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Jul 5 2011
Chicago, IL, US / Soldier Field
with Interpol

The only place to open this review is at the end. A quarter century, almost to the day, from the death of Greg Carroll, friend and crew member, tonight closed with a beautiful tribute.

'The moon is up and over One Tree Hill
We see the sun go down in your eyes.
You run like a river on to the sea
You run like a river runs to the sea...'

If All I Want Is You surprised everyone at the close of the Nashville show, tonight Soldier Field was equally transfixed as a song the band rarely play outside Greg's New Zealand, emerged from Moment of Surrender to end the night.

'Twenty five years ago we lost our great friend, his name was Greg Carroll, we wrote a song for him...
'Here's the deal,' added Bono. 'If we screw up really badly you don't put it on the internet.'

It was a fitting finale to a memorable night, the day after the Independence Day before.

'Summertime in Soldier Field,' as Bono had observed early on. 'Where else would you want to be?' Opening with a dazzling quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby before slamming into Out of Control ('This is our first single...') and 'Get On Your Boots', no-one wanted to be anywhere else.

'How was it for you this morning after the party?' asked Bono, referring to the Chicago White Sox game the previous night, 'Was re-entry a little difficult. Edge and I missed the party, from what we hear Larry and Adam have been the very soul of it...'

They were working on a campaign, he continued, to extend Independence Day into Independence Week. 'We've been talking to Mayor Emanuel. You don't have to go to work tomorrow - it's official!'

You could say that went down quite well.

'My kind of town, Chicago is my kind of town'.

The band have had some great times in this city, including three nights here at Soldier Field on PopMart in 1997 and you never have any doubts about an audience here. 'Incredible, we've had some noisy shows but... something very special happened with our band and your city!'

Were you at Soldier Field tonight ? When was it you realised you were Out of Control? What was the moment you'll never surrender? Add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Chicago!

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July 5th was a Beautiful Day for a Magnificent U2 concert! Absolutely LOVED it!
Loved the show!
U2---I love you! amazing show last night. One Tree Hill almost brought me to tears. I hope i get to see them tour again!
One Tree Hill!!! WOW!! It was an amazing night!! U2 never fails to impress!!
driver mike
This was the fifth time i have seen u2 and i brought my niece from new york so she could see these icons for the first time and what a first time!All the previous times i had hoped to hear them perform until the end of the world and what a time for me to witness this great song.
Incredible, Wonderful, Loved Every Momen
What an incredible show! Thank you U2! We waited patiently and understandably for you for a year and wow what a night! Highlights were UTEOTW, Out of Control, Crazy, Zooropa, Streets, Pride, One Tree Hill. But, really I loved every single moment. From the moment you were walking onto the stage until you waved good bye. Thank you again for a night I will never ever forget! See you in St. Louis! :)
Great show
One of the best shows in recent memory...
Chgo 7/5/11
After waiting a whole yr to see the show,only to find out the city wanted $46 for parking,then after finding a parking spot affordable many blocks away you coudnt leave the venue! Im a disabled vet who forgot my meds inda car,after going back to get em found out i couldnt get bk in evewn though i had my ticket stub,i love the music but you can take soldier feild and stick it up your ass,its definetly the last U2 concert il ever see,if your going to cater to the rich go to hollywood!!!
Amazing and gets better every time
The show was just amazing. U2 was at their best, like usual but there was something special about last nights show. The emotions were high and the music was so invigorating. I am always enthralled with the shows and they tend to be more enthralling each time. The best was "One Tree Hill". Thank you Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam for the wonderful memories and many uplifting emotions your show gave me. (very much needed may I add :) )
Jason Engel
The wait was finally over!
The best part of the show last night was that the year-long delay was finally over, and it was worth the wait. Thank you so much, U2, for giving the world (and especially Chicago) so much joy and great music.
Chicago Loves U2!
and U2 obviously loves Chicago!! Crowd was on their feet throughout. How could we not be with this magical show?!?! Thank you Edge for pulling One Tree Hill together and thank you Bono, Larry, and Adam for treating us with this gem. Are all the remaining shows going to end with you pulling a rabbit out of your hat?!
Great show!!!
Awesome show - LOVED One Tree Hill - what a surprise! Excellent performance, as always! Looking forward to the next time I see them :)
God, I love this band!
Thank you for a wonderful, joyous, sonic and visual experience. And thank God I finally caught a show with Until the End of the World in the setlist. One Tree Hill was such a wonderful surprise. Love you guys, see you in St. Louis!
One Tree Hill?!?!?!?
WOW. I got goosebumps just seeing that on the setlist, what a treat for the folks at the show. Decent video of it up on U2gigs.com Last US performance... 1987
setlist change
Getting better... Great to see One Tree Hill get a run
Met a lot of new friends tonight! Hope to see some one you in Pitt. Great show as usual. Here is a pic of Bono. I believe playing ONE.
It was the best concert ever. Thank you for entertaining as well as educating your fans. May God bless you and keep you and yours.
Best show ever
Rain at the end of Streets and then the surprise of One Tree Hill ... magical. Great, great night.
On vacation, July 4th. Tailgaiting and U2 Tomorrow! Gonna be a good time. Ready for the Real Thing.
2 Days & Counting
The bags are being packed in Dallas while we are watching the U2 Rosebowl DVD. My boys are singing every song getting ready for Tuesday night at Soldier Field. We are already talking about how magical it will be and we all know Susan will be with us there in spirit as we sing With Or Without You and All I Want Is you! It will be a very special night for 2 boys who lost a terrific mom at too early of an age! Chicago here we come for our 4th show of the 360 Tour! ------ Thanks U2 for music that has helped us heal during this very difficult time in our lives. Deak, Chase, and Grant!
Chicago 360
two days before the show in chicago ...
B A D (please please please)
Please play BAD in Chicago!
Standing by...
Ground Control to Major Tom...
Only 5 Months to go!
We can't wait to see our 4th show of the tour at Soldier Field in July! We were there in Dallas, Oklahoma, and Vegas! Each show had something unique and every show was fantastic! Soldier field in July with the Chcago skyline in the background will be fabulous! It will be here before we know it! Hope to see you there. Chase and Grant will be ready to "run around the stage with Bono" for City of Blinding Lights!!!!! as you can see in the attached photo they are already rehearsing for the show!!!! (We'll feel you with us Susan for "With or Without You!!" XXXOOO) Love, Deak, Chase, and Grant
Best Ever!
I absolutely loved the show! I can't believe how great it was. Everybody in my group absolutely loved it! We all couldn't believe that we all were all just inches away from the stage when our tickets (by location) would have put our group towards the back. We also found it hard to believe that everyone who surrounded us were the nicest people and of the best character that we ever met. Because of the highest expections that U2s show reached, I'm not sure if I deserve to be at the next concert. I think that the same joy should be shared with others as it was shared with me. I'm serious. U2 makes you feel better! It's only right to share>
U2 and Chicago Blackhawks
Unbelievable......Watched the Blackhawks Stanley Cup Banner ceremony from the United Center! The Blackhawk's highlight video "Winning the Cup" was set to the music of U2's "With Or Without You"! It brought tears to our eyes! It was PERFECT!!!! Thanks Susan, I know you were there with us in spirit and will be with us again at Soldier Field next July!!!! We can't wait! -- Love Deak, Chase, and Grant!
So I went to a couple of concerts in 2010(PJ, Phish). My 2 oldest kids(9,7) have kept buggin' me since to take them to a since. So I'm proud to say their first show is going to be the GREATEST BAND ON EARTH IN THE GREATEST CITY. I've been fortunate to catch every tour from '85 till now and didnt think I was going to see 360, and I have a reprieve. Plus I can take my kids. I can't wait!!!!
U2 and Blackhawks
My wife passed from cancer in 2008. The 2 biggest things that have gotten myself and my 2 boys through it is "4" U2 concerts and the Hawks winning the cup! See you in July at Soldier Field. Deak, Chase, and Grant Play - "All I Want Is You" for Susan!
I'd also love to see U2 back in Indy!!
It would indeed be awesome for U2 to come back to Indy!!
Please come back to Indy
I wish U2 would come back and play a show again in Indianapolis instead of always going to Chicago. It'd be awesome to see the 360 show in the new Lucas Oil Stadium. I know it's a long shot, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I loved the show here at Conseco Fieldhouse on the Elevation Tour back then. I'd love to see you here again.
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