The Joshua Tree Tour 2019

Manila, PH / Philippine Arena
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30 November, 2019
In memory of our Edge..
I have been a fan since I was in grade school. We named our baby boy after The Edge...He was too perfect for earth and joined our creator after giving us 7 months of his life here. It would be a delight to see Bono, Edge and the rest of the band sing their best songs live. It would be a very special moment for us too. I will listen to each of your songs by heart and think about our boy in heaven. Thank you for the wonderful music. I wish you could sign my Joshua Tree cassette tape.
02 November, 2019
5 Weeks!
I am so looking forward in finally realizing my lifelong dream in seeing my fave band of all time. I have been a lifelong follower.
20 October, 2019
Hi, I’d like to share a short story of serendipity with the band. I’m Shirin, from Manila, Philippines. It means a lot to have U2 come to my hometown. About a decade ago in September 2010, I took my dad to celebrate both our birthdays at your 360 gig in the Olympic Stadium Munich and also have beers at the October Fest. It was an extraordinary experience and I have been following the band since I was a kid. However, the preselling dates for Manila on your website happened at a time when I was away on fieldwork and had no access to the internet. I work as an editorial consultant for an NGO covering stories of dire cases of children along isolated areas in the Philippines. A close friend felt sorry for me and vowed to stay online the whole day to help secure the VIP tickets, (because it is the only one I can afford at the time). So after a decade, my friend was able to purchase two tickets for my birthday. I’m really excited. The only downside is, dad is older now in his mid-70s, and doesn’t have the stamina to be standing in the pit like he used to. He is also looking after my mom, who is quite ill. Despite all this, I still look forward to the show and be uplifted by your music which has been a constant source of hope and inspiration throughout my life. xox attached photo below/ can send one with my dad too :)
11 September, 2019
FINALLY, I have found what I'm looking f
Got my pre-sale tickets...gonna cross off on my bucket list...see you guys...
07 September, 2019
Beautiful day
Best year ever for me and my wife. U2 is going here in manila and me being a daddy for first time. Im going to name my first baby bono. First ever concert .. its going to be a beautiful day in a bullet the sky..
03 September, 2019
I'll see U2 in December
Finally got my VIP floor ticket reservation. Yaaahhhooooo!!!!!
01 September, 2019
Once in a Lifetime experience ticked off
I was really disappointed when my friends declined to go with on your concert wither on Japan or Sg. A friend even joked that maybe you guys might come to Manila & I said that is impossible..Thank you U2 for proving me wrong..can't wait to have a good time on your 1st Manila concert..see u!!!
01 September, 2019
Been waiting for this!!!!!
This is it! See you December 11!
01 September, 2019
Wired Pre-Sale
Waiting for this to happen soon!!
31 August, 2019
Dream come true!
Truly, this is a dream come true for me and my husband. I super love this band! Got our VIP tickets today hahaha! See you on Dec. 11, Bono and the rest of U2! I can't wait to hear live, all of my fave U2 songs :) Thank you so much for including Ph in your The Joshua Tree Tour.
31 August, 2019
In God's Country
"Dream up the world you want to live in. Dream out loud." That dream is going to become reality in my motherland - In God's Country - the Philippines. GA floor tickets - check! Counting down to December 11... "In a little while... I'll be there."
28 August, 2019
U2 me are everything
From the day I bought my first vinyl albums (War and Under A Blood Red Sky) of you guys back in '84, I was hooked. Since then, I've been dreaming of watching you live. Thought it will just be a dream and be overly content to listen to your live album in my living room. Thank you for finally considering to make a lot of your fans' dream here in the Philippines to come true.
27 August, 2019
Another dream ticked off in my bucket li
I have a team of millenials at work. They all laughed and loved how I explained a dream is coming true in just watching watching a concert. But it's a U2 concert! The first in the Philippines. About to tick off something in my vision board. I taught my "kids" how to make vision boards posted infront of them... to make them remember why they come in to work everyday. To make dreams come true in their lives. Thank you, U2! To BONO, We are doing OKRs now with my "kids".... John Doerr style... To change a part of the world in their work. They are loving it! Hope I can get a short shout out video from you to change their lives forever.
27 August, 2019
I always said to my wife that we would not miss you perform if you came to Manila! That is now a reality! Wooohhhh! Can't wait!
25 August, 2019
This time in my homeland
I had the chance to watch you live in Chicago during your Vertigo tour in 2005. I was crying. I said to myself, I would definitely watch you again live if you choose to perform in the Philippines! When friends told me that you are coming to South Korea and Singapore, they were asking if I’d watch. But I made vow that I will watch again if you play in the Philippines. And, tben tje announcement came! I will be there, I will definitely be there on December 11. Excited!!!
20 August, 2019
Overwhelmed at the opportunity.
It's been a lifelong dream of mine to see you guys live! The Joshua Tree album was released the year I was born (1987). Now 32 years later, this is my one chance. I'm pulling overtime and double shifts and saving up every penny I have to go to Manila!
19 August, 2019
U2 Limerick City to Manila
U2 Limerick City to Manila I hope to see Dallas and the boys there... Limerick city U2 formally named the band... can't wait...was stage front in Dublin hope to be stage front in Manila too...
18 August, 2019
Finally I hope I see you in Manila I file my vacation on Manila just for you Bono I'm still I have found I'm looking for I'm waiting for the day Dec 11 ,, One
18 August, 2019
Finally I hope I see you in Manila I file my vacation on Manila just for you Bono I'm still I have found I'm looking for I'm waiting for the day Dec 11 ,, One
17 August, 2019
My dream coming to fruition.
Finally...after decades of waiting... Thank you for coming to my country Philippines. I started crying when I learned about this.
12 August, 2019
love :)
sobrang tagal kong inantay ito, bata pa ako. ngayon magkakatotoo na. sana mapagbigyan ako ng magandang ticket sa pre-sale. looking forward talaga. sobrang happy. huhuhu
10 August, 2019
See u
09 August, 2019
After all these long days of the Joshua
been a fan of U2 since a boy at 11 during the War album era that got cemented when The Joshua Tree came out got saved on St Patrick's day turns out before i turn 13, I'd no idea then they were a christian band The great thing about the Joshua Tree lp is that it brought back the sensibilities of musicians playing on a record album as it destroyed the norm of cheap electronic synthesizer infested production that are conventional back in the 1980s all the more reason to celebrate with the revamped Joshua Tour that been sorely missed in the Philippines
09 August, 2019
U2 in the Philippines on my 50th
This is got to be the best birthday gift ever, watching U2 at the Philippine Arena. I thought I was dreaming. I thought someone fabricated a fake post on Facebook. Unbelievable! It's really happening!!! Thank you, U2!!!
08 August, 2019
thank you for deciding to include Manila
Salamat po =) see you
07 August, 2019
Oh what a day....what a "Beautiful Day"! Been waiting my entire life....... Can't wait!
03 August, 2019
All i want is u2
Thrilled & excited to see you guys - the greatest band.
03 August, 2019
Answered Prayer!
Been dreaming about this! Almost bought ticket for the SG leg. Glad I waited I bit longer! Woohoooo!!!
02 August, 2019
Finally, they're coming...!
What I never thought possible, honestly, is totally happening!!!!! BCN' U2 this coming December!!! Thanks!
01 August, 2019
Lets Go !
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