U2360° TOUR

Jul 14 2011
Philadelphia, PA, US / Lincoln Financial Field
with Interpol

'City of the love train, where are you gonna take us tonight?
Where you gonna take us on this warm summer night?'

About four or five songs into the show in Philly tonight, Bono recalled that the band haven't been here for some time.

'It's been a while since we visited this great city, the city of brotherly and sisterly love, the city of Philadelphia Eagles,  the city of the Philadelphia Fliers, the city of Philadelphia cheese steaks.'

But where else would anyone want to be on a Thursday night in summertime? Nowhere as it turned out, but in this great city, 'where men would rather be hung for treason than give up on a crazy mad idea called America. 
'That's right - this is not just a country, its an idea, we love that.'

Everybody here loved the idea  too.

'Wow! 'Thank you so much. Phil... A... Delphia!'

And as this remarkable journey which began way back in 2009 now heads into a final handful of shows, maybe the band too are sensing something special going on. Bono muses on what he calls 'a bond of unity' between 'this band and its audience.'
' It defies physical proximity, defies age, defies gravity... it's a special thing we've got going and we don't take it for granted.'
'What do you think Adam Clayton? Larry Mullen ? The Edge ?
'We're still a work in progress....'

'Still Haven't Found' becomes Stay, Beautiful Day and soon Philly is a City of Blinding Lights - a city home to some special people too, like the good folk of Clare Brothers, and like Bob Koch who's brought his 94 year old mother Eleanor  to the show  tonight.

'Goodnight Pennsylvania...'

Lights down and phones out for Moment of Surrender and 'one last thing we're going to do': a stadium-wide rendition of 'Happy Birthday to Madiba' - Nelson Mandela - 'this man means so much to us'.

Meantime, if you were at the show tonight,  add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Philly!

Stay in Moncton
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Awesome show!! All songs were great; but really liked Beautiful Day, Elevation, and Pride in succession. Lots of energy in the crowd with the band. Vertigo kicked butt. Love to see like a 3-4 hour U2 concert without an opening act. They do not need one!! This way, they could play all the other songs which most people wanna hear, like Bad, New Years Day, Out of control or Unforgettable Fire. It is important to remember the past.
Last night in Philly U2 rocked the house with 75,000 fans signing along. It was amazing. Loved Beautiful day and the Space Station message. Loved the ending- singing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela. What a night. I saw the show at Giants Stadium when it opened up but they were even better this time Highlight of my night - getting to see Bono up close on the street after he arrived in his motorcade. He was signing autographs for fans!
Best birthday ever
Show 6 of the 8 I will see, and I am speechless. It was more than a concert-it was a miracle.
setlist shakeup
Come on lads, challenge yourselves.. Shake it up
ONE EPIC night!
I was elated that my wife was ONE of the people chosen to "walk on" stage with other members of ONE & Amnesty International while U2 performed "Walk On". She was SO excited! Thank You to everyone who signed up for the ONE campaign throughout the day! 2,851 new voices will be heard thanks to many dedicated volunteers! ONE Love!
Thank you doing Magnificent during the beginning of the concert! I was so excited and happy to experience it live. The concert was Magnificent! Thank you for playing Philly. Godspeed!
Awesome show! My fav was Walk on but lots of energy the whole show and everything was awesome. Beautiful Day with connection to space station was awesome also. My husband was loving Where the street have no name and began to jump up down like crazy with the drunk dude next to him. THANKS U2! The edge you rock!
Bad, Lemon
Bad would be incredible! With all the Zooropa addition to the set list, Lemon would be a terrific surprise as well. Cant wait for this amazing night!
angel of harlem
been a fan since 1982,saw them on friday in montreal(we are from montreal)but decided that the kids needed to see them live.....driving down overnight,sure hope they will play angel of harlem or desire.....or bad...
Stop for a second and meet us?
Ever since The Elevation Tour, I have always waited for you outside the venue in Philadelphia, but you never had the time to stop for a meet&greet with the fans from Philadelphia. It would complete my U2360 experience if you can stop just for a second outside The Lincoln Field tomorrow so I can shake your hand or take a picture with you!
In my opinion one of the best songs ever. Would be great to hear during the encore....followed by All I Want is You???
Bad, followed by The Streets have no Name.
Has the band outgrown 40?
All I Want is You
Echoing the comments of my fellow U2 brethren, please bring All I Want is You back into the setlist. The Mrs. and I wish to dance the slow dance to this much like we did in RFK Stadium in 1992. Help me celebrate show #20 in style. :)
I will follow!!!
Don;t play Out Of Control! I Will Follow will have me going nuts!!!!
Please Play "All I want is You" - Weddin
Please Play "All I want is You". That was our wedding song 11 years ago! Looking forward to the show!
Please do Magnificent in Philly, if can work it in.
Out of Control
Please play this song in Philly and I will be over the moon. Flying in from Copenhagen, Denmark for this hopefully beautiful night.
All I Want is You
Please bring this song back into the set list. My U2 dreams would be fulfilled. Gloria in Buffalo 2005, and 40 in Philly 2005. Just one more and my life would be complete.
I have been a fan of U2 since 1982. Had all rare and major recordings but have never once been to a single concert! Last year, my wife surprised me with tickets only to find out with all of you, that Bono hurt his back and the concert was postponed a year. Crazy. Anyway, I am thrilled to finally be seeing them live!
First time in Philly + my first U2 in US
Hope all the Americans will bring their party mood :-) To make my day I would love to hear "Gloria" and "Van Diemens Land"
U2 is Bad
Please Play Bad in Philly, I saw U2 twice in Philly in 2005 and wished both times they would play it. Also Bono you have awesome songs that have yet been played, like Red Hill mIning Town and When I look At The World. These songs are powerful.......surprise us in philly. As my License Plate says U2rockz
saw them in 09
I cant wait to see them again i saw them in 2009 in the old giants stadium. Now i get to see them again in Philly. Its also a whole different set list this time which makes it even better.
It would be amazing to have Breathe back....this song is a real explosion of energy, emotions. NLOTH also.... thank you! can't wait to see you again and again..... natasa
i cant wait
i was so upset when this got pushed back a year, but i cant wait until July 14!!!!!!!!
Tryin' to Throw Your Arms Around the Wor
Would really love to hear this in concert - and you asked for requests for songs that haven't been played on the 360 tour - and as far as I can see, it hasn't been played since 1993, so must be about time:-)
Meeting the Band
I'm going to be at this concert and cannot wait! U2 is my favorite band of all-time. I have a question for others attending this concert - I'm planning on arriving at the stadium many hours before the concert starts that day in hopes that I'll get to see Bono and the band for even just a few seconds as they enter the stadium. It would certainly be a dream-come true to meet them in person! I have seen many videos on YouTube of fans waiting for U2 hours before the start of a concert - the band seems to stop to say a very quick hello to fans outside the stadium. My question is: is anyone else going to do the same? Also, what entrance to the stadium do you think the band will be taking?
JFK in '95
Saw the boys at JFK Stadium in Philly before they tore it down. What a show! 100,000 plus people and Bruce Springsteen made an appearance at the end.
Eddie Anderson
Short Drive from NYC
Im from NYC,since THE 1987 JT Tour I have made the short drive from NYC to Philly.Since then,it has been a sort of ritual, for my friends and I to see U2 in Philly,as well as NYC of course.Cant wait.The streak continues !!!!!!
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