U2360° TOUR

Sep 23 2010
Brussels, BE / Stade Roi Boudoin
with Interpol

'Where are we going? Antwerp? Bruges? Brussels?' The answer (you guessed already) was Brussels and the scene could hardly have offered a greater contrast than last night's show.

The warm, late-summer sun had gone, replaced by torrential rain and thunderstorms as afternoon turned in to evening and just when we thought we were going to get to dry out - around about the start of Until The End of the World - the rain returned. And didn't let up all night long.

No problem, 60,000 people were soon chorusing 'Singing in the Rain'. 'Thanks for making us feel at home with this Irish weather,' remarked Bono. 'Let's give it up for the U2 crew, the hardest working crew on the planet and not all of them Belgians...'

One legendary crew member got special mention in dispatches tonight, because it was in Cork, 32years ago to this very night that Joe O'Herlihy first worked the sound desk for U2 - even though they were fifth on the bill. 'He's not really like a sound guy, he's more like a wizard, a sonic sorcerer...'

Which led to a recollection of another U2 gig in this city many years ago when Joe's stewardship of Adam's bass lines 'registered on the Richter Scale' was on the news cracks in the wall... long may U2 shows in Brussels feel like an earthquake, of the heart and soul.'

Where last night we had two new songs after Still Haven't Found (North Star and Mercy), tonight we had two unexpected classics, both making their debut in the set list on the current leg.

'Let's play a new song,' said Bono, reaching for the harmonica. 'This could be a hit.' Angel of Harlem was an instant hit, followed by Bad, greeted with a Belgian ovation. Pretty soon we'd all forgotten about the inclement conditions as the music took over all the way to the end when Larry, Adam, Edge and Bono all raised a Belgian glass of beer in toast to this wonderful audience.

'It's been a special two nights in Brussels for us,' said Bono, as With or Without You gave way to Moment of Surrender. 'Thank you so much...'

So how special was the second night in Brussels for you? Add your own reviews and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Best concert of my life!
Sooo long ago! 2nd night wiith my brother - tickets were a gift for my 40th. Soaked to the bone! Best concert of my life and that’s saying something! Cheers Robin
Singing in Brussels . . .
2 Incredible Nights in Brussels ... Especially Brussels 2 & Meeting the Band Near the Grand Place ...
Tanks for all! It was the most beautiful concert i have seen.
It is just incredible how beautiful you are. Your shows are like the most beautiful dreams.
a once in life time
i've been to both shows and seen the first show from far so i could be amazed by the wonderful stage lightshow. Second day had the wonderful honor to be in the red zone. realy a once in a life time experience. Hope i'll reincarnate ;-) my brother took some picture. keep on going guys U2 rocks !!!!
U2 BRUSSELS 23 09 2010
My first U2 concert. It was great!
My first U2 concert in Brussels thursday 23 september. It was a great. Very special. The milky way, the words of Bono before the last song Moment of Surrender, very impressing. Thanks U2.
Brussels missed out on Leg 1 but both shows on Leg 2 surely made up for that. Brussels 1 had the widely expected setlist but was a class delivery, Brussels 2 was clearly up there on a different level. On day 1 the GA queue was a great day out with fellow fans, baking in the sun. 82nd in the queue and I managed to get outer circle front rail centre. Met the Boys when they came out to meet fans with Edge & Bono being kind enough to autograph my concert ticket. On day 2 after having arrived late I still managed to get into the circle back centre rail. Memorable, Thank You U2 and a special thanks for BAD.
Excellent night in brussels
Hi all, I was there at thursday 23 september and all i can say it was m-a-g-n-i-f-i-c-e-n-t !!!!Best moment for me was when the edge started playing "where the streets have no name"...it gave me shivers all over my body !Still one of the best songs of U2 i think. U2, you are great and i hope you will visit belgium very soon again.I will be there for sure !!
U2 with family
I was there with both my sons of 9 and 12 years. It was the most beautiful experiments to their lives. Five days later, they do not have yet recovered and would like to invite Bono and his band for their birthday ... because they would liked to hear "Sunday Bloody Sunday". See you at the next tour.
A very special night in Brussels
It was a wonderful night even with the rain!
U2 gave us an UNFORGETTABLE show on a rainy evening thursday night in Brussels. And when U2 let us all singing in the rain togther we became one. The U2360° concert was a beautiful end of our U2 TOUR MINI WEEK! That we've started on Monday in Dublin with visits to Bonavox, The Savoy cinema, The Clarence Hotel, The project arts centre, The wall of fame, Hard rock Cafe, thunder road cafe and an Irish pub where a coverband played some U2 songs . On Tuesday morning we went to Fitzwilliam Place (the sweetest thing street), the Stephen Green shopping center and Captain America's, on Tuesday afternoon the owner from The Unforgettable tour of Dublin/U2, Kevin Woods took us on a trip to Croke Park, Mount Temple school, Ceaderwood, the houses where The Edge and Adam lived, The house where Larry now lives(no didn't go in:-)) The U2 tower and The sound studio. Later on the evening we went to The Clarence Hotel (The Octagon Bar), Nude and Lillies Bordello. Wednesday morning we fly back to Belgium, drived home to pick up the mobile home and than we drove to Brussel for the first concert from U2. We didn't have tickets for that evening so we stayed outside of the stadion just to here the music. And Yesterday we went to the U2360° tour concert, it was my first one, my boyfriend went to Amsterdam last year. That was our U2 TOUR mini week and we miss them already! So we say to U2,... 2 hearts, One beat on U2, one beat on us all 2 hearts beat as ONE, 2 hearts beat on LOVE, 2 hearts beat as ONE LOVE So We Will Follow U2 Until The End Of The World Just because we LOVE U2!!! THANKS for the joy you all bring in our lives U2 earned A BIG KISS XXX
Fantastic Brussels 22.09.2010
It was so incredibly well in Brussels that I wish I had the time and had the money To follow U2 around the world Cannot describe what went through me and still dos . Words shoot too short to describe what I Feel/felt
MAGnificent !!
I'm still lost for words, still haven't recovered from the Paris and Brussels concerts, and don't want to recover from them !!! Thank you SO much U2 for these amazing nights... the concerts were all outstanding, and will stay in my mind forever (and thank you for having Interpol as support, they're the best "U2 support band" I've ever seen!!!). A lot of love from Paris ;-)))
Explosion od emotions
2 days in Brussels - like 2 beautiful dreams...no words to explain. I think that you enjoyed as much as we did. It was obvious from your beautiful faces. Every song is special, every moment is so particular...Bono's voice during Miss Sarajevo is just glorious. Magnificent!!! Thank you for giving us special moments. natasa
Brussels - Amsterdam: 2 - 0
Second time in Brussels, first time at the opening concert of Vertigo and last thursday for the second time. Again I saw a very powerful performance, great atmosphere, but not so great weather (did it rain???). The only complain was that the setlist didn't contain any new songs (Glastonbury back on the set?), but the energy easily made up for that. As a Dutchman I have to confess: Brussels won again!
How WONDERFUL !!!!!!
Oh my God !!! My 6th concert of the 360° Tour and the best show i've ever seen !! Great ambiance, i was just in front of Bono, under the rain, i was completely wet but it was just WONDERFUL...Thank you for New year's Day, Angel of Harlem, BAD (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Pride and all the show! The best concert with Dublin II and Paris last week! All the best for the end of the year, i'll see you probably next year in Europe! Thank you for all that you made for us... We're amazing!! I'm a french fan filled with hapiness! =)
Very special!
This day was special to me! First we saw U2 at the Amigo Hotel. And later on, the concert! We were very close at the backside of the stage. The songs were great and the weather also made this night special. My highlights were Angel of Harlem and Bad, did not expect to hear them since i saw them in Amsterdam, Gelsenkirchen last year and this year in Hannover and Paris. What a great band, what a show. Thank u U2.
Sorry, still in shock ........ comment in any month ...
Fantastic show (23.09)
It was a rainy night but a fantastic show. 4 people like us giving us so much enthusiasm, so much pleasure, so much poetry, so much believe in what they do, but with so much simplicity. That's it. Thank You for all of this, for such a beautiful night, such a passion. It has also been a special night for us !
23 sept brussels
Amazing power, amazing show. Best concert I've ever seen. State of the art. There was magic between the audience and U2. It was pure, natural, powerful, funny, surprising. 70.000 people in ecstasy. and deepest respect for your support to charities and activist communities worldwide. Together we can change this little blue planet in to a better place. Thank you U2, you are are a gift. I wish you al the best.
Best Show Ever
It was pure magic last night. The Band, the weather, the people, the setlist. I have seen U2 9x and every Show is special but the yesterday was mind blowing! It can't be better. Thank you U2 for everything-especially for BAD!!!
Great show!!!!
I saw the 360show eight time en yesterday it was the first time in the rain. I didn't care. It gave the show extra magic. Bono was in good shape en mood. Great singer (especially Miss Sarajevo). Great band!. Great Show! Great night! Thank you so much. Please come back to Europe next year. Wherever you play. I Will Follow.
Memorable night
I did both shows but sep23 in the Red Zone, with the band 5 meters from me was AMAZING !!! I'm still in the clouds ! Fan since ages, it was a long time ago I ever felt so much emotions, complicity ... Bono walking a 5 meters from me was incredible !! Thanks to you all and hope to see you again very very soon !
BJ Thomas- Raindrops Keep Fallin'...
Perhaps compiling a list of rainy day snippets might be in order given the statistics. On a brighter note... maybe the constancy of the rain might be explained as tears of joy from universal onlookers of past generations...maybe they're just happy to see the way music is uniting hearts and minds for the greater good. 'Singin' in the rain'--does it get any better?
In a little while
I knew already that Bono could sing, But what a cracker he was when he sing 'in a little while'. Well done! Liz
Dutch in Belgium
If the band doesn't come to the Netherlands, the Dutch have to go to Belgium. And it was worth the trip! Thanks for having us over Brussels!: great stadium, great sound, great bars and great beer! And, of course, the greatest band ever! Great set list to!: Last year in Amsterdam we were the first to have 'Bad' in the set list, last night Brussels gave us 'Bad' again, for the first appearance in the second leg.
still the shivers...
I was there on the 23rd. Like expected it was a great show,amazing lights, good sound. Very profesionnal. Maybe too professionnal. I think it's a shame Bono always says nearly the same words before or after a song, same gimics... Nowadays with the internet, you can watch alittle bit of everywhere they play. I was really happy that Edge had a technical problem introducing the rif of Elevation. This wasn't really planed and it gave a little bit of human touch.We are sure now this is not a sample!!! I really love U2 since 1989, but be carefull guys: routine kills love between lovers. Thanks to U2, don't blame me for the critic but in french: "Qui aime bien, châtie bien" See you soon...
Saw both shows. The first show was so amazing. But the second show..........whow,..... it was an absolutely highlight. Rain?... no problem for the Band and the fans. After 22 shows I saw from 360° Tour, I can say, that the second Brussels Show was one of the best.
Walk On - we're Not Sleeping
Another Great night in Brussels - rain coming down like crazy tonight but the music made it one of the best showers ever : ) Many highlights but especially surprised and amazed by the great version of 'Bad' and also the heartwarming version of 'Walk On' Thank you - U2 !
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