Oct 25 2001
New York City, NY, US / Madison Square Garden
with No Doubt
Madison Square Garden, 25.10.01 by Elizabeth G. (Brooklyn, NY)

Last night's show was AMAZING!   U2, you guys definitely have the job for being the best band in the world!  My very first U2 show and I LOVED IT!  U2 are truly quite different than other artists who are popular among my age group, take this from someone who is a teen, U2 is special, their songs are truly healing. 
After everything that happened here in New York I needed something comforting, U2 was the answer. They elevated the crowds and soothed our aching hearts something much needed during these troubled times. 
"New York" was great, they showed some visuals of skyscrapers on 4 or 5 draped screens and the crowd went wild during this song.  The most poignant moment was during "One" when on the screens they showed the names of some of the people who died on Sept.11.  During this song one could see Bono's eyes well with tears and hear the hurt in his voice because of what happened that horrible day.
Bono made many references to New York and the crowds cheered him on. U2 definitely needs to be commended for the fact that they did not cancel any stops here in New York. This is one day I know I'll never forget. U2 truly heals the soul...They healed mine. I have found what I have been looking for, a group that heals people through their songs.  Thank You Guys!

U2, Madison Square Gardens, Thurs, Oct 25th by Karen Chia

This was my first U2 concert  and it was worth 3 times of every penny spent on the tickets.  The show was absolutely amazing.  Poignant.  Exciting.  Cathartic, even.  During these times in NYC, every New Yorker (whether "real" or in spirit) should get to see this show.  And there was no better place for the Elevation tour to happen than at MSG.  Energy was high the whole time, and I've never felt such unity within a crowd as I did that night.  I've admittedly never been one to pay close attention to lyrics, but both the words and the spirit of the band felt like a giant hug around a city that's hurting.  Standouts were Elevation, Where the Streets Have No Name, Pride, One (especially touching), and my new favorite - Kite.  It didn't matter that this was almost a "greatest hits" concert, we all needed to be able to know when to sing along and raise fists in the air.  It didn't matter that some moments might have been previously considered "cheesy"...  we could all afford to feel closer to those around us.  All that mattered was the music, and the joy, and the unity.  What I found especially great was the number of fans leaving the concert who stopped by a firehouse near MSG to talk with the firefighters... the concert strengthened my respect and admiration for what all the heroes in the city have done.  Never have I been more proud to be a New Yorker, and now I'm proud to call myself a U2 fan.  

U2 - Kite (Live From The FleetCenter, Boston, MA, USA / 2001)
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NYC MSG Post-9-11
A truly electric show as NYC was still reeling from the 9-11 attacks. "I WIll Follow" was tremendous as Bono repeated the refrain "New York lift me up on your shoulders" which still brings chills.
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