Apollo Three

10 May 202125

Apollo Three

Renewed your U2.com subscription for 2021? 

The first songs from the double album, U2 Live At The Apollo, are now released. 

Three live tracks capturing the essence of a unique night in Harlem.

Log in as a subscriber, visit your account info page and download ‘Red Flag Day', 'Angel of Harlem’ and 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.’

(Not a subscriber? Subscribe now and those three tracks are available to you immediately.) 

With the tracklisting of this limited edition CD set now finalised and the accompanying photo book at the printers, the good news is that dispatch of the gift will  also include a set of 5 specially designed U2 Live At The Apollo cards and a customised facemask.

When we have news on dispatch of the physical gift, we’ll be emailing subscribers. Meantime, in the comments below, let people know what you think of the first three tracks from this special show in Harlem.

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Really enjoying the downloads - can't wait for the complete album, both physical and digital ... thanks U2
"U2" Still the biggest band in the WORLD
This show is amazing, I listened to it back in 2018 through SiriusXM and I recorded the show on tape. Audio was just not that great, but luckily is now going to be released on CD. Vinyl anytime soon? A Blu Ray release will also be great in the future.
U2 un mito immortale
Spero di poter al più presto partecipare di nuovo ad un mitico concerto.
U2 is still a greatest band.
The song selection are great. I can't wait for my CD gift.
Can't find the 3 songs. Help!
Can somebody pinot me in the right direction? I simply can't find the 3 songs to download. I've already done all of this: "Log in as a subscriber, visit your account info page and download ‘Red Flag Day', 'Angel of Harlem’ and 'Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses.’" And nothing.
Waiting to download
I want download
Can't wait to get the cd
Can't wait to get the cd::::::
Nice songs... Red flags just like my crypto account at this moment :-)
Great package
The live versions of those three songs are amazing. They really capture the energy and intimate atmosphere of this memorable concert. Of course Angel of Harlem is a wonderful homage to the special place where U2 performed. I look forward to listening to the whole CD!
Great pack. Looking forward to receive it!! :)
No vinyl
Looks amazing. I don’t own a CD player anymore. Can we have this on vinyl please?!
Been a fan since October. The album not
Best live band ever.
U2 2018 Masterpiece
A Complete Concert. The song selection are great, the sound and the crowd are amazing. I can't wait for my cd.
Scott Cleaver
NZ fan from 1980
Cant wait to have another CD to add to the U2 collection and is there anymore New Music on the way too?
U2 at the apollo
Can't wait for cd and possible tour dates soon
Live at the Apollo
This is awesome. Can't wait for the new cd set! Thanks Lads
great set
I really liked the set, I just didn't like not being able to be there personally for this historic show
U2 at the Apollo
looking forward to the CD and package
Thanks very much, also for the cards and the fanmask. We dream of U2 ZOOTV reloaded 2023!
Can’t wait to have this cd
On Bono's birthday, we get the present.
It's quite nice to receive this music on May 10th, Bono's b.day! Thank you! Happy 61!!
Nice package!!
The package looks very nice and with this great concert on cd it's really a great gift. Looking forward receiving it!!!
Angel of harlem
Apollo gig
Track list of this show is really unique. Can’t wait to hear the whole album!
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