!Et puis à moi l'Irlande!!!!!!
21 June, 2018
Hometown Show
Can`t wait for my first visit to Dublin to see the greatest band in the world on home soil.
17 May, 2018
I'll be there...and look already forward
With my wife, she'll see U2 for the first time! This is my story with U2, feel free to watch, read and listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ancA88tg8x8
11 May, 2018
Après avoir réalisé mon rêve de vivre l ambiance de mon groupe de coeur dans les terres natal de nos 4 paddies à crok Park 2017 me revoilà à l arena pour le 5 et 6 avec excitation de ce tour magique 2015 2018 passant par le Brésil à morumbi 2017 puis au MSG cette année. Merci U2 pour vos 40 ans de bonheur que j écoute avec le titre planète Terre WHERE THE STREET HAVE NO NAME.
25 April, 2018
I was so disappointed when Toronto, Canada was not a scheduled Tour date…. so my friend, aka best U2 FANS partner, and I will be coming to Dublin for the November 6th and 9th shows! So looking forward to seeing U2 in their hometown… dream come true! Thank you U2 for being such an important part of my life all these years, and for your amazing music and words. Still HOPING the tour group & U2 reconsiders a concert date for TORONTO….. please!!!! Your Forever Fan
martin van der veen
25 April, 2018
Tickets in the pocket! Yeah! Hometown concertdream comes true!
08 February, 2018
I found what I am looking for
What a magic year this is going to be. See the guys performe for many years, unfortenaly they don't come to my hometown Rotterdam anymore so i travel the world to see them in 0ther places, and this year will be magic, see them on 26 of june in Madison Square Garden NY en ending in their hometown Dublin on 6 november in the 3 arena. Thanks guys for many years of great shows and fantastic music.
04 February, 2018
Coming to see the band playing home in m
Couldn't be more excited - flying from Seattle to see my favorite band playing in their home town on my 45th birthday! Can't wait!!
02 February, 2018
A Sort of Homecoming
Coming home from Melbourne to see U2 indoors for the first time.
02 February, 2018
Here we go again!!!
Tickets in the bag for their home town..................should be a good night!
01 February, 2018
Ticket Availability
Delighted to have secured presale tickets for the upcoming concerts in Dublin. The only disappointing thing was that for some time after tickets went on sale the only option with the innocence code was the Monday or Tuesday night gigs. The Friday and Saturday gigs didn't come on-line for this group for some time. Just a little disappointed I didn't have the access to go on my preferred night immediately when tickets went on sale.
31 January, 2018
So Stoked!!!
Traveling from the States to see the best band in the world in their hometown, time to check one off the bucket list!!! We get to see them in May in San Jose and then in November in Dublin... Looking forward to first ever trip to Ireland, drinking some Guinness and of course some kick-ass music by the lads!!!
30 January, 2018
After 21 U2 concerts, this will be the first "at home" for me!!! I got my red zone tickets!!!!!! Yesss!!!!!!!!
29 January, 2018
I will be there, I will be there, I will
Three years shall have nearly passed since I was last in 3Arena seeing U2 Hope to be back for the last night, even both nights if tickets allow !
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