Dublin, IE / 3Arena

'This is where we live…'

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'This is where we live 
This is Dublin
And even in the rain we think it's the greatest place on earth…
… Thank you for coming out tonight
The last of our four shows in our home town, the last show in our home town till God knows when
Yeah.. It's a Beautiful Day alright.'

Did the fourth night in Dub top the lot? If you were there you can tell us. 

Gloria stayed in the show along with did Dirty Day but the night's surprise was Landlady, only the third live performance.
Dublin was blessed. In fact, Dublin is blessed as Bono explained at the end of Get Out Of Your Own Way.

'Blessed is Dublin for she is a broadsheet ballad.
Blessed is the Rocky Road to Dublin
Blessed is Raglan Road, where old ghosts meet
Blessed is the Auld Triangle and the Royal Canal.
Blessed is the corner of Beggars Bush
Blessed is Waxie's Dargle.
Blessed is the Foggy Dew.
Blessed is the city of Luke Kelly and Ronnie Drew
Blessed is the blue above the Europe we share and may the yellows stars never fall upon our heads
Blessed is Dublin a great European city
The Dublin of Shane McGowan, Jim Sheridan, Neil Jordan, Glen Hansard, Robbie Keane, Paul McGrath, Brian O'Driscoll, Katie Taylor, Mannix Flynn, and the Queen of Ireland Panti Bliss….'

More coming up, meantime here's the set list.

What did you think? Were you at the show ? Post your reviews and add your photos below.


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'This is Zoo Station. It really exists, it's not a figment of our imagination…'



13 November, 2018
The Larry Mullen Band
Yo lads, Sat 10th November --- Atmosphere electric, (even a fight broke out before you came on between two idiots) The music is just superb and it is great indoors.... we have been too many concerts over the years but this was outstanding. We had a blast and celebrations continued well into to the early hours........ "Time to dismantle the experience and innocent" and go back to where it started Boy, Unforgettable fire for a new stripped back raw sound ? Rgs Stik and the lads
13 November, 2018
Still buzzing after bubblin Dublin
This was so special, this was the one I looked forward to since as long as I can remember....Bucket List number 1....to see U2 in Dublin...now I can say been there ....and what a show this was...Thank you guys, I will never forget this...I wish you all the best, enjoy your break...and dream on....
12 November, 2018
My Dublin Brain Scan
My pilgrimage to Dublin was interrupted by a fall that led to a trip to the hospital early Saturday morning. Some confusion and memory loss led to my own brain scan. A small hemorrhage was revealed and the doctor wanted to keep me overnight for observation. I said there is no way I'm missing Dublin 4 unless my health is threatened in some some way. He consulted with a neurologist and said I will be miserable at a rock concert in my condition. I'm glad to report he was wrong. I didn't have a life-threatening experience as Bono, but it is kinda scary to be at the Gibson Hotel and have your wife ask you where you are and why you are here and you have no idea (it came back a few hours later).
12 November, 2018
You look so beautiful tonight
all my happyness after 2 gigs in Dublin. ...I miss you when you're not around. hope to see you soon!!
12 November, 2018
Thanks Thanks Thanks
Saturday I saw the 5th U2 concert of my life, the 1st in their hometown and the 2nd of this tour after Milan. Although every single moment of each was unique and special to me, the latter was the most beautiful and engaging of all. It was magical, even if they were far away, although as always I haven't received autographs, photos, backstage or interviews ... There are fans who have attended over 170 concerts and my five probably have no value... But for me, they have meant everything, because in each of them they are part of all the sacrifices I did to reach my life goals ... Thank you guys for who you are, for your music, for the way you give yourself totally to your fans but, above all, thanks for the help you gave me to be here now and happy to be!!!!
12 November, 2018
The unforgettable U2 Week
Last week at the Dublin 3 Arena was a dream. The band was in such a great form and delivered 4 amazing shows. Saturday night was the peak of it all, with energy and emotions building up as the show played out, while the band and the audience truly connected as ONE. The show was breathtaking from start to finish. A powerful kick off with The Blackout, to later return to Gloria, or Dirty Day, Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses...Then Landlady towards the end was a gem, very, very special. And so it was to see Bono walk off the runway amongst the people, amongst us for the perfect finish. Thanks U2 for the amazing music and emotions you gave me once again. Last week's emotions will stay with me, and your music will keep me warm, till the next time!
12 November, 2018
Post tour blues
Great show in Dublin, my third show of the tour , I now have the blues because I know it will be a while until the next time. Thank you U2 for being there and providing those songs that resonate so deeply. Everyone I know in the Uk, where I am from, don't want brexit. The references to unity on the tour made me sad, shame on us.
12 November, 2018
Absolutely amazing and an emotional rollercoaster, still get a lump in my throat remembering Dirty Day, and just marvelled at the intensity of Acrobat, both songs I think are okay on record but live they just take on a new life.
12 November, 2018
amazing night in dubln lets hope its not the end.greatest band in the world.
12 November, 2018
Dublin Virgin
First time I've seen U2 on tour in Dublin. I saw them in '85 when they headlined Self Aid but that wasn't part of any tour. I was in the GA, too (in London I saw them from the seats), about 10 yards from the 'e-stage'. With this smaller venue, at times it felt like watching U2 in a club. Significant that the two 'surprises' were dedicated to their fathers (Dirty Day) and their partners (Landlady). It's (still) a family affair ... Despite four years of constant touring, it felt fresh and heartfelt. The band were definitely at the top of their game. Plus a great Irish crowd - mad and up for it! Afterwards we went to The Church to see U2 tribute band, Zooropa. More mad Irish people - rugby and U2 fans - partying through the night. Plus a very plausible Bono double appeared out of nowhere. Definitely twilight zone territory. A great gig, no doubt. But what's next (and I don't mean Berlin)? Take a break. You've earned it. But please don't stay away too long ... The world needs you.
12 November, 2018
best gig ive ever been at! superb boys.
amazing show lads.
12 November, 2018
What a NIght..
My first U2 gig was in 1987....age 15..Croke Park...well you guys certainly blew the roof off the 3Arena on Saturday night. I was also there Monday night and thought that Saturday was just mind blowing from start to finish as the set list was just perfect. Have been to 18 shows since 1987, have never missed a tour and tonight is wiothout doubt in my TOP 5 U2 shows....welcome back. Until next time me aul Segotias …..
12 November, 2018
U2 just keep getting better and better
What a night, listened to my first live gig 'The Lovetown Tour" on 2fm in 1989, I haven't missed a Tour in Dublin since. Fantastic gig U2, the songs keep getting better and better. Thank you for being an integral part of my life.
12 November, 2018
Amazing Dublin
Fourth night in Dublin. Full band.
11 November, 2018
Mick from Dublin
It was a beautiful night in Dublin, I was lucky enough that this was my second night of the four shows, and another specular show it was, With a brilliant set list, this was my 16th time to see U2 in concert, and not all in Dublin, but they could of sold out 20 times over in Dublin with this show, There songs have become part of my life, thanks for tbe memorys .Bono said they are going away for a while, after been on the road for nearly the last 4 years, well lads you deserve a break, but hopefully not for too long, enjoy the rest after Berlin lads, you all deserve it, thanks for the outstanding gigs again,
11 November, 2018
Thank you Dallas
Thanks you Dallas Schoo
11 November, 2018
I may not have been there in body I listened to the show and I was there in soul, heart and mind .Thank you so much please go away for awile and dream it up again .We need you. Great tour you are on fire and never sounded better.Dublin last night was magical.We will all wait to see you soon .Last show in Berlin cant wait to see what it brings.
11 November, 2018
There’s no place like home.
Simply put, the very best place to witness this band is in their home time. Who’s Gonna Ride...has become a standout moment; Dirty Day is unusual, introspective and enthralling; Landlady is heartfelt and effortless in the way the vocal conveys its sense of space. Throughout, Larry Mullen Jr’s drumming seems supercharged and the quality of Edge,s guitars over the PA is superb. Adam, meanwhile, is the true showman. I loved this show. Now all they have to do is dream it all up again...! I know they will.
11 November, 2018
U2 - 2 Belfast - 4 Dublin!!!!
Hello, I was very lucky to get to all 6 U2 Irish Shows, i enjoyed everyone of them, and travelled up and down each night from Northern Ireland. I cant believe it is all over, i had a brilliant time and savoured every note sang and word spoken from the world's greatest singer!! I am just a bit tired today, roll on the next tour!!! To everyone i met standing out in the rain on Friday, we all got through it, having the craic and a good time in the rain!!!!! Clair
the shev
10 November, 2018
It's a finglas thing
Final night in bubblin dubbalin
10 November, 2018
Dublin 4
Just back after 300 mile round trip back to Donegal ,Guys it's us who should thank you ! Dirty Day was epic and very poigent. There is a light please don't ever let go out .
10 November, 2018
I'm weightless when U2 are there
Thank you for this final show of this tour at home. Been blessed that I could be at all 6 (incl. Belfast). U2 don't just write songs, they become part of your life and touch so many people across our planet it's incredible. Tonight the audience was magnificent and gave them back so much love and appreciation. Bono, again, has such acumen in his words, I do hope his message about remaining as One will inspire our people to not wreck the good work done so far on this island. Thank you U2 for acompanying my life and giving it a soundtrack. And thanks for The Landlady and Dirty Day, one for my mum, and one for my dad, wherever they are now. Thank you for great entertainment tonight. I do hope you'll be back soon!
10 November, 2018
Wish I was there, but
glad to know that maybe, I might have chance at doing what I want to do. Eclypse, FOR SURE, but I want to do to my own thing
10 November, 2018
I will sleep well
So great again! Thanks!!
10 November, 2018
Saw all 4 Dublin shows and although each one was epic, this last home show was truly something magical. What a night, what a crowd, and what a joy to get Landlady. Such a special treat. Thanks lads, it's been top class, as always!
Padraic Heaney
28 October, 2018
Please play Streets!!!!!!! 11th time seeing U2 and can't imagine a concert without it!!!!
27 October, 2018
1st time to Europe/Ireland/Dublin
10 Days Away! Getting excited for a quick jaunt to Ireland. Excited for day trips to Belfast and Cliffs of Moher too. So much to do, so little time. After all these years and 29 other U2 shows, finally seeing them in Dublin. Staying at Gibson Hotel if anyone wants to meet-up before the show!
24 October, 2018
"Nothing to stop this being the best day
Thank you U2 for this tour! Great memories from these concerts, and Joshua Tree last year! Sure would love to hear some more of our favorites in concert before you end the tour.....songs such as A Sort of Homecoming, The Unforgettable Fire, or An Cat Dubh! Jean & Paul Lynch
19 October, 2018
dream outloud
Hi guys... from my post on 26 September hoping for the miracle to get the ticket.... and I got it!! you can dream, so dream outloud!! Looking forward for my trip! see you there! xxx
07 October, 2018
Best birthday present ever
So excited!!! Best birthday present and husband ever. My husband bought me U2 tickets for their last show in Dublin on my actual birthday, November 10th. Flying from Detroit to Dublin for the concert. I get to check off my bucket list.
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