U2360° TOUR

Jul 17 2011
St. Louis, MO, US / Busch Stadium
with Interpol

The Ocean, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, An Cat Dubh, Into The Heart, Another Time Another Place... what a set list the band opened with in St Louis.

Actually, this was the one they opened with on another night in St Louis, thirty years ago when they first played here.
'Thanks for sticking with us, we've been here before,' recalled Bono. 'Unusual little venue, at the Graham Chapel, Washington University.'
He could remember the rest of the set list on that night too.
 'The Cry, The Electric Co., Things To Make and Do, Stories for Boys, Boy-Girl, Out of Control, and the encore was our big hit A Day Without Me, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, The Ocean  and I Will Follow ...again...
'That was a cool thing to dig up, so much has changed, so much has remained the same.'

The Busch Stadium was definitely hotter tonight than the Graham Chapel, boiling hot,  and the temperature only rose when the band hit the stage with 'Real Thing' and the 'Kraut rock circa 1991' of  The Fly.
'What sort of a magic night is this...
St Louis, Missouri ?
'A warm summer night where we celebrate our freedom...
'Somewhere in the world tonight that word freedom feels expensive...
'That word freedom feels like the end of the world...'

Until The End of the World, Mysterious Ways - it was ten years on from that first performance in St Louis that the Achtung Baby was born, and twenty years further on again, those songs on this tour are sounding like they might have been written yesterday. Some things haven't changed, reflected Bono.
 'Larry is still upset over the fact that the name was changed from The Larry Mullen Band to U2.' And  'Adam Clayton still believes that being in this band is a great way to meet girls.'
Bono's needs too, remain those of a simple man: 'Just give me 200 trucks, 400 tonnes of equipment and 56,000 people and I feel great..'

It was so hot tonight you had to get undressed and for Elevation Bono invited on stage five shirtless guys who had the letters U, 2, 3, 6, 0 painted on their chests - clever!  Pride, Miss Sarajevo, Zooropa ... can it really be true that in less than two weeks this tour will be done?
No-one was dwelling on that as St Louis became the City of Blinding Lights tonight.
'And I miss you when you're not around
I'm getting ready to leave the ground...'

Were you at the show tonight? How hot was the night and how hot was the band? Add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in St. Louis!

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still the best
Have seen U2 in a number of different venues over the years but the visuals from this production were amazing! Brought my four daughters (ages 10-17) to their first concert (can it get any better than that?) and they loved it! Can\'t wait to see the boys again!
Our first U2 show
My wife, son and I went to our first U2 concert. Had a great time. Had to take the next day off from work.
U2 360 St. Louis Awesome!
My girlfriend and I thought this was an experience that we will always remember. Thanks to U2 and the Crew. Special thanks to Jerry!
For nearly 30 years I have wanted to see U2 live but for various reasons never had until now. I was not disappointed at all.
Fantastic, Awesome!
I am 63 years old and have always loved U2. It was truly an unforgettable night. I saved up to see this show as I have always wanted to see the group. The only complaint was spending over a hundred dollars for a ticket and then my view was obstructed by one of their towers. Both the stage and the big screen were obstructed. It really disappointed my daughter and me.
All I want is....MORE!!
Great atmosphere...great sound...great everything!!..the show was simply AMAZING!! thank you U2 for an unforgettable night in St.Louis..hope you return soon!
suggestion for last song of tour....
Last song of the tour should be an acoustic version of "Peace on Earth. Barbjahnz
Beautiful night!
Thanks boys for a night to remember. Great show, great message, Tears of joy! I am thankful that i live in a country where such things are possible. Safe travels to all.
best show ever!!!!!!!
I have tried for 10 years to get tickets but they were always sold out!! This was by far the best show I have ever seen in my life!! I will be at the next one. It was hot and people were being wheel out because of the heat. But it was awesome!!!! Thanks U2, you made a dream of mine come true!!!! My favorite song was Where the streets have now name and my husband I thought was going to freak out when they played Hold Me Thrill me Kiss me Kill Me. AWESOME
U2 at its best!!! I enjoyed every minute of this phenomenal show. the music was so amazing and the energy given by the band was just crazy!!! this show was worth every penny!!!!
Went to concert in St Louis last night - you guys sound better than ever. Found the show to be very inspiring. Not just a rock group, a movement to let every single person know that what they do counts.
U2 Blew Us Away!!
My son and I drove 5 hrs 1 way to see U2 in St Louis. This was our 3rd 360 tour concert. Again U2 did not disappoint. It was definitely worth the wait in the 90 degrees + weather. I will be disappointed when the tour ends, but I know the guys need a break and a chance to work on other projects like a new album, hopefully! Wondering how their next tour can top the 360 tour. Patiently will wait to find out!
U2 Rocked it in STL......Once Again
This show did not disappoint. We were 2nd row from the walkway, on the field. Got some great shots of all 4 of them...Larry, Adam, The Edge & Bono. I loved how they started it all off with tunes from Actung Baby, my personal favorite album. Hotter than Hades out there...people were dropping like flies. It was all worth it. BTW, I thought it was awesome that Bono brought the little boy, Will, up on stage. What a memory for a little kid. Thanks again, boys from Dublin, for another show that puts all others to shame. You 4 do it up right!
I went to the St. Louis concert last night. It was my first concert ever, and nothing I am sure, will EVER live up to what I saw last night. U2 you rock! Last night was INCREDIBLE!!!! I sat behind the stage, and got to see them walk in and out. SO COOL!!!!!
Hot in St Louis
Worth every penny. Stage, show and music were incredible. If you have not seen it, you must go. Thanks for the memories Bono....
Most Amazing Show Ever!
I have seen U2 in St. Louis before, but this show was bar none, the best concert ever! The new stage is spectacular - and the sound was like we were listening to the CD!!! I must say, being around for 30 years has only made these guys better!!!! Rock on!
setlist shakeup
Though how good is that setlist from 30 yrs ago?
Rejoice !
Rejoice as the show in Stl was incredile! You know the best thing about the band is that they always leave everything on the stage. tonight was no exception. One great song after another, but the highlight for me was Rejoice... I have never heard it live and it was great. Even better than the real thing really set the tone for the night. Including the song Hallelujah was simply moving. Thank you guys and the crew for making a terrific night!
Gonna be a hot one in St Louis
Hope to hear Bad, Magnificent, The Fly
In the Lou
Ground control to Major Tom
I know a guy...
He has an old air-conditioned spacesuit from the Apollo years---I think I will borrow it to stand in line ---LOL......Have a great show boys--we will....I been with u since the North american opening in Chicago 9/12/09
Setlist shakeup
Great to see Magnificent back in the set, is a strong song. Boots, not so strong. The middle of the set is getting stale. Shake it up
GA Que
The GA on this tour has been the best ever. Primarily because there are about 2,000 spaces on the inside of the outer ring. With the heat and all, I do not plan to get in line much before 2:00.
So You Want To Bring Your Kids To The SH
Well..... First of all , the GA experience at a U2 show is a good one. Its not going to be madness. The GA area has different sub areas which keeps the pushing and shoving down to a minimum. To the fan from KC, my friendly advice would be buy a copy of the U2360 DVD and have them watch it at Grandmas. The band will be out again in three or four years and to be honest, I think 7 or 8 is theyoungest I would bring to the show. If you do bring them, please bring lots of water and sunscreen. Also, always bring earplugs for kids to any show like this. (We even had them just in case when we saw the Wiggles a few years ago). See you at the show! :)
Youngest U2 fan wants to come to the St.
Last night, my 3 (soon to be 4) year old adopted son, Samuel, prayed that he could go to the U2 concert. I am going with a group of 13 people to the St. Louis show this weekend (tickets are GA). Am I nuts to be considering trying to get a ticket for him? Anyone have an extra ticket they want to give away? Is there any chance U2 can play his favorite song at the beginning….Vertigo, or as he calls it “Turn it up, Captain!”…so I can get him home to his mom before his bedtime? :)
St Louis
I am looking forward to next Sun it will be my first U2 concert doing GA looking forward to seeing the guys up close. Everyone be safe the forcast is saying a high of 96 degrees. Be sure to bring lost of water and sunsreen for the long wait in the GA line.
In bev
Move over Bud.. Guiness in taking over Sunday night
bringin it home!!!
U2 in the Lou!!!! it doesnt get much better for me, besides u2 in dublin!! does anyone know the rules for queuing at busch- like how early we can? SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!!! so, so, so DAMN EXCITED!!!
Kids on the floor, close!
Well, this is it. My childrens first Major concert event, other then when they come to see me play. My family, including my 2 kids will be there on the floor to get mezzmorized!! I know they are excited as well as me. We watched 360 blu-ray last night and got the anxious poos!!! They are worried they might not be able to see, not to worry, they will see plenty! Thanks for coming to the midwest!
Brenda H.
Bono, I can't WAIT! Please pick me to dance with you during "Mysterious Ways"!! I'll be the one holding the rose!
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