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1 Mar 202041

Streaming For Subscribers

Something a bit special coming up in March, to mark Adam’s birthday. 

We’ll be hosting the premiere of 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN’ and inviting all 2020 subscribers to join us.

Our Zootopian team will be online to join in the conversation when everyone is invited to share their memories of the tour - photos, tweets, reviews, live chat as the entire show - all  142 minutes and 23 songs -  happens all over again.

For those who can support it, streaming in stunning 4K UHD and 5.1 surround sound. (If that’s not you, maybe you know someone who does.) 

We'll have some very collectable giveaways up for grabs during the premiere - and of course, it being a big weekend for our favourite bass man, we'll be inviting everyone to share their stories and photos of the one and only Adam Clayton.

The premiere begins at 9pm GMT on Saturday, March 14th but if you can't tune in then, no worries - the film will be available on demand throughout the term of your 2020 subscription. 

Once we've aired the premiere, 'U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN' will be available on demand for the duration of your annual subscription.

And in other news, for those - and we gather that’s a lot of you - who prize the physical over the digital, dispatch of  the DVD and the accompanying booklet of the show will begin in May.

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Just received today
Thank you very much U2, I have received today my gift of U2 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE – LIVE IN BERLIN. Magnificent Oh, oh, magnificent!
U2 is a the best Group
Thanks you soo much
Andrew Arida
Hello - Looking forward top the E&I dvd and books! Cheers, Andrew
What an awesome gig. I had 2 wishes for this tour. "Acrobat" and "Dirty Day", and when I saw the first shows, I wished more "classical U2 Songs". All of that happened, unbelievable. Since the Copenhagen setlist the shows were perfect to me. Achtung Zoo Stuff! Saw 9 shows, if you count the 2nd Berlin gig as a show ;-) I feeled like a teenager in these days. Saw Berlin 1+2, Cologne 1+2, Madrid 1+2, Hamburg 1+2, Berlin 3 Thanks for this perfect concert film. Maybe some bonus on this DVD. Maybe "Red Flag Day", "The Ocean" and "Landlady". Hopefully a BD Disc / BD 4K Disc for us in stores someday, please! Thanks to U2 for a great life!
Watch on TV via Xbox One!
FYI — I was able to get the stream to play on my TV on my Xbox One via the appropriately named Edge web browser. Just log in to your account and play the video (click full screen icon). Note: I was unable to play it via PS4’s web browser.
ok give the gift to the members .. but after (end of year or next year) publish it the same in the different formats, also in digital format .. it's an incredible show! .. and it is right that thanks to today's technologies people can choose it as they prefer. I want it in 4K.
Incredible heartwarming
This was fantastic, I have seen it in Dublin, Greatest Band in the World, Still Thanks a lot for this, and for the free dvd!
Thank you kindly U2
This is the best gift for any given day but especially today in these trying, difficult times
Live Concert?
Nothing. Just a trailer. Won’t let me post negative comments interestingly...
Looking forward to this Enjoy everyone
Waiting for it. Good vibes from Lima, Perú!
Ziggo Dome-Amsterdam
Sou do Brasil e viajei até Amsterdam, só pra ver os 2 shows dessa turnê que o U2 realizou por lá. Foi fantástico e inesquecível! Valeu cada segundo! Um sonho realizado!
The bassplayer, seen him for the first time @ the Ahoy in Rotterdam , 1985, he was ( and still is the coolest member of the band - sorry bono, edge and larry) hope to see him another 50 shows ( to make it up to an even 100 shows) ... happy belated birthday Adam!! I also invite you to have a beer ( or a cupper) whenever you're in Holland again ;-)
Its a Must
This is one of best concert I have seen. You should not miss this.
U2 @O2 x 2
Like robbie01, I also saw both of the London shows and, having flown half way around the world to do so, it was an experience I won't forget. I managed to watch the 75 minute special a couple of weeks ago - it was on the in-flight entertainment; and it instantly transported me back to those shows. Eagerly awaiting the streaming party and the fan club gift.
Did both shows! Totally awesome can't wait for the DVD to arrive, I'll have to let my daughter borrow it as she couldn't make the live shows this time around, she was pissed off about that lol
Adam Clayton
So excited I was st the gig and what a fantastic gig it was.
There is a Light Don't Let it Go Out
Thank you, I am really looking forwards to this event and celebrating together the end of another fantastic tour. I would also like to personally thank the band for playing one of my favourite tracks "Acrobat" which I never thought I would hear live. Also to Adam I hope you have a wonderful birthday on the 13th. Releasing this in 4k stream and a physical DVD format is a very democratic way of catering for the majority as not everyone (me included) are able to receive or play 4k. I am lucky to have blu ray but in the UK, DVD is still the most universal format, and a release in DVD caters for pretty much everyone. I think if the band want to release this in high definition physical formats in the future that would be ideal and great, but I would expect to pay extra for it. Also I hope we can look forward to the Joshua Tree tour 2017-2019 getting a future release as well.
Achtung Berlin
great idea to publish the concert as a gift but the concert was so good that everyone has the chance to see the concert. the concert must be released as Blu-ray for everyone. you owe it to us fans
E&I Tour
Delighted to be getting this DVD attended 8 shows in total including the 3 Berlin shows! Pure class!!
Can't wait to celebrate Adam's birthday with the #U2family joining the party! And watching the premiere!!! It's been such a great show! Thank you so much guys for letting us in the sound!
Yay Yay Yay!
Loved the EI tour so looking forward to this. Saw the two shows in Copenhagen, wish I had seen more.
Streaming for subscribers
It's going to be great. I can't wait to finally see this tour at least on screen! It will be awesome to get this DVD's in a nice big hardcover book housed in a shiny new box!!
Can't wait
This was such a special tour for me I saw 8 shows total and my first ever shows in Dublin. I am missing the lads so much this will be great to commune with my U2 brothers and sisters around the globe! Can't wait to raise my glass to my favorite soul man on his big day!
Just a simple question ...why not the physical release with 4K UHD and 5.1 surround sound quality instead of DVD? Very curious for the answer!
Why couldn’t you have released a 4K DISC version???
Paul Bertens
I am a long time u2.commer and a collector of u2 vinyl and other goodies, so really looking forward to promissed collectables " for grabs". Wonder what that means. The show is great, the band is great, let us all enjoy it. Paul
Sleepless night ahead?
There's no way to do a livestream that is convenient for everyone so I'm expecting we Australian fans will need to set an alarm for some time during the night.
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