U2360° TOUR

Sep 18 2010
Paris, FR / Stade De France
with Interpol

Opening with The Return of the Stingray Guitar and featuring North Star and Mercy, tonight's show included three of the five new tracks the band have premiered on the 2010 European dates.

'Great show, such energy,' as one of our first reviewers puts it. 'Really good to get 3 of the gorgeous new songs, Wonderful set list'.

MLK was also back, in place of Mothers of the Disappeared, and Hold Me Thrill Me, in place of Ultraviolet. The white balloons blanketed the Stade de France tonight and we had a record-breaking concert audience here of ninety six thousand. Bono introduced the band in French much to everyone's delight.'The guys were at the top,' says another of our reviewers. 'The sound was great, the set list too, the audience and the energy were fantastic, it was simply magic and amazing. What a show, what a band, what a night in Paris. It was only rock'n roll, and I've liked it... '

Plenty of well-known names here too from fashion and the arts - Fabien Verschaere, David Guettta, Helena Christensen and Marion Cotillard, Petra Nemvoca - to politics, including French Minister for Culture Jack Lang and Minister for Finance, Christine Lagarde as well as Irish Ambassador Patrick Kavanagh.

'Multiple highlights,' writes another fan. 'The new staging of Walk On is wonderful and affecting, B-Man calling out the French Government in SBS reminded me why they are the last relevant band on earth, Mercy and Amazing Grace / Streets. What a segue...' A big, bold, bright Saturday night show, third and final time in Paris for the 360 Tour and a memorable way to sign off. But if you were there tonight, you'll have your own special surprises and highlights.

More news on tonight's show on the way - meantime, if you were at the show add your own review and upload photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Never felt so much positive energy! Absolute fantastic show! Thank you for a saterday night I will NEVER forget! -XXX-
Waouh ! I am french and it was the third time I saw them during this 360 Tour in France and it's the best show ! Tanks so much
Beautifullllll Paris!!!
19th show (Irish)... And possibly Best U2 show since Slane 2001... The start was mind blowing... 6 songs b4 they took a breath.... Amazing show Thank You SOooooo much!!!!!! WOW
Louble x x
Bono, did you see my hand? Last night was sensational..I didn't want it to end. Fabulous set list...I sang my heart out!! It was so worth the 700 mile drive. Loved every minute. Can't wait until next time x x x
Great, Great night in Paris
Great, great night in Paris with the Boys......Caroline and I brought premium seats having stood in Dublin, Red Zoned in Wembley etc. 4th Show of 360 for us and a truly great performance with multiple highlights - the new staging of Walk On is wonderful and affecting - B-Man calling out the French Government in SBS reminded me why they are the last relevant band on earth, Mercy and Amazing Grace / Streets. What a segue. Don't drop [ Grace] when you make it back home....... Please, Please finish the tour in UK / Ireland..........And Play Gloria at least once on the tour - otherwise at least I have the snippet from Sheffield!
A great great night!!! I will follow dynamited the Stade de France!!! It couldn't have started better!!
Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me... you killed me.
Thank you
A BIG thank you for U2 which "sold a dream" to us yesterday evening… For me, I had the privilege to touch Bono and now I'm on first page of U2.com (it is me on the right page with my hair orange :D) T hank you, thank you and thank you again guys... PS: Sorry for my vocabulary but I'm french !!! :s
Great night
Great night in Paris, please come back again and again and again...
So great !
As usual, the show was amazing ! I was waiting for Ultraviolet ... this was my only regret ! Thanks for this magical moment.
What an amazing show !!!! I really enjoyed the set list ! What an energy ! Mindblowing !
Paris, astound by the voice
Amazing show, great response from the crowd. Still Haven't found..., what an energy. Until The End... Moving set list and excellent encores!! Brussels to come, looking forward to these shows. Happy days.
From Brazil
The best show ever. I came with my wife from Brazil just to see this show and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you U2 for this. It was the first show that I have seen, because I lost the shows in Brazil in 1998 and 2006. Fantastic !!!
Thank you
For every moment in Paris and in every city. Thank you for showing that every city is special to you. So emotional, so nice, so original, so magnificent. Thank you for playing new songs...this is so wonderful. Thank you for bringing back Mercy and to play it live. North Star really rocks!! natasa
Even better...
Such a great show ! I think it was even better than last year ! The four guys were at their best and I had a magnificent night. Thanks for I WILL FOLLOW and the return of the true WITH OR WITHOUT YOU. Please give us more nights like this !!!
Amazing night!
Merci pour ce concert extraordinaire!
Great GREAT show last night, such energy :-) Really good to get 3 of the new, gorgeous new songs, Wonderful set list!!! Thank you SO much!! Can't wait for the Brussels concerts (and Interpol again = Brilliant!!)
Paris Stade De France
Bono played Football
Merci4Mercy MY13th U2Paris Gig
Thanks U2 for An amazing NIght Spent in Family ( with My Mum64 & Dad65) . . . Great Set List ! See You2 in Brussels in 3/4 days . . . So.
My mind is forever in " North Star " wit
" ...love is justice , no charity ..." ..." so that the charity is not any more justice ..." . "..We love you , so much ... we always love you , so much .." Mille merci .
Queuing Time
Any Stade veterans know what's the best time to start Q for Pitt? I reckon about 3 should be good if Croke Park was anything to go by.
Peter Rowen is in the house !
Peter Rowen, the cover model for U2's 'Boy' and 'War' will be at the show in Paris ... so please, play TWO HEARTS BEAT AS ONE. The video for that song was filmed with Peter in Paris ... would be huge !!!
J-1 H-2
One day two hours and the door of the Stade will open. I received my tickets one years ago. I was last year in Wembley, and I'm looking forward to see the four guys of Dublin again on stage. See you tomorrow for big party...
u2 forever
hello, i come form luxembourg i was last sunday in zurich at the concert.It was amazing, Bono was singing in the rain, :-) and tomorrow i am in paris at the concert, i am so happy see you there
With or Without You!
Really excited seeing U2 for first time live. Travelling from UK this evening. Hope you are able to play With or Without You... my fiancee and I are having the quartet play it at our wedding next year. Gives us the goose bumps everytime we hear it!! :)
Just one more night, looking forward to this weekend for almost a year! Going to Paris with my family because my twinsister Laura and I will have our 43 birthday. A perfect combination with a concert of the greatest band on earth. I will go to the concert with my daughter Fallon and my cousin Rowana. Dear U2, thank you also for the great concert in Cardiff last year. Can't wait 'till tomorrow! Love u, Cindy from Holland. -xxx-
today the pope, saturday u2
looking forward to seeing u2 again this weekend. had a great day today seeing the pope in glasgow. just as big a crowd on sat but a bit noisier i hope. you cant always make it on your own would make my night. bring it on
Bad news to me!!!
On October 2009 I decided to go for my fourth time to the U2 concert after my awesome experience in Barcelona!!!! I tried to get tickets to go to Portugal…no chances for both dates! It was sold out in less than 2 hours…Then Paris show came out, and I decided to subscribe on the fan web site in order to have the chances to get my tickets in advanced…so I did!!!! I bought my ticket, on the floor, as always, to see them really close!!! Days were passing, and I was counting the days…!!! On August, I bought my plane ticket to Paris, since I live in Madrid…I even had my hotel reservation!!! And just yesterday I found out my plane was cancelled without notice whatsoever!!!! I soo want to gooo!!!! I just need a miracle…. If not, have fun guys!!!
first time u2 live for Fleur
looking forward to my 4th 360 saturday in paris: first for my 10 year old daughter: please play original of the species... please...
So excited!
I really really really hope to hear Bad in paris. can't wait. it will be so awsome. see u all at the stadium. U2 forever.
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