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Sep 18 2010
Paris, FR / Stade De France
with Interpol

Opening with The Return of the Stingray Guitar and featuring North Star and Mercy, tonight's show included three of the five new tracks the band have premiered on the 2010 European dates.

'Great show, such energy,' as one of our first reviewers puts it. 'Really good to get 3 of the gorgeous new songs, Wonderful set list'.

MLK was also back, in place of Mothers of the Disappeared, and Hold Me Thrill Me, in place of Ultraviolet. The white balloons blanketed the Stade de France tonight and we had a record-breaking concert audience here of ninety six thousand. Bono introduced the band in French much to everyone's delight.'The guys were at the top,' says another of our reviewers. 'The sound was great, the set list too, the audience and the energy were fantastic, it was simply magic and amazing. What a show, what a band, what a night in Paris. It was only rock'n roll, and I've liked it... '

Plenty of well-known names here too from fashion and the arts - Fabien Verschaere, David Guettta, Helena Christensen and Marion Cotillard, Petra Nemvoca - to politics, including French Minister for Culture Jack Lang and Minister for Finance, Christine Lagarde as well as Irish Ambassador Patrick Kavanagh.

'Multiple highlights,' writes another fan. 'The new staging of Walk On is wonderful and affecting, B-Man calling out the French Government in SBS reminded me why they are the last relevant band on earth, Mercy and Amazing Grace / Streets. What a segue...' A big, bold, bright Saturday night show, third and final time in Paris for the 360 Tour and a memorable way to sign off. But if you were there tonight, you'll have your own special surprises and highlights.

More news on tonight's show on the way - meantime, if you were at the show add your own review and upload photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Paris merveilleux
Paris is a very very beautiful day in my life.
fantastic show. still getting goosbumps now. best track was with or with out you for me, only by a shade though. my wife plumped for i will follow. the screen was awesome. it amazed us that they kept coming back during the show and topping the last bit. the screen. the extended screen. the light show the glitterball. the light microphone. the laser suit. oh not forgetting the fan sat by us with the signed ticket.
My first U2 GIG
Travelled from Edinburgh and arrived on the day of the concert with my friends and was treated to an epic concert, I thought Bruce springsteen and the E street band at Hyde park (London) over a year earlier was an epic concert, U2 beats it, and it blew my mind especially Mercy and north star, will be seeing U2 again and again no doubt about it/
My birthday celebration with U2!
I'll never forget this day! I traveled from Brazil to Paris just to see U2 playing at my 22 years birthday! It was the best gift someone can have! The band played in a beautiful shape,and those two new songs were awesome to hear! Thank you for the best birthday celebration ever, U2!
The Paris show was amazing in loads of ways. Me and my wife had a great night. As usual we met some beautuful U2 fans and have kept in touch. Vanessa has even stayed at our house for the New year. Thanks U2. :)
Never forget Paris
Paris was one more memorable evening in my U2 history and it's never to be forgotten. Thanks a lot also to the local crews that make these wonderful events work so smoothly. My best wishes to these two funny guys in Paris.
My First
Its now Mid November and i still feel like it was only yesterday when i think about my 4 days in Paris and the concert. Dont think i'll ever lose that feeling! My first U2 gig. Would love to see the 360 in hampden Park!
Great show
Great to see them again after almost one year - since DC in 2009. The new light effects in the stage are still surprising and beautiful. "Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me" was the highlight of this show, in my opinion :)
It was an amazing night...
Everyday i remember this show, it was fantastic !Thank you for that ! And please come back to Paris in 2011 !
Isabel Martinez
I really can't believe the feeling between Paris and U2, it was an amazing experience. The best part, is hard to decide, but Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me, is one of my favorites. I LOVE U2
Fantastic energy
the best show i see. The band is on the top ! I've loved Miss Sarajevo, City of blinding lights aud all the set list. A fantastic "souvenir" .Thanks guy's
unforgettable fire
first time I saw U and I hope not the last ! It was a magic moment and I can' t go back to reality...I'd like to return again and again to the 18TH september ! please give me another moment like that
I will follow
Another FANTABULOUS concert (3rd this year, 4th during 360 and 6th U2). For me - and some from my group of friends who had travelled from Denmark to celebrate a friend's 30th at the Stade de France - the show really got started with "I will follow" - and then it just went on from there. We had a great time - had started our own singing during the intermission after Interpol much to the dismay of the French around us. Now our biggest problem is when we can come to the next show - it is highly addictive!! Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it is going to be this year but hopefully next year's summer vacation will be spent in the States attending as many concerts as possible. And hopefully "Pride" will be on one of those set-lists? Until then, will have to settle with DVDs, maybe a monthly "dose" of U2 3D and concerts with other bands, though nothing compares to U2 live....
sanjose cabo
Fun in paris
Travelled from dublin with two friends for the concert and what a trip.The concert was breathtaking along with the venue.What made the night special was the buzz outside the stadium at the bars at the rear of the stade de france. we met people from liverpool,leeds,canada,potrugal,holland and a few french as well and the craic before and after the show was unbelievable with a dj who played U2 for seven hours and never played a song twice.It was our first time to travel away to see U2 and will not be the last.
It was realy a wonderful concert. Wonderful voice of Bono. Wonderful Guitar of The Edge Wonderful Rythm with Larry and Adam. Very good french by Bono with humor. The sound was realy good, realy better than on the July 11th 2009 Very difficult to say what was the best moment - Probably Miss Sarajevo for emotion - Vertigo for the madness in the stadium - Walk On for the political message - With or without you for the communion with the audience - For all of that , it's unforgettable WE THANK YOU
A magic night
Now I have seen a few shows, but the athmosphere in Paris was really fantastic and the sound was excellent. Once again Miss Sarajevo was super, but I think also Elevation is a terrific live song. Now I will have to live on show memories...do not know when next show for me will be...
The concert in Belgium was sold out, so we went to Paris. A very nice weekend with a awesome concert of U2. What a voice!!! And what a show... And it was MAGNIFICENT. Also a special thanks to the stage builders. That is so much work, every week in another country. Special thumbs up. Now when I hear a song on the radio of U2 than I get goosebumps. I hope that I will see you guys again. Well done everybody, what a band. XXX Anneleen Lovenaer XXX
Oh, what a night
Thanks, U2 for this beautiful night.Miss Sarajevo was the highlight of the night for me it gives me tears in my eyes so beautiful.Thanks Bono for this beautiful song. Lots of love from Holland.
My fave yet, (6th time) at their best, Bono was outstanding, 'Miss Sarajevo was the best U2 song i've seen performed live, hairs on the back my neck!! Simply awesome!
3rd visit to Paris and things only get b
Saturday night was my third visit to Paris to see the band, i live in Derbyshire, England, it was worth having to get up at 3am to get a flight. What a night it was. This show only gets better and better every time you see it. The energy Bono has, how does he do it. Just read the comments Bono made about Larry, lol, i now understand what he said and how true. They need to come back to England soon, so so gutted no more plans to go and see the band :-(
wonderful Miss Sarajevo!!!!
paris was my 8th U2 concert, booked weekend just to see U2. What a fabulous concert! the highlight of a wonderful weekend in Paris! the new songs were brill, look forward to more new material soon. Have to say was BLOWN AWAY by Bono's voice on MIss Sarajevo!!! has to be the best have ever heard him sing, could not believe it!!! thanx once more Ladsfor a brilliant show!! here's to the next one....
Bono's comment
This is a reply to Jill62's ps! Bono introduced Larry as "notre beau gosse" which could be translated as "the heartthrob of the band"! This was a great moment for us French-speaking people because Bono speaks excellent French! And with a lot of humour! He introduced himself as "le bossu de Notre-Dame" (Notre Dame hunchback)! Well he's got to be the best looking and most talented hunchback I've ever seen :) Thank YOU2
Amazing Paris
The crowd was amazing the band was great best I have seen yet, can't wait for next time. The white balloons was incredible. With or Without You still has me in tears. loved it loved it loved it.
PARIS 2010
It was U2 best show I've ever seen. Seen them 6 times and last year in Paris but saturday was the night to be!!!! Many, Many thanks to the band, but next time don't forget to play BAD.
so close
So great !
The concert was fantastic ! The heart of the crowd and band was beating at the same rythme...It's a shame that security of SDF was against time.
best show,best sound! vive la france!
was the best concert from my life! u2 is amazing! estade de france make a perfect sound! thank you U2! thank you,estade de france!
fantastic night in Paris
i saw U2 4 or 5 times on every tours, but this show in Paris was one of my best. U2 is like "un grand cru de bordeaux",the years make the band better and better.And in Paris it's like i was drunk by drinking litters of "chateau Petrus". thanks very much to these 4 amazing guys for all the wonderful moments they gave us.
Brussels Sept 22nd
Tomorrow the waiting will find an ending =) I'm looking forward to see you again, in my country this time! Last year I saw you in Gelsenkirchen on August 3rd. I wish you could sing "Kite" tomorrow, each time I heard this song I think about my mum who died five years ago when I only was 14. I'm sure it's gonna be great, you're going to elevate me once again! See you tomorrow! I'll be the one who will shout louder than the other :) Love you
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