U2360° TOUR

Nov 25 2010
Auckland, NZ / Mt. Smart Stadium
with Jay-Z

The band were back on stage in Auckland tonight as the New Zealand and Australia leg of U2360 kicked off at Mt Smart Stadium.

This capacity audience were clearly up for making this a night to remember from the opening bars of The Return of the Stingray Guitar. With a breathtaking sequence of eight tracks from 'Beautiful Day' to 'Still Haven't Found', the most moving moment of the night arrived with the opening chords of One Tree Hill, a song originally written for New Zealander Greg Carroll - and the only U2 track solely released as a single in this country.

Tonight One Tree Hill has still greater resonance, dedicated to the miners who have lost their lives in the accident at the Pike River mine on the South Island. 'At a time like this when your hearts must be so raw...' said Bono. 'People deal with grief in different ways. In Ireland we sing...'

As he pays tribute to the miners and the 'unspeakable loss' felt by their loved ones, the names of all 29 men illuminate the huge screens above the 360 stage and we are experiencing one of those unique moments in the U2 live story. At the same time a great sea of red balloons are released from the audience, climbing high into the sky. 'This is for your 29 lost to this earth but not to the eternal...'

As one fan tweeting live from the show put it, 'U2 and the dedication to the miners was the most heartfelt and amazing moment in a concert ever.'

Having opened up the night with a great set himself, Jay-Z was back on stage for another special moment, rapping with Bono on Sunday Bloody Sunday - as he did in Berlin in 2009 to mark the twentieth anniversary celebrations of the fall of the Wall.

Then a little piece of U2 history: the first performance in a live show of Scarlet, from 1981's October album, an elegiac celebration to mark the release from house-arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma - with Jay-Z rapping her name. 'She's finally free...' said Bono, thanking U2 fans all over who have campaigned for her freedom in recent years.

Some highlights from us of a powerful opening night in Auckland. Were you at the show? Tell us what it felt like and add your own reviews and photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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U2 are the best!
I bought tickets for me and my Dad to see U2 for the first time on their Auckland 25th show. I put this as a priority over booking flights however and as a result we couldn't find any flights to Auckland in time for the show. We ended up flying from Christchurch to Wellington and driving up the whole north island to get there. We knew it would be worth it though and it turned out to be the best experience ever. The lights, the atmosphere and the massive 'claw' stage were all magnificent, but the performance the band gave was even better than that. I would see them again any day, and would pick them over any other band. U2 are the best!
Great concert, first one that I have ever been to infact. Going to be a hard act to follow.
amazing show!!!
I was one of the lucky ones who was in the inner circle, so close I could nearly touch them. My 3rd time seeing U2, they just get better with age.
What can I say Really... What can I say?
Wow, This was my first ever concert and I had decided firmly that it would be a U2 one. I travelled from Mumbai to see the band live, after I tried for Dublin, Boston, New York... and can't even remember how many more! This is my Miracle Drug, Like Willie Williams says, this is the only time where we dedicate to the PRESENT and not think about the pat or the future. EDGE do you remember seeing me before the concert after you arrived from the chopper and headed in a golf cart towards the stadium, I was wearing a black ONE tee with a black shirt. Thank you for the Joyful Noise! You look amazing on stage! LARRY, you look awesome and especially when you came out with the Djembe, you are a spectacle, but I didn't understand what you said.... ADAM, you have the warmest smile on earth, you are the ULTRAVIOLET. BONO... You look like an Action Figure! I have been your fan ever since I saw you speak in that Chicago concert and in Sunday Bloody Sunday in Rattle And Hum! You have inspired me to help change the World too. We have a team, we're called LEVITATE, and we educate people in our localities, schools, colleges, offices... every place that has a human with a heart about ONE and (PRODUCT)RED. Thank you. This was a pilgrimage. I danced all night and the next day my body ached!!! Thank you! See you again sometime! I Will Follow...
Totally awesome
I couldn't have wished for a better way to celebrate my 40th on the 25th Nov along with my friend Mike and his partner Karly who celebrated her 36th the same day. Oh and not forgetting Karly's friend Tara. I travelled 13000 miles from the UK not only to see my mate but also to see one of the best bands in the world give a magnificent performance. Hurry up back to NZ guy's, I want another holiday!! Funny in away as the 4 of us are of all different nationalities. A Kiwi, Canadian, Pom and a yank. U2 TOTALLY ROCK
Hi, My name is Michelle. I went to your very 1st New Zealand concert when i was 17 and it was the best. I have been to concerts since and it was still the best. I took my 17 year old daughter Tamara along to her very 1st concert on Thursday night U2 360 at Mount Smart and finally your 1st concert has been bettered.......YOU ROCK U2....Tamara agrees too. Thanks Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry we had the most memorable time and i hope you did to. Come back again in 2 years so i can take my other daughter to your concert when she is 17 then we can all rock together LIVE. THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.
Amazing Grace!
Awesome Concert managed to get near the front of the outer stage, heard songs I have always wanted to hear live especially 'One Tree Hill' saw you in Adelaide in 2006 so I missed it last time. Only one thing I was a bit disappointed in was that the sound was too loud which affected the quality. Thank you especially for your tribute to the miners who died but the most powerful moment of the whole concert was Bono singing the whole first verse of 'Amazing Grace' as a Christian that was an incredible moment to hear a Hymn sung by my favorite band and know they mean it! Thanks
Big Beres
Up The Front
What a show - this Kiwi last saw lads the in Syd 2006. please please please re-release "One Tree Hill" live for our miners - this grown man had tears in his eyes, with such a emotional week for our country - thanks U2.
Els B
I was there!!
Loved every minute of it! Hope you will come back soon as I already miss you...
My Kids were Amazed
Family holiday for us. Took my 11 year old boy and 7 year old girl to thier first U2 concert, they were absolutely amazed! Tears ran down my face with the tribute to the miners, and my favourite song as always was ONE just unreal! Thanks U2 for an awesome show! Memories for a lifetime x x x
Amazing but too loud!
Wow - what a stage and what an incredible spectacle!!! Loved hearing one tree hill - so stoked to hear it played in little old NZ....and scarlet was a treat.....have always loved that track!!! Just one little negative though was the quality of the sound. Quality was lost with being too loud. The higher notes and treble was piercing - levels were not right aye! Get back the sound guy from the 2006 vertigo tour - the sound was perfect for that concert! Otherwise so good to see the best band in the world live again! Thanks guys!!!
A night to remember!
Wow..most amazing concert I have ever been too! Came up to Auckland from Dunedin and so glad I did! Thank you Adam, Bono, Edge and Larry. It truely was a night to remember and treasure. There were 40+ thousand people there but it was so personal, so intimate. The stage and whole production was incredible, but more important is your ability to draw your audience in, connect with everyone and at the same time - rock the house! The tribute to the Miners was moving and appropriate. One Tree Hill was a special moment. Loved Pride, Elevation, actually loved them all! Please come back to New Zealand - we love you. And you know, the South Island is a pretty great place to do a gig or 2!
One Tree Hill
How about re-releasing the single "One Tree Hill" in NZ to raise funds for the families involved in the Pike River Mine disaster?
Average life expectancy in Niger is 48. I spent my 48th birthday at the U2 360 concert. As expected by my U2 groupie mind, it was awesome. They performed One Tree Hill as a dedication to the 29 miners whose deaths had been confirmed that day due to a terrible accident earlier in the week (of those killed one was the son of a nurse from the clinic I work at and one was a 17 year old kid who just started his first day of work). I did not know that the song had originally been written for Greg Carroll, a New Zealand Maori, their stage manager, who was killed at a young age in a motorcycle accident (The Joshua Tree album was dedicated to him). They returned his body from Dublin and went to his Tangi (3 day funeral) at the Kai Iwi Marae in Wanganui. It was a moving night including hand raised singing of Amazing Grace and a message of hope from the beautiful smiling face of Bishop Desmond Tutu. Not to mention Sunday Bloody Sunday performed with Jay-Z. Afterwards it was Kilkenny pints at The Fiddler, a small Irish Pub that had live music and was packed until 4 o’clock in the morning on a Thursday night. Then we found a little park next to a church under the light of the Sky Tower on our walk back to our hotel. There was a fountain surrounded with the words all will be well, all will be well,… I was talked into prancing through the water which I didn’t want to do because I had on my suede Italian loafers, the only expensive pair of shoes I have ever owned. But somehow our shoes didn’t get wet. So I guess we walked on water. It would have been perfect if I didn’t have to get on a plane two hours later to go back to work. But that was OK too. It’s good to be needed; even if it’s being needed in the middle of nowhere at the ends of the earth. But U2 makes you feel good about things like that. Ironically the big news story after the concerts was not the powerful moving shows but that someone had gotten a picture of Beyoncé having lunch with Jay-Z. It’s a silly world and I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. But it’s been quite the adventure looking for it. I recently had a legendary canoe trip down the Wanganui River. The landscape was other worldly and the air was filled with nothing but bird songs. The lush green forest, sand stone cliffs, and still water were so peaceful. It was a wonderful time of reflection for me. I had just had one of the most troubling weeks of my life. A young woman came into the clinic with severe abdominal pain. She had just had a laparoscopic exam by the Gynecologist to assess her pelvic pain complaints. I thought she was having an infection or complications from her procedure. Surely she could not be pregnant since a Gynecologist was just looking at her uterus. But before I could figure out what was going on I was delivering a breach 27 week preemie. It was a tiny purple alien that I thought was a still birth. But then she took a breath and she was a little human. We spent the next several hours keeping mom and baby alive until the helicopter and incubator arrived with an impressive team of medical professionals to take baby to Auckland where she would spend the next several weeks fighting for her life… …heavy. A few days later I received a progress report for Massaouda, the little girl in Niger who we sponsor. It arrived 10/10/10. It informed me that Massaouda was unable to attend school. Instead she spends her time collecting water for her family. I noted that her favorite food was millet but I’m sure that’s because she has never had strawberry ice cream. And then I saw the average life expectancy for her area, forty eight… …heavy. This could be the last year of my life so I better make the best of it. I may not find it but I plan to look a little harder for it. Dear Massaouda, My name is Chris. I am your sponsor. I wasn’t able to officially sponsor you myself because I don’t have a credit card. I don’t believe in credit cards. They are these plastic cards that you can use instead of money that your bank gives you. They make you feel like it’s OK to spend more money than you actually have. Then you have to pay back the bank a lot more than you spent for stuff that you didn’t really need in the first place. Not a very good idea, I know. But you have to use a credit card to pay for things on the computer so I cheat and use my wife’s. I often find myself dealing with moral dilemmas by cheating. I am from America, the richest country in the world. You are from Niger, the poorest country in the world. I currently live in New Zealand, somewhere in between. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. It’s almost my birthday. I’ll be turning 48. I just received a progress report on how you are doing. It noted that the average life expectancy in your region is 48. This might be the last year of my life if things were a bit different. What difference to the universe would it be if I were born in Niger instead of the US of A? The universe and all of time would go on without a blink. My favorite food would be millet and not pesto and cheese pizza. I wouldn’t be sitting in a nice house in front of a laptop computer; I’d be getting my affairs in order. I was thinking about the stickers I sent you for your birthday. They were things like barbeques and chocolate fish candy. I hope I didn’t offend you. I know that you don’t have fish or chocolate. They were stickers trying to share New Zealand culture/ Kiwi culture (kiwi=the little flightless bird sticker) with you. The sponsorship agency probably could have been a little more culturally sensitive. But New Zealand tries hard. It certainly allows me to be more honest about moral dilemmas than my home country does; much less cheating needed here. Did you like the little sewing kit I sent? We’re not allowed to send anything very big. Your report said that you wanted to be a tailor. I think that sounds like a great idea. It would be a good profession and you get to make beautiful things. My daughter Madisson likes to sew also (you know Madisson, she’s written you). She has some trouble but tries hard. Madisson has trouble with a lot of things but always tries hard. I’m sure you try hard too. I was so sorry to hear that you are not able to go to school. The report said you have to spend your time collecting water for your family which must be very hard work. Madisson recently got to see how hard that is. She is in the Scouts. Do you know any Scouts? There are Scouts in every country of the world except North Korea and Iran (go figure). The Scouts do a lot of outdoor activity. Last weekend they had to set up their own tents, cook their own food, and collect and boil their own water without any adult help. They collected the water from a stream with a bucket on a rope. They did a great job but I know they wouldn’t want to have to do that all the time. I wanted to let you know that there is a family out there that thinks about you all the time. I pray every day that live will be better for all of us. Peace and Love, Chris
Missed Opportunity
Hi, I attended Thursday night - what an amazing gig!. I was born and raised in Greymouth and both my parents were booked into to come to the gig. My dad is a lifelong fan and was really keen to see U2. Unfortunately this tragedy at Pike River occurred and my mum is a support worker who has worked there for many years supporting the miners and their families. They sacrificed the trip up here to Auckland to work with the families and support them during this time. It has been such a hard time. My wishes and prayers to the families of Pike, and U2 please come back to NZ so my folks can see you! Chur
U2 rock my world!
Fantastic, amazing, "o" for awesome concert - not enough superlatives in the english language to describe the experience on Friday night. Thank you to U2 for the heartfelt tribute to our lost Kiwis in the Pike River Mine tragedy, highly emotional moment for everyone and even now thinking about it brings a tear to the eye. I hope that NZ are able to have a concert DVD produced specifically for us capturing this special moment.
amazing concert ever!!
Thank you so much U2 for bringing your amazing tour down under. We travelled up from Timaru to see you with our 17 yr old daughter who is a huge fan like us, it was her first concert and like us could not believe she was seeing her idols in person! It took us over 20 years to see you live and we can't wait for the next time. Highlight would be the Pike River tribute we all had tears after that. Thank you. Beautiful day was cool, Walk on, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Elevation the list goes on all brilliant! We didn't want the show to finish. To be surrounded by a fantastic crowd as well all with the same passion was amazing. All the best with the rest of the tour and Merry Christmas! Your devoted fans from South Canterbury!
U2 Grand
Yet another grand concert ! Nothing beats live. Thank you for raising the profile of our lost miners, perhaps we can now get a tree back on to One Tree Hill to add to the memories. We hope you continue to rock on like we have been here in Canterbury recently. Where to next? As always you leave us thinking and guessing. Thanks for over two decades of music, the theme songs to our journeys, keep them coming. Enjoy Oz and see you again. Proud to drive U2 ONE.
A M A Z I N G !!!!!!!!!!
This was my first concert ever! What a memorable show....so touching with the acknowledgement to the miners. The entire show was nothing short of brillance. Support act Jay-Z was awesome and with his own dedication to the miners, brought a tear to my eye. I can't wait to my next concert. U2 have shown why they are the best group ever to walk the earth. You guys ROCK! Kia kaha
Thank you for making a 10yr old girls li
U2, you have blessed my daughter with the experience of a life time. It is something she will never forget and that she will take with her throughout her life. Also from myself... I live near Auckland Airport and your second concert which you are currently playing I can hear crystal clear.. Where the streets have no name is a song I hold very dear to my heart for personal reasons and I have just been able to re-live it from my back porch whilst looking up into heaven and feeling like I can reach out to my Dad who is up there. Thank you, that is a moment, I, will never forget.
awesome in auckland !!!!
travelled up from chch for the first auckland show awesome show esp scarlett loved all the old songs perfect set loved edges guitar and seeing larry and adam away from the stage i never knew where to look cried when they put our 29 miners names on the big screen best moment for me was bono singing miss sarajevo right above me when he hit the high notes i got goose bumps just stunning !!!!!!
Truly Amazing...
Yes, last night was a truly amazing performance and it's easy to see why U2 are known as the best live rock act in the world. I took my 13 year old daughter, her first rock concert, and she is still on cloud nine today and extremely excited, can't wait to tell her friends back in Arrowtown all about it. I have seen U2 many times, last night's set list was legendary and delivered with true mastery, emotion and passion... their live acts just keep getting better and better. In true kiwi understatement... these four lads from Ireland aren't half bad." Thank you for a very, very memorable evening... one of life's great moments.
best night of my life
hi i just wanted to say thank you for the most amazing night of my life . i am 16 years old and i have listed to your music since the day i was born ( also went to your concert in mums tummy ) but i have wanted to go to a U2 concert for 11 years i used to put on my dads movies of you and pretend i was there with you guys .last night that came true i was finely there with you LIVE !! it was the most amazing night of my life as you came on the stage i was crying i dont know why i think it was because i was laughing so much coz i was there and i couldnt believe it after the concert finished i stood there crying after every one had left i could not believe it was over the best night of my life was over after 11 years of waiting it was over then i thought I WENT TO A U2 CONCERT and it was the best night !!! and i know i will see you live again even if i have to travel to go to another country i will see you again you have blessed me with your music and you will for many many years to come . thank you so much from a huge huge fan of yours Gabrielle
What an amazing night! U2 get better and better and just keep topping each tour. The tribute to the miners was the most touching part of the night. I felt proud to be a Kiwi and the crowd united as one. One Tree Hill never sounded so good as it did tonight.
From the moment we entered the Stadium and stood in absolute awe of the "Claw" it was a magnificient experience. Talk about "feel" the music, it was all around us, both visually and audibly you could just feel it pulse or throb inside of you. "One Tree Hill" was such an awesome tribute to the 29 miners NZ lost and one of my favorite songs. When you followed it with "Miss Sarajevo" "Pride" and "One" you just totally blew me away. Thanks U2 for a totally unforgettable evening.
Cant wait
Reading all this makes me so want the 1st of December to come round. Have another good night in Auckland and we will see you in Melbourne!! Please play Angel of Harlem!!!!
Had the whole family booked to come and see you last night but unfrotunately my son had a serious skateboaring accident in the afternoonand ended up in ICU so only 2 of the 5 managed to get to the show which my daughter says was BRILLIANT - PLEASE COME BACK SOO- been hanging out to see you guys!! The photos look awesome!!! PS. He is out of ICU and recovering well - Its a Beautiful Day
Thank you
Thank you to U2 for an amazing night at the end of a very emotional roller coaster of a week. My staunch husband who has spent a lot of time working in Greymouth cried when the names appeared, it was almost cathartic for a lot of people there. When some of us were feeling guilty for going out to a show at such a time you turned it into a sensitive tribute. Well done and thank you! I last saw you play about 25 years ago at Liverpool Royal Court and you set a bar for me that nobody else has ever matched. I'd go to other concerts with my hubby and i'd always say "Good, but not as good live as U2". He saw you last night for the first time and I am vindicated, ha ha, he had to agree with me.
25-year wait worth it
I have followed U2 since I was a teenager in the early 80s but I have never had the opportunity to see them live until last night - it was SO worth the wait. The set and the band blew away every expectation I had. Highlights were definitely Still Haven't Found and One Tree Hill, and Elevation blew the stadium open, but every song sounded fantastic and the lighting and stage effects were just incredible. Thankyou, U2, after all these years you still enjoy what you do and it shows. RoyJ
26 years on...
26 years since I last saw them live and it was as good as the first time...
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