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Sep 22 2010
Brussels, BE / Stade Roi Boudoin
with Interpol

'This doesn't feel like a Wednesday night,' says Bono, after Until The End of the World. 'This is a very special occasion. You thought we were an Irish band and we are, you thought we had an Irish crew and we do... but actually this tour is run by Belgians.'

Tonight, first of two consecutive shows at the Stade Roi Boudoin in Brussels, events had a distinctly Belgian flavour. This was where we kicked off the European leg of Vertigo back in the summer of 2005. The set list may be almost unrecognisable from five years ago, but some things never change: 'So the doors opened and we ran, we ran so fast, until we arrived on the first row...'

That was a 2005 show review but any number of these passionate Belgian fans could be posting the same words about tonight. From the Mexican waves an hour before the band came on stage to the crescendo of appreciation all set long, this felt like some kind of homecoming. In a way it was said Bono, asking Edge, Adam and Larry to cite their own favourite Belgians before pointing out that there are more Belgians on the crew on this tour than any other nationality.

'The 360 stage was built in Werchter, then we took it all over the world and so this is in fact the homecoming...' The stadium took off after that and never came back to earth. No need for a vocal on Still Haven't Found - 60,000 Belgians sang it all alone.

A balmy, late summer evening with a full moon hovering over the stadium ('That is a very beautiful object you have hanging in the Belgian night...') was a perfect setting for both North Star and Mercy. Sixteen shows into this leg of the tour, with - hard to believe - just six to go and the set list keeps evolving. Tonight (for completists) we had three unreleased tracks, six from the eighties, four from the nineties and eleven from the last decade.

Tell us what you thought of the show - add your own review and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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almost 2 years, seems like yesterday
Almost 2 years since this show passed, but it seems like yesterday! thank you so much U2! I'm looking back to this with the most undescribable feelings ! love love love
Dreaming about the most beautiful nights (22nd and 23rd of September 2010) in the most beautiful city of Brussels. Thank you. I can't wait to see you and to hear you again. natasa
This show was without a doubt: super!!!!!! It felt like having the time of my life! Thank you guys for that! Bedankt!
a year has passed now, and still everyday.. still everyday this show is in my mind! So unforgettable!!!! Thanks guys! Love you!
That night Wednesdays 22september 2010 is an evening to remember. My first U2 concert and it was really fantastic. I wish they again came to Brussels with the CLAW and gave a splendid concert. In city of blinding lights, I really let their hair the exposure was so great! 1ding is certain: this was far from my last U2 concert I've seen! Arno
U2 like heaven
Dear U2, when I watched the concert on 22 Sept, I thought and prayed to God: Lord, can it be in heaven just like this U2 concert? I think He said YES!! Thanks, U2 for having such an amazing concert. It is hardly to describe what I felt that evening. I laught, I cried, I screamed my lungs out, I was silent . It was too big for just one evening. So, I bought the BlueRay of the Rose Bowl concert and many, many times I watch and feel the concert again. Wow, it was just like heaven. Blessings to you all, and thank God for the release of Aung San Suu Kiy! I can't wait for the moment that she will join at 360 to sing with Bono: WALK ON!!! John
U2 like heaven
Dear U2, when I watched the concert on 22 Sept, I thought and prayed to God: Lord, can it be in heaven just like this U2 concert? I think He said YES!! Thanks, U2 for having such an amazing concert. It is hardly to describe what I felt that evening. I laught, I cried, I screamed my lungs out, I was silent . It was too big for just one evening. So, I bought the BlueRay of the Rose Bowl concert and many, many times I watch and feel the concert again. Wow, it was just like heaven. Blessings to you all, and thank God for the release of Aung San Suu Kiy! I can't wait for the moment that she will join at 360 to sing with Bono: WALK ON!!! John
26 years ago!
Today, exact 26 years ago, U2 played their gig in Brussels Vorst National!! They played so loud that an earthquake was registrated! And also that day I kissed my, now husband, for the first time! We went to Brussels this year and next year to Chicago Soldier Field! They are really great, then and now! See you next year and thanks for sharing everything with us!
Mr & Mrs Akbiri
hello guys actually the 22 of sept was one of the best days in our life , to be a part of the greatest show ever !! it was a dream for me , we come from morocco , especially for this show , since my childhood I've been waiting for that day , thanks god , and thanks U2 for those moment of happiness , thanks Bono , the edge , Larry & Adam . hope to see more tours in the future . yassine
This was again an amazing concert :D. I think U2 & the audience were in the best shape. The cresendo's were overwhelming. Can't wait for U2 to come to Glastonbury! PS: besides the Belgian fans there were also many Dutch fans (like myself) present
Hi everyone, Brussels 22-09 was INDESCRIBABLE, but I'll try. I woke up on a cold wednesday morning, like always in Belgium, but not a cloud in the sky. I was waiting for this day 7 years day long, and the weather was PERFECT. Just like my day, but as a 14-years old boy.. Guess what.. School :( It was wednesday, so only 4 hours at school. But I guarantee you, the longest day at school in my entire life. After this long day, I drove to school with my bike, my mom was home, my dad at work in Leuven, he was going to Brussels by car, we took the U2-train to brussels @ 2 pm. Long long long time in the train ( 1 hour) way too long! But than, we arrived, thousands and thousands of fans walking the streets with a U2-shirt, I already started crying from joy. We ate some Belgian Fries, bought a new shirt, and 30 minutes later we entered the stadium. It was soo huge. We were impressed by the claw for 2 hours, because after 2 hours Interpol started. Great show! Thanks Interpol! After Interpol was finished, we had to wait another 30 minutes, the crowd started to wave, magnificent, my first thought was, old people, I hope they will go crazy! And than, when Space Odity starts, it's like, This is it!! This is the moment! I waited 7 years, let's hope it will be great. U2 came on stage, and everybody was going crazy! It was amazing, Return of the Stingray Guitar!! Amazing, and than, the starting chords of Beautiful Day, I was going crazy, but I was not the only one, thousands and thousands of people too!! (70,000 to be correct Ö) I Will Follow was amazing, everything was perfect!! This Tour Is Run By Belgians+Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For was absolutely amazing! So much energy all over the stadium! It was amazing, I already love U2 from my 7 and I'm 14 years now. The 7 years waiting was worth it! With Or Without you was soooo amazing! Everybody kept on singing, OOWOOOHOOOHOOOW, amazing, a highlight without doubt! Soo. Conclusion, best night of my life, and PLEASE COME BACK 2011!! PLEASE, BELGIUM LOVES YOU! AND YOU GAVE US THE FEELING YOU LOVE US TOO! PLEASE COME BACK!! Greetz, Maarten
The best there is!!
It was one of the best gigs I saw, GREAT show, wonderful stage! They are the greatest of the world!! Thank you for being in my life! But we'll see you back in Chicago next year!!! YEAH!!! Anita.
MyOhqueenPeace . . .
Brussels in september what a Programme ! Amazing Unforgettable U2Shows ;) Merci U2.
we have a great day!!
Swirling homecoming!
It was a beautiful September evening, the boys from Dublin gave a fantastic concert! The highlight of the evening was the song "Miss Sarajevo"! Pavarotti was two minutes back on earth in the person of an Irish Maestro! Bravo!!
The first show in Brussels was really MAGNIFICENT!!!!!! Our first U2 concert and what a concert. It blew us away, U2 is an amazing group, they are true performers. Best moment was the end of With or without you. The way the crowd kept singing ... goosebumps!
First "away" gig
As there were no scheduled gigs for the UK this year, my wife and I made the trip to the fantastic, friendly city of Brussels to watch the band. The weather and the atmosphere were both fantastic and the noise generated by the crowd during the gig was amazing. U2 just never stop improving and get better every time I see them. The show was just awesome! It was great to hear the new tracks live and the usual mix of classic anthems, that you never tire of hearing. My personal highlights were Mercy, Bono's vocals during Miss Sarajevo and the intoduction to Streets always makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. All in all a fantastic gig that was well worth the travelling. U2 - thank you for giving us a great life, you were truly magnificent! Please come to the UK next year!
After 7 360°tour concerts(2xDublin, Gelsenkirchen,Frankfurt,Paris,2xBrussels) was the last night Brussels phenomenal to end.They are no words to describe the feeling you 4 guys give me.After 2 days i'm still on my U2-cloud.it was a GREAT MOMENT !!! THANKS xxx
U2@ Brussels
What a great show !! u2 = simply the best group of the world ! grtzzz
Well, Was my first U2 Concert That I lived other's on TV and i think, it was the best! We sat in the "tribune1", column A, row 5. in the beginning of the show, we have seen Bono and the band coming and after the show, he came to greet us! next time, i hope to be there... Thanks U2 for 120 minutes of happiness. Pascal. I haveupload one of the best picture that i have...
We did go crazy tonight
Late summer night ! A year after we saw U2 live in Glasgow we did welcome them in our own country. As Bono said : it was homecoming for them. They did surely not forgot the Belgian audience who adore them for so long and always gave them a warm welcome and they give us a perfect night. I saw them several times, but this concert was surely the best of them all. Belgians and U2 : it will always be a very good relationship. What was the highlight for me ? The moment between A space Oddity and A Moment of Surrender. Between them I was caught by a musical drug named U2. They also could have played several other songs without reducing the quality of the concert. I was in trance in Glasgow last year and felt the same feeling in Brussels. One goosebump moment after the other during more than 2 hours. U2, you are a part of my life : I can live with you , but surely not without you and during the concert I surely found what I was looking for.I hope to see you back soon so I can bring my 2 sons to another concert and show them what U2 can do to someone (they are young but already fan and sing the U2 songs loudly with me)That would be a perfect moment : U2, my 2 sons and myself united at a concert being one but not the same.
I loved the show, it was simply amazing. I really liked miss sarajevo and untill the end of the world :D:D. I just can't wait to see you guys the next time.
Beautifull brussels
I was in the red zone on a rail spot it was realy fun en it was magnificent during crazy tonight the edge and adam where jumping in front of me and after that larry was dancing with he's drum it was sooo nice!!! Bono thank you verry much!!! and thank you for bad at the second night it was a long time ago you've play that. the best moment of the show was after with or without you everyboddy started to sing and bono was realy impressed it was so awsome!!!
Great show, good sound (it was a lot worse during the Vertigo-concert here in Brussels), 6th time I saw U2 - all concerts in Belgium - since 1993. The best one I saw was still that first concert, 'cause I got a front-row place then, but I enjoyed it very very very much.... Thanks a lot for bringing your great sound to us, I'm already waiting for the next tour... :)) The highlight for me was 'City of Blinding Lights', this song always cheers me up, but also Miss Sarajevo, Sunday bloody Sunday..... I enjoyed every note, felt like 16 again... Thanks! (sorry, took no pictures since I believed cameras weren't allowed... Shame on me!)
Brussels has been Magnificent!
Best U2 show I have ever been to until now. I've been to Brussels on an organized coach trip with the U2 Fanclub Netherlands. We arrived in Brussels at 4 pm. Not so very early. Therefore I had never thought, just hoped, that I still could enter in the Innercircle but It must have been my Lucky Day as I still managed to get in! after that It was almost really Like I'll go Crazy if I don't go Crazy Tonight.. As I have never made such nice sharp pictures at a U2 concert as tonight unfortunately they are too large to upload here. And I also heared 2 new songs live for the 1st time. Absolute Goosebumps when they played North Star.. The more I hear it the more I consider it an absolute U2 gem! Over all A night never to forget...
What a great show. The setlist was perfect. I couldn't have choose better songs to play. Hope to see you all back soon.
This was pure emotion.
Thanks guys. It was about nearly twenty years I didn't see you on stage... (ZooTV Tour in Werchter) So I really was excited to see you this time in Brussels. And what a night!!! Incredible... It was so emotional. It was like a communion from the start till the end between you and the fans... With a special moment on "With or Without You" ;-) Now I'll share with my 3 children the passion I feel for more than 30 years listening to U2 Music... Paul, David, Larry, Adam, one more time I want to thanks you all for the joy you gave us last night... And I hope to see you again in the next coming years here in Belgium... PS: "I Will Follow" was absolutely divine...
Magnificent show
What a magnificent show. Thanks Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam. You give us many beautiful days. We hope to see you soon. Ann & Geert
I Will Follow!!
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, guys; for playing I Will Follow! Made me feel like a little kid again :-D, haha, and made me SO happy, you can't imagine. Don't know if I'll ever be able to stand front row again, cause I've found out I have an illness which will eventually paralyze me. Therefore, I'll never forget this, ever ever again. I love you for making last night incredible. It will keep me happy for a looooooong time. This 360-tour ROCKS! After Amsterdam & now Brussels...I'll be walking around w/ a big smile on my face. Big hugs & kisses! and also to U2 fans everywhere! X S.
Thank you
Great concert, good vibe, beautiful moon!
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