U2360° TOUR

Jul 20 2011
East Rutherford, NJ, US / New Meadowlands Stadium
with Interpol

'Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied.
Give me two more chances, you won't be denied.
Well my heart is where it's always been
My head is somewhere in between
Give me one more chance, let me be your lover tonight...'

When this tour began two years ago, 'Real Thing' wasn't even in the set, now it would be strange if the show didn't open with it. But nothing surprises with this band. Thirty years ago they were playing the Fast Lane, Asbury Park - before many of the 90,000 people here tonight were even a twinkle in the eye of their parents.

'So much has changed, so much hasn't', mused Bono. One thing that hasn't is 'Out of Control',  in the set in 1981 and in the set in 2011.

'New Jersey, hot summer night, where you gonna take us?'. Jumping aboard the U2360 spaceship, you never know where you'll be taken just that you'll never come back the same.

''Where we gonna go, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.'

The band have had some unforgettable nights in New Jersey over the years, twenty four shows in East Rutherford alone and Bono just happened to have the original set list from that Asbury Park show back in another century.

'The Ocean, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, Another Time, Another Place, The Cry, The Electric Co., Things to Make and Do, Stories for Boys, Boy-Girl, Out of Control, and the encore was A Day Without Me, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock , The Ocean  and I Will Follow.'

Of the fifty-plus tracks they've  played on this tour, 'Out of Control' is not the only one from 'Boy ' to have found its way back into the U2360 set list - 'I Will Follow' still sounds like it could have been written yesterday. It was also on the set list in a club in London in 1981 on the night that The Who's Pete Townshend took a young American singer along to meet this new band from Ireland for the first time. They became firm friends and Bruce Springsteen was here tonight, when the band  paid tribute again  to the late, great Clarence Clemons.
'We're going to say one last goodbye in the company of some of his people, this is for the E Street Band and Bruce of course...'

'At the moment of surrender
I folded to my knees
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me...'

One of the longest sets of the tour tonight, 26 songs, but 'nothing much has changed' as Bono put it before the surprise closing number. 'Four Irish boys, out of control...'

Were you at the show tonight? When were you out of control and when was your moment of surrender? Write us your own review of the show and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in East Rutherford!

Stay in Moncton
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Always a joy to see the "Larry Mullen Junior Band" - and well worth the wait. Glad Bono is fully recovered and already looking forward to the next tour! - Sue from CT
Absolutely worst sound system ever=21st
One truly amazing show coupled with one truly awful sound system. Up in section337 the echo never stopped returning, even speech was un intelligable. Reminded me of the movie pride of the Yankees when Lou Gherig gets his award"This, this this this,....is the proudest moment,moment,moment ment emnt t t t t.. of my career,,,,,well you get the idea. A 21st century stage producction coupled with a 1940;s sound system!
5th time in a span of 20 or so years. first limo ride, had to be special, it was. first for my lady friend. uno dos tres catroce. the release fo Son Yi, and singing walk on. listening to out of control as I step into the limo with her. U2 fans r great, thanks rs
Saw Edge, it was great
I finally saw the Edge as he signed autographs before the show. I was two feet away from him and told him he was my idol. The show was pure magical. The crowd was rocking all night. Jersey loves U2 more than any other place in the world, hands down.
Truly a FANTATIC experience!!! I saw the first leg of the tour two years ago in the Old Stadium. I have to say last night was even better than that show from almost two years ago. It was great to see Bono runnning all over the place....you never would think he had surgery last year! I was on my feet signing and dancing all night long. Awesome play list....I wish you guys would release this on CD and DVD. I would LOVE to see as well as listen to last night again, and again!!! THANK YOU U2 for an AMAZING night!!!
Edge blesses the baby bump!
Thanks for signing my belly bump , Edge! Your awesome!!!!!
Took my 13 year old nephew for his first ever concert and he loved it. There was a lovely woman named Michelle sitting next to me and it was her first concert ever. So I got to watch them both. this is the 5th show I"ve seen of this tour (3 in Dublin, 1 in Giants Stadiuim almost 2 years ago and last night) and frankly, it was the best of the bunch.
One year await was more than worth it
Thank you Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. Last night was spectacular, amazing, unforgettable...My dream of seeing you came true. My legs shaking, a constant smile on my face, tears in my eyes...how many emotions!!! Thanks again. Love you! Olivia
Went with my daughter in 09 and we both thought this show was 10 times better! They sounded loud and clear unlike our experience in 09. The place was electric and the crowd was rocking! The set list was great and cant wait for them to come back!
Since when do you not stand up at a U2 show?? I went to the show last night and was having a blast until 7 security people came up to us and threatened to kick us out if we did not sit down. Are you freaking kidding me!!! Its a U2 show!!! No warning, no can you guys please sit down. It was sit down or else we will toss you out. One of my friends was taken out by the vending area and was told if he did not sit down he would be arrested and the rest of us would be kicked out. FOR STANDING AT A U2 CONCERT??? Really nice. So from City of Blinding Lights on we had to sit down. So lame. I am going to complain to the stadium and demand my money back cause the rest of the show we were all in a bad mood and did not enjoy ourselves...U2 was and will always be amazing!!
Amazing, Amazing, Amazing
I travelled all the way from Australia for the show. What a night! I have followed the band for 30 years. No band is better. Every song was brilliant, none more so than OUT OF CONTROL. I have seen 20 shows all around the world on the 360 tour over two years but this show tonight was as good as any of them. Never stop touring boys - no band plays better live. I am still on a high after the show.
Stepping back in time
With the show rescheduled from one year ago, we were doubtful that we could make it. In the end, three of the four of us convened for our top-row-center seats, flying high at the top of the stadium with the nighttime breezes washing around the outer rim. U2 was just as amazing this time as the last time I saw them, nearly 17 years ago. Even more importantly, they infused the show with activism on so many levels, elevating the experience from an exercise in personal fulfillment to an exercise in group social consciousness. I have so much admiration for this group - for their incredible music, for their admirable personal lives, for their activism, and for the way that they show the world of show-biz that leading a sane, good, artful life is possible even at the apex of fame. Hats off to you guys!
Sound System
The show was spectacular! Unfortunately, we had trouble hearing Bono in the 2 opening songs. His vocals were drowned out by the band. Wondering if it was a mixxing issue. As the show progressed the sound got better...We were in section 337 front row of the 3rd tier. Crowd was dancing and signing all night long.. The Kelly vid was great...
Best show ever.... im now 40yrs old and have been a fan since I was twelve. I loved how Bono still acknowledges and thanked the fans for bringing U2 to where they are today. i cant wait to see them in concert again so i bring the new generations of U2 fans; my boys
Thank you for this explosion of emotions!!! The unforgettable night!
Lost control in NJ
2nd show in a week and even with the sweltering heat this one brought the claw down. There is no better phrase in the english language then "one more" at a U2 show. And when they went out of control I lost the last bit of control I had. Great show, great set. Thank you boys for making a great night
Magnificent U2
Just give me one more song and no one get hurt. Even Better Than the Real Thing. Amazing concert, unforgettable night at the Meadowlands in New Jersey.
U2 ..The Greatest Band EVER!!!!!!!!
what can u say about perfection ... that is U2....Stay was amazing ...i still have chills....and thank u Bono for Hallelujah ..
Thank you for this explosion of emotions!!! The unforgettable night!
unforgettable night!!!!
it was my 3rd concert of U2 and this last one was amazinggg, 2h30minutes performing..U2 rocks!!!!
All I Want Is You
My wife and I have been married for 25 days and All I Want is You was our first dance song. Is there any way we can get a special request? Love, Michael & Lauren
almost time
226pm in nyc.. almost outta work.. almost time to be in NJ... going to be a great show... but how long till they sing their song... again.. in the future... kinda sad.. this may be the last concert tour for the boys for a long time....
Take Me Higher
The NY/NJ Gang would love to hear BAD!! See you all soon!!
So Excited
2 more days and I get to see my all time favorite band in NJ. There are so many song I want to hear so its going to be hard to pick "ONE"
2 more days!
Cant wait! This will be my 7th time seeing U2! FIrst time in the New Medowlands. Would be sweet to hear BAD!
u2 live virgin
i have been a fan of u2 since the war album came out. im now 38 and goin to nj to pop my u2 cherry!! they have always been sold out and i could never afford tix until my babes got me tix for xmas 2 yrs ago. well bono got hurt and u know tha rest.....my favorite song of all time is running to stand still! it reminds me of my late mother.i hope and pray that they play it. tears would fall from these eyes.
"BAD" for NYC
Travelling from Germany to NYC to hear "BAD", please make it true!
Flying From London
Flying out from London on monday to go to the gig on weds night, cant wait. last saw u2 in 1984 at Glasgow barrowlands on two nights on the unforgettable fire tour...amazing. First time also in NYC and travelling alone so open to meet up for a pint pre gig with any other legitimate fans?
the fly
the fly! please!
Keep Magnificent in playlist
Magnificent would be great to hear in NY. Also, New Years Day, New York, and of course, The Unforgettable Fire.
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