U2360° TOUR

Oct 8 2010
Rome, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Interpol

'Thank you for this welcome. We're on stage tonight and a lot of people thought that was impossible. And I for one feel very fortunate to be standing on this stage with my three best friends...'

Two months and twenty two shows after U2360 opened up again in 2010, the European leg ended in the grand setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome tonight and the Italian U2 community - that's u2place.com in particular - made it a real night to remember. Volunteers were in the venue early to create an extraordinary set of choreographed flags - we've never had a more impressive one.

'Still Haven't Found' brought us the reveal - a dazzling Irish flag, Italian flag and the word 'ONE' in red on white. A breathtaking visual moment, for the band, as much as everyone else:'Viva Italia!'

That segued into another great moment with a rare appearance for 'Bad' and, even more unusually on this tour, a snatch of 'All I Want Is You'(...unless you know different, the first time we've heard that on U2360). And then came 'Mercy' one of the six new and unreleased tracks that the band have surprised us with in Europe this summer.

Dallas Schoo got a special shout-out before Bono thanked everyone on the crew ahead of In A Little While. This audience was pumped all night long, delighted to hear Bono speaking so often in Italian. 'I wanna thank all the people who helped us build this dream of ours...'

As this summer European tour came to a close all the phones came out and the stadium 'turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery.' Everyone in the house felt just as fortunate as the singer to be here tonight...

Were you at the show ? Let us know what your own highlight was - or if you took part in making the flags? What was the moment you'll never surrender, the memory you'll keep for ever? Add them below and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Two hours of love and hapiness
This was my 5th U2 concert (Paris 2005, two in Amsterdam 2009, Moscow and Rome). The one in Moscow in August was very special, Bono and the band were performing at 200% under pouring rain. But guys...that night in Rome...Two hours of love and hapiness...I will never forget it. Thank you so much. "Che serata magica" (c)...
The show in Rome was the most spectacular I have ever seen! It was amazing and after the first three words of "All I want is you" I started to cry for minutes! it is my favorite song and was really unexpected! it seemed to be in a dream! Thank you guys! I love you so much! see you in Europe soon! ; ) Martina
This was my fourth concert and it was absolutely the most beautiful of all also because I brought with me my mother! The most exciting moments for me were during I'still Have not Find What I'm Looking For, Bad, Walk On, One, Where The Streets Have No Name, With Or Without You! I had chills throughout the show that was simply amazing ...... thanks U2
waiting for...
...a magical evening! Cristina 64
thank you...from Finglas Follower
Thank you lads for another amazing gig and memorable night. in Rome... I was in Red Zone (left side of stage)... and Rome was my 5th time watching your 360 show... Dublin, Cardiff, Rome.... all outstanding gigs but different in their own way! Am back home in Dublin now contemplating a way to get to see you again in NYC in 2011.... Where there's a will there's a way! Am a fan these past 25 years and my loyalty just goes from strenghth to strength as you continue to write, produce and play the type of music which makes the hair on the back of my neck stand .... Hope see you again next year but for now thank you for everything xxx
Unforgettable fire
Thank you people off Rome ! Thank you U2 ! This was my third concert within two months (Hannover/Paris/Rome) but this was by far the best, thanks to the enormous reaction/energy from the Roman fans !! Friday night made my trip to Rome an unforgettable fire......... BJ from Holland
I was the orange in One
What can I say, incredible, unforgettable night. Thanks for take part of my life since 1984. I hope to see you in Italy early. I love U2
Me and my friend travelled from england to rome and i can say i would have travelled the world for this night. The atmosphere in rome was electric due to the concert. The set list could not have been better, Bad is one of my favourite live tracks and by the look of what you had played before rome i didnt think it was going to be played, but you made my night even better! I am sad to say i'm only 18 and a fear you won't tour again but im keeping my fingers crossed! Thankyou for an unforgettable night. I hope to see you again soon!
most memorable moment was...
... to see Bono moved seeing the coreography! I was in the green area of the Irish flag. What emotion! U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U2U
Bono singing
He was incredibly close :-)
What a thrill for me and my wife, to share this unforgettable concert with our children (6 and 8 years old). For them it was the first venue, for us maybe the best; the band and the audience "made love" for two hours, and both felt really touched by this magic athmosphere. Thank you boys, and see you next year in Europe again , I hope...
ROME is one of the best shows... This is my 8th show after Modena 87, Bologna 93, Reggio Emilia 97, Torino 01, Roma 05, Milano 09, Torino 10... And the next???? D U B L I N 2011... It's my dream!!! Thanks for all!!!!
What could I say? People all together: ONE!!!
The concert in Rome was, for me, the best concert of my life ever! This according to my experience and I would really like to thanks U2 for demonstrating each time their love and their passion for rock music and for all million peoples that all over the world are taking part into this wonderful 360 tour! This tour made possible the complete union between the music and the audience since each one became part of the show. I also have been very fortunate to be to this concert and to stay in the ring just in front of the stage and near to the catwalk, under the bridges…..WOW! Accordingly to what said Bono we also have to give big special thanks to all the crew and also a BIG KISS to each member! Well done to everybody! The sensation I have last night was that there was a spirit of a “big” family that each date have to work hard and travel many days far away from home, and this family each time have to discover new places, new people, new situation, new dimension to love (or hate) their work, but each time there’s the presence of this spirit of brotherhood that I felt during the night in Rome. We don’t have to forget also to thanks the doctors that let Bono stand on the stage….and all support band….and the web site U2.com……they are in this family too. So this is what I like and that is what I always liked in U2 concert, because the dimension of our love are different but we know that if we are in this brotherhood WE CAN BE AS ONE! WALK ON in always keeping the faith of your own name since you are always “YOU-TOO”! VIVA L’ITALIA!
"belissima serata"
Thank you guys for this beautifl night in Roma, in my Rome. Thank you for have changed my life, and thank you for all the moment that goes on with your music. Alessio.
You made me cry!
It was my sixth U2's concert, the third of the 360° Tour. I should be used to the emotions U2 can give during a concert but this time it was much more than great and amazing, and magic. It was The Perfect Show, a perfect union between artits and fans! Perfect music, perfect voice, perfect stadium, perfect city, perfect day! You made me cry several times... THANK YOU GUYS! P.s.: my wish now? joining a concert in the US next year...
Rome!!!!! 8 October 2010
The evening in Rome was memorable .... the band was really in shape and gave us a concert that will go down in history for the atmosphere and the excitement continues. God bless U2 .... thanks to exist!!
missing . . . PRIDE
I was a little "red" dot that formed the word ONE and I can say that it was all exciting and touching. the way we ALL sang the song was just amazing. the show was top class but I am sorry they did not perform PRIDE I know ..... I am an unforgivable romantic! thanks, I love you all
The whole concert was amazing...with a lot of goosebump-moments...especially during ''I still haven't found ... Thanks guys for an unforgettable evening! Sabine Gielen (Belgium) xxx
i was the white in the irish flag
thanks u2 for a memorable night the passion from everybody in that stadium was truly incredible,the look on the bands faces when they seen the flags was amazing. see you all in chicago
What time is it in the world?
And the band was in great shape. Sound in body and soul. And you could see and feel it. And the idea of the Time pervaded the whole show, from Space Oddity's Countdown, to "Is there a time" in Miss Saraievo, from "Until the end of the world", to Bono's memory of U2's first show in Flaminio years ago, from "What time is it in the world" in Hold me, thrill me, to "Showtime!" finally exclaimed by Bono. "Time is a train, makes the future the past". Last night in Rome, we all took that train.
Amazing night!!!
Thank you Bono,Edge,Adam & Larry for the best concert ever. I'm a fan of yours for more than 15 years, you are the best band in the world. Saw you first in Tel-Aviv in 1997 and I think that the decision to come to Rome to see you again was so right, Rome has most passionate fans. The choreography was awesome,I had so many magic moments,like,when you started to sing "Bad", "All I want is you","MLK", "Moment of surrender" and so much more. We will never forget you,please don't make us wait long for next tour. Viva U2 !!!
I was there,the show was the best one that i ever see since 1997 POPMART tour. I saw U2 in Reggio emilia 1997,Turin 2001,Milan 2005 but this last concert is the stronger. Bono's voice improve and the energy that come out from the band is the same from all that years. Thank you U2 for all emotions that come out from you perfomances! Marco
U2 Roma
Thank you...Bono...The Edge...Adam...Larry... Incredible night...
From the US to Roma - AMAZING!
I came all the way from the United States just for the concert in Roma...an absolute dream come true. Seeing the flags during 'Still havent found' and 'Streets' from the field was absolutely incredible. Bad was a very special treat too. I dont know how they will top this concert, they will have to do a show on the moon next! Thanks to the band, the wonderful city of Rome and to my fellow Italians for a truly memorable night.
Waiting for the beginning!
Our first U2 concert! Emotions that we'll never forget! Il nostro primo concerto degli U2... emozioni che non dimenticheremo mai!
A continuous passion for music
Great gig. From Flaminio 1993 to Olimpico 2010. A continous flow of music. The band jammimng during Bad w/ All I want is you has been a great moment of a live show and the evidence of U2's ongoing passion for music. The journey goes on.
Greatest Show Ever!
I was born in Rome and i was born with U2 music. For this the last night was the culmination of every emotion. A night more than Magic. Constant chills. They have weaned me and made me grow So, I can fully say Thank YoU2 ! One Love.
U2 into my heart! forever!
It was an extraordinary show!!! Tears goes down now.. I want to say thank you to U2 for all emotions that they give to me! my italian heart sing with yours irish hearts! we are ONE! I love you!!! forever!!! fabio
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