U2360° TOUR

Jul 2 2011
Nashville, TN, US / Vanderbilt Stadium
with Florence and the Machine

'I went out walking under an atomic sky
Where the ground won't turn and the rain it burns
Like the tears when I said goodbye.
Yeah, I went with nothing, nothing but the thought of you.
I went wandering....'

Over two years and 100 shows we've had no shortage of surprises on this tour - from the reinvention of 'Real Thing' to the return of 'Zooropa' - but tonight we had two unexpected moments to rival them all. We had the first performance at a U2 show of The Wanderer, the song the band wrote for - and performed with - Johnny Cash, for Zooropa in 1993.
On a hot night in Nashville, the first time the band have played the city in thirty years, it was a spine-tingling moment as 'Still Haven't Found' ended and Bono, accompanied by Edge, segued into The Wanderer - the first performance at a U2 show of a song the band wrote for - and performed with - Johnny Cash, for their 1993 album Zooropa.

And there was a second special moment - right at the end of the show - when one fan came up on stage and led the band and stadium in 'All I Want Is You'. Something else!

Looking across the twittersphere tonight, you didn't even need a ticket to enjoy this show.
'Listening to U2 live from the porch at home. Who needs tickets to the concert when you only live blocks away :)' as BeksAdams put it. 'Eating pink berry in the park,' tweeted erinredmond, 'listening to the U2 concert. #cheapticket'

If you were lucky enough to have sight as well as sound, inside the Vanderbilt Stadium the atmosphere was electric with the stage almost covering the whole field and the audience packed to the rafters.
'Where you gonna take us Music City?'
Soon enough The Fly took us to Berlin, circa 1991 but it wasn't long before the 360 spaceship took us even further back - to Underwood Auditorium on December 2nd 1981.
'Wow, that's a hard fact to take in...'
'Well, we're here now, some things remain the same: my name is Bono and we're a band from Dublin.'
Larry, explained Bono, is the man who gave them their first job and rendered them unemployable: 'He's handsome - and he's had that haircut since 1981!'
Adam is a 'prince of a man, one of the most 'gifted rock'n'roll bass players of all time' while without us Edge 'would still be in his bedroom twiddling knobs.'
'In a city of masters, we are students - will you sing with us?'
Nashville said Yes to that and Still Haven't Found became The Wanderer which led to memories of 'some special times with Johnny and June here in Nashville over the years.'

Big thanks to the crew tonight, on the occassion of the 100th 360 show, shout-outs to campaigning politicians and country music folk and special mention of a visit to Nashville in 2002 when Bono hooked up with Charlie Peacock and Jars of Clay - credit to the USA for the role it is playing in fighting HIV/AIDS in the poorest countries.

'You've heard of the miracle of the loaves and fishes? We're going to try to make this spaceship disappear. Let's turn this place into the milky way and think of our little planet spinning around the sun... Thank you Nashville.'

But this show had one last surprise and a moment one fan will never surrender. With the band about to walk off stage, Bono started talking to someone on the front row: 'You want to play what?'
Before you know it, this dude was up on stage, wearing Bono's Irish Falcon guitar and being introduced to Music City.
'My wife's name is Andrea,' he explained. 'I'm kinda nervous man!'
As he starts playing, the band backing him, Bono starts singing, 'All I Want Is You' and the nerves disappear.
'You say you want diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want your story to remain untold....'

A spine-tingling moment and when it was over Bono hugged him and gave him his guitar - something to pinch when he wakes up from his dream. (We caught Andrea's husband (don't know his name yet!) before his big moment, holding the sign in our photo).

Were you at the Vanderbilt Stadium tonight? As well as The Wanderer and All I Want is You what took you by surprise, what was the moment when you left the ground? Add your own reviews and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Nashville!

Stay in Moncton
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Best Show Ever!!!
I love this show glad you came to our town to play...
Brad Moist
Hey Wanderer, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
This show was incredible. I'm so glad it was at Vanderbilt instead of LP Field. Since it was just over half the size of any other venue U2 has played on the 360 tours it made this show very very intimate. So intimate that the band even played "The Wanderer". Which being a huge Johnny Cash fan meant a lot to me. They also brought up a man to play "All I Want Is You" with them at the very end after "Moment of Surrender". Bono even gave the guy his guitar. Only after the show did we find out that this man was blind. I loved hearing so many songs from Achtung Baby. The set opener of "Even Better Than The Real Thing" was perfect. My favorite was "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me". I only wish they would have had Nashville shirts like they did at other cities on the 360 tour in 2009.
Brad Moist
The biggest small show of 360
This show was incredible. I\'m so glad it was at Vanderbilt instead of LP Field. Since it was just over half the size of any other venue U2 has played on the 360 tours it made this show very intimate. So intimate that the band played \"The Wanderer\" and even brought up a man to play \"All I Want Is You\" with them at the very end after Moment of Surrender. Bono even gave the guy his guitar. I loved hearing so many songs from Achtung Baby. The set opener of \"Even Better Than The Real Thing\" was perfect. My favorite was \"Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me\". I only wish they would have had Nashville shirts like they did at other cities on the 360 tour in 2009.
First Concert...
We weren\'t going to take our girls, but are so glad that we did. It was an experience of a lifetime. They were totally blown away. AWESOME SHOW!! We love U2!!
Spine tingling moment... ? Yeah, it was
when my fourteen-year-old son brought his hands together in the shape of a heart for me to take a picture through, just as Bono was singing, "What more in the name of love?"
Fantastic Finish
Fantastic finish boys. Good on ya for coming back for one more with that blind fan.
So Much Fun!!
Our view from the front!! FATM rocked and of course U2 was life altering!!
This was my 3rd visit on the 360 tour an
The boys from Ireland did not disappoint. 1.) We got to share this evening with close a 100 friends. 2.)The Wanderer tribute to the man in black, and this blind gent above was icing on the sweet cake. 3.) Many globe trotting musicians were in the house that night, and if even 1 of them realize how they can change the world with their music, then the world will be left a better place. 4.)It had been 30 years since they played Nashville, but I doubt it will be that long again. 4.) Amazing Grace Bono and his positive message of goodness, hope and love inspired all of us that went. Bravo God Speed in your travels boys!
The Wanderer
Nothing could have been more right than to hear the Wanderer Saturday night. My third 360 show and the best for sure! And to KMD below, God was there with all of us. it is always a blessing to be with U2!
U2 again delivers!!
I especially loved the acoustic version of "Stay", very nicely done. I also loved the Johnny Cash tribute. "Moment of Surrender" is a favorite of mine so loved that in the encore. And of course the impromptu "All I Want Is You" with the fan playing guitar was a great way to end the show. Love love love this band!
Bono took me to church!
I felt the presence of God as you sang.
U2 in Nashville
U2 in Nashville
Thanks for another great concert. Patrick
Unbelievable show
The intimate setting was filled with surprises ... The Wanderer and a guest finale ... I saw the Atlanta show in 2009 and this one blew it away. Nashville had to wait a while, but the treat was well worth it.
Hot town, summer in the city.
It was still about 85 degrees, 95 percent humidity as showtime drew near. It takes chutzpah to wear leather trousers and do your best Johnny Cash impression in front of 50,000 sweating Tennesseans. But if we know Bono, we know his intestinal fortitude, his audacity of hope, if you will. (Wait, I think that might be someone else’s catch phrase. Let me Google that and get back to you.) I would say that by the time we got to the Amazing Grace sing-along, everyone in Vandy stadium was eating from his hand. Then, when the show should have been over, Bono pulls a lucky dude on stage to play All I Want Is You to his wife, AND then gives him his gorgeous apple-green guitar to take home as a souvenir. That’s U2 magic, right there. 50,000 converts. If you’re not converted, you’re the world’s biggest cynic with ice water running through your veins. By the way, I would have given away one of my kidneys for some ice water, walking back to the car after the show. Thank God, the Starbucks near Vanderbilt campus is open ‘til midnight. I feel confident they put a few extra hundreds in the cash drawer selling bottled water to concertgoers post-show. Being in Starbucks, just prior to midnight… everyone is smiling, ears still buzzing, relishing the air conditioning, no one is speaking. It was delightfully surreal. Personal highlights. Back to the Wanderer – I loved Bono jumping up about 17 octaves between singing the Johnny Cash parts and then his own harmonizing parts. #1 highlight – Stay (faraway, so close!) I adore this song. This was a simple version. Bono and The Edge harmonizing, only acoustic guitar. Reminded me of my Raleigh concert highlight of Stuck in a Moment. “You can go anywhere Miami, New Orleans London, Belfast and Tenn-ee-see,” followed by a huge cheer from the crowd. For me, starting the show with 4 tunes from Achtung Baby registers as a plus. Listening to the The Fly live for the first time in a long while felt very satisfying. And watching the Edge play guitar on Until the End of the World is a treat. Larry walking the cat walk, with the bongo. That’s awesomeness. I also enjoy it when Adam wears white from head to toe. Think about how many men can pull that off. Adam oozes style, without pretension, which is a gift, really. Finally I really like Moment of Surrender and I am glad they insist on playing it, even though it is not a total crowd pleaser. Other highlights. In an unprecedented move Bono pulls another dude on stage for the end of I Will Follow. There wasn’t much for them to do but engage in synchronized swaying and screaming into the mic, which was reminiscent of West Side Story “manly dance fighting.” Bono mercifully cut off the moment before it cascaded into total awkwardness. Maybe Bono is making up for all those years of only bringing up the ladies onto the stage. But you have to admit, that if a rock star pulls a woman on stage, we know what to do. Dance provocatively. Or take the opportunity to grope said rock star. Pulling a dude on stage is fraught with peril. Again, please refer to my earlier statements about intestinal fortitude and chutzpah. In all, Bono was in fine voice. He was also in fine form flirting with the crowd with all of the carefully placed Tennessee specific references and shout outs. Honestly, Bono tossed off that completely unrehearsed All I Want is You and made me cry. His voice was great, even at the end of a long 2+ hours show. The lyrics, of course, are beautiful. Bono encouraging the guy who is all nervous (and turns out is blind, I found out later – it wasn’t obvious to those in the crowd watching) to play for his wife. Then came the boys in the band joining in for the song to truly take flight and the whole crowd singing along. So, it wasn’t just one thing. It was all of these elements working at once, to make the quintessential U2 concert moment.
Absolutely incredible
Full of surprises ... The Wanderer and the special fan encore ... this intimate venue made it a special night to remember.
U2 The best concert ever!
I could go on and on a the show was INCREDIBLE!!! Best memory Bono singing Amazing Grace.
Bad &.one tree
Nashville wants to hear them both PLEASE!!! Cant wait!
2nd time
November 1987 to July 2011is a very long time. Tonight should bring back a lifetime of memories.
tonite is the nite see yall there.
Oh...U2 Bono :-), throw in BAD
with Steets at Nashville!
Adam...Just throw in BAD with streets
in Nashville!
Larry.....Just throw BAD in
the first encore with Streets in Nashville!
Bad! Bad! Bad! Bad!
DrewJ, I was there in Chicago too. Keeping the chant going!
I want it BAD!!!
Please play BAD on Saturday! Music City wants it!!
Ultra Violet
Just play it...really. Please.
Like a kid on Christmas morning!
Drove by the stadium today and saw the claw being built! Got so excited! I am so glad U2 is here in our town! Cannot wait for the show! By the way, I agree with the last three posts. Please play One Tree Hill, All I want is you, and Bad. I am assuming you will play Pride too since it has a Tennessee background with Dr. King. Thanks U2! See you Saturday!
BAD !!
I want you to play BAD this saturday in nashville, it is my first U2 concert and is my favorite song. PLEASE!!
All I Want is You
My husband and I decided to fly down to Nashville from Connecticut for our first wedding anniversary.....especially after we saw that "All I want is you" was on the set-list as this was our first dance as husband and wife. Please put it back in the set-list so we can hear our first dance live on our first wedding anniversary!!! -Nichole and Andrew
PLEASE play One Tree Hill at Nashville s
That would make my seventh U2 concert absolutely perfect!!
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