Oct 24 2001
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden
Fan Review

U2, New York City, 24.10.01 by Jonathan DeLoca

I went to the show on 10/24/01. And to start off I had the cheap seats if you can call them that; the last row in the house. U2 is completely worth the line waiting and loss of sleep. Only when every one stood up me and my girl friend couldnt see. I couldn't have that so I picked myself and her up out of those seats and moved us down. Running at full speed to the nearest balcony and parking my self over the rail I roared at the top my lungs in my own excitement and elevation. 

The house continued to erupt all night long as an invigorated Bono and incendiary Edge ripped through what was the most amazing concert I have ever been too. Larry and Adam were the shit. I couldn't contain my excitement the band was on fire. Every one was doing there part and loving every minute of it. It's hard to point out a high point to the whole show because the entire show was a high point. When Bono shouted at full force during New York that "home... is where New York city is' I think I found my own high point. Its not where you are born. New York is a city that lives in your heart; only true newyorkers know this and Bono like myself is a true NewYorker.

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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October 24th, MSG, first event at the garden since 9/11 (with the exception of the benefit concert). A setting for one of the greatest nights for New York EVER. The energy was unbelievable and the fans needed this show. We lined up for three days prior in anticipation. What occured upon show time is almost indescribable. The fans were full of life and the band exploded on stage with a passion and energy unrivaled. For me personally it was my first time ever at the front rail, which in itself makes it an amazing night, and to blow my mind Bono pulls me on stage during Stuck In A moment...indeed I was! In addition a friend I had made from the GA lines got pulled up as well and played guitar with the band. Thank you for this night, this tour and the past 30 years of music that has filled our lifes soundtrack.
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