The band have arrived in New Zealand and  been at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland rehearsing for Thursday's AU/NZ tour opener.

There was a  surprise  for the fans huddled at the Beasley Rd entrance as they ran through Scarlet for the first time.

And New Zealand's favourite U2 song also got some time tonight - Bono introducing it by saying to the assembled fans and crew, 'Tonight we just think about these people who are still under the ground and our hopes and our prayers are with them this evening,' referencing the mining disaster on the country's West Coast.


25 November, 2010
It is great that U2 want to surprise their audience with a few changes of the set list. "Scarlet" is one of the most wonderful and haunting pieces from U2. I love the distinctive drumbeats and the way guitar and piano alternate. Above all those layers of sound the beauty of Bono;s long drawn-out vocals shines. Listening to that joyous piece of music I experience a feeling of infinity and freedom. I am thankful for all the intense and wonderful moments U2 have given me! I can;t change the world, but U2 can change the world in me! I REJOICE! I wish my favourite band much, much health, luck, success and joy for this leg of their amazing 360 tour!!! :-)
Ric Mondragon
24 November, 2010
Thank you...
... for choosing to ad "Scarlet" to the long list! It was one I requested a while back when you asked for song suggestions to ad for the second leg of the 360* tour. Glad you were paying attention - can't wait to hear it in Los Angeles!
23 November, 2010
for the miners.............
.........was thinking maybe we get to hear Red Hill Mining Town?? In Sydney right now but flying into AKL Friday arvo for the gig that night. Finding it hard to sleep
23 November, 2010
Can't Wait
Can't wait until the concert U2!!!
The Real Griffo
23 November, 2010
Griffo Welcomes U2
Going to see the lads in Brisbane on the 08th of December. Getting close now and getting very excited. Taking our best friends along for their first ever U2 concert after missing the last two. As excited for them as I am about seeing the show.
23 November, 2010
Holy cow. Scarlet?! How unexpected! How DELIGHTFUL! I have been a huge fan of this track for ages and thought it would make a far better short song for the tour than MLK. Please actually play this, U2! Don't tease us and then drop it like you did with Drowning Man last time. Rejoice indeed!
23 November, 2010
October is powerful, Scarlet and other songs with true meaning are at the heart of U2, wonderful!
23 November, 2010
In tandem
The BBC version of Scarlet on the October remaster is gorgeous. Here's hoping that it's paired with its No Line partner (a mystery for those that haven't figured it out yet ;) )!
23 November, 2010
Just hearing that they have been rehearsing this song is giving me goose bumps; much like when the news broke that they rehearsed 'Drowning Man' in Spain. The inclusion of either of these songs in thsi leg would be just awesome . . . bring on Melbourne!!
23 November, 2010
run to the ocean,through the sea one tree hill.... RIP GREG CAROLL, we remember. God bless you!
23 November, 2010
1 DAY!! I can't believe it, this is going to be my first (and second) U2 concert ever and I know that it will no doubt be amazing. Can't wait to hear One Tree Hill roaring out of Mt. Smart tomorrow night :D
23 November, 2010
Scarlet and Red Hill Mining Town???
Kim the fly
23 November, 2010
Strange, i'm startet listning to that track over and over agian the last couple of weeks and even put a liverecording from Germany on my facebook yesterday. It must be a sign!!!!! Superb track
23 November, 2010
Rejoice! I can't believe it!
23 November, 2010
scarlet it obviouly goin to replace MLK on the set.. rejoooooooy
23 November, 2010
All Heart
U2 has the Biggest Heart Ever...Thanks for taking a moment... : ). It's soooo Large....
23 November, 2010
This is one of the most haunting u2 song's i love adam's bass line's the edge's lovely guitar riff's not to mention the was the whole song fit's round bono's impassioned cries of rejoice i truly hope this classic of of october see's the light of day live and everyone privlaged enough to hear it live REJOICE!!!!!!
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