Three Years To The Day

27 Jun 201261
It was at Camp Nou in Barcelona on June 30th 2009,  that 'U2 unveiled their 360 space station and 90,000 fans gave it lift off.' 

On Saturday, three years on, we're hosting an extended listening party,  recalling the shows and celebrating the release of U22, the soundtrack of the tour as chosen by the fans.

We're calling it 'U22 Day'  and every hour we'll be streaming tracks from U22 -  your votes decide which track gets aired next.

Want to join in on U22 Day? Doors will be opening here.

And keep an eye on Zootopia too. 

As well as chatting about the songs, we'll be posting your tweets, photos, memories and comments from the whole tour - from Barcelona to Moncton,  from Turin to  Jo'burg.

What track never should have got dropped from the set ? What track was born again?
What was your weirdest experience on the tour...  or the most moving ?
See the band more than once ?  You got to every show ? What was the best night - and why ?
What about U22? The stand-out moment?  The track you'd add to it ? (Anything else you want to talk about ? Tell us in the comments below.)

U22 Day on begins on Saturday at 6pm GMT and the party's going to run… for eleven hours.  What time will it be where you are?  Check into this Zootopia thread to find out.

Dip in for a few minutes - or stay with us for the whole event. See you Saturday...

Want to share in U22 Day ? It's over in Zootopia.
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U22 day
I was on a very scenic train from Roma to Venezia, and I remembered this event was happening, although I was unable to actively participate. For the duration of my trip to Italy I played the soundtrack to last summer. Bad is especially lovely to hear when in Roma! I love this compilation!
A day to never forget....
My husband and I went to the U2 360 tour in Moncton, New Brunswick!! I was 7 1/2 months pregnant, so we watched the show from afar.... It was Amazing and I would lose my breath at times when I could hear thousands of people singing to the songs!! About three weeks after that my baby boy was born. I had my iPod set up with music playing throughout the labor and delivery -- he was born on the last song of the mix, unknown to me, it was.... ONE.
This week I evacuated from my home as the fires closed near my home in Colorado. What did I grab as I packed my precious possessions? My U22 album which had just arrived. Among my family albums, my one of a kind album had to be included. I saw U2 for the first time in 30 yrs opening nite in Chicago, again in Raleigh, and finally in Denver. Glad to be a part of this family.
30th of June doorbell rings
handsome irishman at the bar says want to go to the concert together? there are 3 things i need you to know. 3 coming from a long line of beautiful smart women why would i buy anyones cockatoo? he says 909 you and i are fine and if not we are dyin. i want to know what lies on the other side of the pond in silence? do you think of me? walk out into a summer street and sing your heart out
Fernanda's poll
my favs until now are: ultrav , unforgetable, oocontrol, surrender, zooropa, until the end. Streets is my absolute choise EVER. greetings from BRAZIL
Great Memories!
My wife saw the opening night of the North American Tour in Chicago (2009), and then again a year later in Zurich on September 11, 2010. I worked as an event paramedic for several years here in Chicago, and I always enjoyed meeting U2 fans from around the world. What an experience to become part of that world community of U2 fans! We can not wait for the next tour!
Happy U22 Day!
What a wonderful concert tour! I was overjoyed to go to two shows on the tour. They were wonderful! U22 is great. It should be album of the year!
Exactly three years to the day!!!!
Exactly 3 years ago... I had one of the best trips of my life!!!...It lasted about a month.. Along with a special girl, and some of my best friends and family!!.... We all witnessed the opening show in nou camp and all I can say is it was MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!! .....that night it made me realize it is moments like this, i am living for!!!!!!
my 22 favorite moments of U2360
in celebration of U22 22 favorite moments of the U22 tour 1..10/12/09..flying into chicago to be there opening night in america at soldier field and hearing that opening breathe and seeing the 360 screen and all its lights ignited at that fusion of lyrics drums, bass and guitar...16th of June..ill never forget that moment... 2...taking a train to boston following the chicago show opener and hearing the amazing grace snippet for the first time 3...vertigo from that boston show levitated me into a perfect orbit...i have never jumped so high in my life 4....hearing magnificent for the first time at opening night in america in chicago 5..hearing how good moment of surrender is live at chicago that opening night 6...promising the girl to my left in chicago that the band will play the unforgetalbe fire..her favorite song...and seeing the joy on her face... 7...unknown opening night chicago...i had the 240 dollar reserved seats so the screen was huge..the view sing along with the interacting thats a sing a long 8...going to both boston shows..ive always wanted to see U2 two nights in a row and while getting a pint of guiness the band started its set which we all thought wouldnt happen for another 30 minutes and they opened with magnificent and i had this view that was amazing and holding a guiness and then walking up to my seats hearing no line on the horizon echo up the stadium seats and get on your boots.... 9..taking a train into times square and going to see the 360 tour at giants stadium with new york stand up comedian joe machi...86, 800 some people at that stadium..the seats were was loud...sunday bloody sunday shook the entire building 10...hearing stand by me after still havent found and singing so loud...because i really have been afraid but that took all my fears away...singing it in,..dc 11...every song played at was my eleventh U2 show and to be at opening night in america and the closing night in america was so special...shaking bonos wife and i celebrating im nate..her name is beth...we celebrated our one month anniversary together with matching one bracelets to compliment the one i have had one since the last pittsburgh show 10 22 05 and have never taken it off...12...the singing along at giants was it loud 13...hearing that bass boost of i know ill go crazy remix for the first time in chicago...the 14...seeing the lights shoot up to heaven in city of blinding lights in chicago, boston, nyc, dc. and pittsburgh 14...hearing one in the nations capital and hearing my friend who isnt a U2 fan singing all the lyrics to it 15...snow patrol, muse and interpol..great opening acts.. 16...watching the cubs at wrigley field during the afternon..walking to soldier feild later that night to see the american opener 17....wearing my uncer the blood red sky shirt to every U2360 show pittsburgh...edge must have broke a string during until the end of the dallas had to do the quick exchange and the bells werent ringing for a second but i brought my little bells and i was ringing them during the entire show and bono asked where is the bell ringer...and i held up my bells and bono said let the bells ring.. and my wife saw me ringing them with all my heart...great moment 19...watching the youtube broadcast live from my brothers recording studio set up...the sound was amazing and then pulling out his guitar and playing the ending chords of with or without you with edge because my brother had it tuned as with or without you is tuned and it vibrated the entire be in pa and playing the exact chords at the exact moment with edge who was on the other side of america was vibrated the whole studio 20...hearing even better than the real thing finnally live...what a opener 21...bueatiful day at pittsburgh...hearing the mark kelly intro...there are no words 22....when i was expecting amazing grace to be sung before streets..instead bono snippets my wifes favorite song in the world and she didnt expect it..she was expecting amazing grace..caused her to weep the happiest tears of joy and to hear our whole section cry with her...a great halleluia..what a great halleuiah...
A celebration on a beautiful day!
I already received my U22 copy a few days ago. When listening I experience the pure magic and great energy of those 360 shows in my imagination. Once again, the beauty and intensity of the music takes me "to that other place" full of joy and genuine positivity. For me Ultraviolet is one stand-out track, reviving my memories of an incredibly heartwarming ode to love combined with gorgeous lights. It was a great surprise that The Unforgettable Fire, Ultraviolet and Zooropa were included. For me it would be wonderful to hear them again in future concerts.I saw two breathtaking shows in Berlin and Vienna. With an intimate version of Stay (Faraway, So Close!), U2 dedicated a memorable masterpiece to the city that was so inspiring during their metamorphosis around 1990. Having attended the Vienna show in the front row of the inner circle near to Adam, I was mesmerized by the mental and physical proximity to my favourite band and so many other fans. Again, I could feel that special connection and unity between band and audience and for me it was an honour to be part of an adventure. When I heard the opening notes of Streets I just found myself jumping, singing, clapping hands and dancing. Suddenly, the cold weather and wind did not matter anymore, because this night warmed my soul. I have never felt that close to my favourite band. That was probably the best U2 concert I have ever experienced. Like Bono, I was just happy. Very, very happy.
Ramesh Paramjothy
After seeing them in wembley and Paris and then having the delight for some of the songs to be featured on the album is fantastic. I really feel like I am back in the concert and for me they were the performance highlights. If any band is better live ad after seeing them it is U2 and everyone can be reminded of this with U22. After listening to it a few times myself and my family are just waiting in anticipation for the next album and tour!
U22 Day is EVERYDAY ; )
What A TOUR What A Band ; ) I'm So GLAD & HAPPY to be a U2Fan ........ EVERYDAY ;)
Happy U22 day
Im going to celebrate by watching the concert in Barcelona three years ago. Im going to be doing my prayers of peace and singing and praying for peace all day in celebration of U22 day. The other day my husband was punched right in the mouth and mocked as a minister and he plead for peace and I was thrown to the ground to protect him. He begged for peace and this fool got away with it. The police did nothing about it and are citing my husband. He has been singing with a sore mouth all week we rise above and listening to U22 several times a day while praying his prayers, singing his hymms, and praying the prayer of saint francis over and over again. He feels honored to have had three one bracelets one while being innocently beaten and now sings his heartout everymorning to U22. He has been singing to U22 since 4 this morning. He is a bueatiful example of St. Francis and Bono is his example. He has a one bracelet that he has never taken off since october 22 2005. Hes gonna celebrate U22 all day despite all he has been through. He went to many U2360 shows, so this is a special day for him. Many memories. U2 fans keep Nathanael John Dabney in your prayers, also known as Br. Francis James Bede. For this assault that has happened to him, Hes going to rise above and continue to help build schools in the poorest regions of Africa. U2 fans lets soar today, its a bueatiful U22 day.
What a double CD. Spectacular edition. I`m proud that I took part of it by sending my set list. A must have for any fan
Thank you!
Absolutely love this CD, though no songs from either of the shows I attended were included. Next thing is... How do we get the rest? "I'll Go Crazy", "Vertigo", "Electrical Storm", "40", "Get On Your Boots", "Breathe", "Sunday Bloody Sunday", "No Line", "Hold Me Thrill Me"? Please?
Heatwave in UK!
I was over in England (I'm from Northern Ireland) doing some work based training for a week when u2360 launched in Barcelona.We were having our own little 'heatwave' in the UK that week with temperatures in the high 20's touching low 30's degress C! This year,this week,we have floods! What a difference three years makes. Remember keeping up to date with on my mobile phone helped get me through the week as I had no internet pc access.
everyday is the DAY
I celeb'te U2 DAY everyday 'cos they're the soundtrack of my life... i travelled thousand miles from Brazil do Sydney to see the gig... it was worth of it !!! besides, they are CUTE
Proud of
A band which delivers things this way. Like it has for a couple of decades. Still something to trust. It is NEVER a must, it is a choice, a decision. Thank U.
osku from finland 29.6
To seeing you 1997 in helsinki,2001 in köln,2005 in milano and 2009 in barcelona,dublin,2&helsinki and munchen this fantastic cdpackage fullfil me all the great memories i have! My great soundsystems are playing really loud. Thanks guys!!
i am to hear the track "magnifcent" followed them since 1980
It's Gonna Be A Long Night...
In Toronto it's going to be one in the afternoon to five in the morning! - but what choice do I have except watching this thing start to finnish? Here's hoping we get some of the more rare songs like 'Electrical Storm'. Don't need ANOTHER 'Where The Streets Have No Name' live video.
U22 is awesome
just received my copy.....heard the opening 3 times in a row..;-) thank you for this one guys, please come back to the stage soon
Baby can arrive now!
Finally received in Wisconsin. We are due to have a baby and needed this CD for delivery. We can now officially have our baby!
How long must we sing this w
It's wonderful to remember the 360tour but when are you guys coming out again to see us??? Please, make it sooner rather than later. Good luck with the new album(s)!
Amazing gift
The main musics I voted were contemplated in U22. The special show for me was in Sao Paulo (Brazil), the first one I've attended. The show lived up my expectations.Thanks U2 for showing me a new life though your music, I've been learned a lot with you. Thanks U2 for U22.
Sounds like fun....
... but I will be out of town and not near a PC - enjoy.
love U22
This is the best edition I've gotten since I've been suscribed to It was a great choice of songs and I've been listened all day long remembering the concerts! I went to 3 U2 concerts (2 chicago and 1 st louis) and every concert was different! it was magic. I heard songs I had never heard before..thanks U2!!!!
U22 is wonderful
I love it! Thanks so much!
i enjoyed all the shows i was lucky enough to see , sheffield , moscow, and both barcelona shows. hearing " unforgettable fire " barca 1, AWESOME
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