U2360° TOUR

Sep 11 2010
Zurich, CH / Letzigrund Stadium
with One Republic

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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From Chicago!
My wife and I traveled from Chicago to see this show. It was a great show and an incredible experience! This is the first time we have seen U2 outside the United States, and wish we had done it sooner! I recently read a post about the "U2 community" and I couldn't agree more...there is a common bond U2 fans share, regardless of where you call home! We have to thank the couple from Sao Paulo, Brazil for giving us a ride from the Renaissance Zurich Hotel to the stadium! We hope you two enjoyed the show as much as we did, and enjoyed the rest of your trip in Europe! Most Memorable Moment?... That would be the whole show! Can't wait for our next U2 concert! Mike and Karen
Zurich #1
What a great show. Right at the front, hard to pick a single moment out. All good. If I have any criticism, it was they didn't play Ultraviolet! however HMTMKMKM was great
watching TV?
A great band, a great show, U2 you did you best, Bono, you couldn't have done more, this crowd was just rigid and lazy, I never thought I could feel such emptyness in the public (I never saw that before and hopefully never experience it again). Sad for fans and sad for you. You did great, unfortunately this public was sitting to watch television, yes, that's what they did. Not ready to get off reality. Nothing compared to the next day, where we got into crazy, showering and electrical storm...
Great show and great sound
The Letzigrund Stadium is really fantastic for concerts and U2 took advantage of it. The show was awesome - no one could have known, that the day after a show from outer space was waiting. Thank you so much for the Zurich shows!!!
On Swiss German: Es isch de Hammer gsi!
Thanks for a great show, guys! I was touched by your energy and the wonderful ambience on Saturday (a beautiful day!). Keep on playing and keep on focusing on humanity. I loved the vertigo and I loved walk on, still haven't found what I'm looking for and one as they all reflect the situation I'm in right now. Still have the music playing in my heart...
some critical words
indisputably a breathtaking show. u2 at its best. but I think that the music is beeing drowned out by this blast of multi-media effects". lads, I am looking forward to an upcoming "less is more" tour.
some critical words
indisputably a breathtaking show. u2 at its best. but I think that the music is beeing drowned out by this blast of multi-media effects". lads, I am looking forward to an upcoming "less is more" tour.
Dear Bono, Edge, Larry and Adam! Gracias gracias, thank you so much for the wunderfull show on saturday. I'm proud to be fan of the best band of the world. See you next saturday in Paris for another great show. Un beso Lorena
2 amazing nights in Zürich
We follow the band since 25 years. The two nights in Zürich were just great and unbelievable. We could feel the heart of the band and the love to the people and music. I am sure that they had also a special time and enjoyed it in Zürich. It would be great to meet them once again in Basel. All the best for the band and maybe see you :-))
shit de best fuckin show i ever was
best live band ever and i swear to amazing one rpublic was good (: but U2 damn it was amazing i cant descibe this night zurich was in trance!! and i was so glad that i met ryan tedder at the and of the show (: owww that tight was the best night i ever had <3
Just Great! Thanks for all!!
Hola Hola
another amazing moments!!! Thank you again. Sadely could not stay for 2nd night Hope all the friends there enjoy a lot Next stop Paris, counting down begins see ya take care everyone
finally back in zurich!
i love to hop around the world to see u2 - but it feels the best at home in zurich! thank you so much! and bono... remember back in 2005? loved it :))
Hi, i wish the concert never ended, MLK, Walk On, Sunday bloody Sunday! The guys were in great shape, emotion ran high. I was with some friends, one a mummy with her daugther, MLK used to be the lullaby Annamaria sang when Marghi was a toddler, so you can imagine their emotion. i am an Amnesty and One supporter, and when Walk on was banned in Burma i spent half a good part of a month's wage ringing to Burma embassies around the world with WalkOn full blast, so you can guess my emotion. Plus, some of the songs that are important to me and my wonderful husband, who took pictures and care of me while i danced like i had a good back and neck (which of course at 45 i don't have!). Today, on his way to the stadium, Adam was so kind to stop for some photo with us waiting outside the hotel. A beautiful day??? Much, much more than that! Thank you Adam, thank you U2, and if you feel like keeping on touring you could steal Springsteen's idea of making an album a night! That would not be celebrating the past, it would be celebrating full stop!!!
U2 in Letzigrund
Beautiful concert last night in Zurich! U2's first concert was in 1987 and since that date we try to see them somewhere in Europe....but for our daughters it was the first time! They loved it!! they said: U2 C'EST D'LA BOMBE!! It was very special last night. Because we all had a thought for the victims of September 11.... it was also the end of Ramadan and finally Jews have celebrated Rosh Hashana the Jewish New Year... Yes!! last night in Zürich it was very special....One moment of love and peace Thank you so much U2 And hope to see you next time...somewhere in Europe Valérie
Thank you :)
Thank you for the amazing show yesterday night in Zürich :-) It was my first U2 show and it was really really fantastic :-) thank you very very much :-) Anouck
Great Show!
I waited for 25 years to go to a U2 concert. This year it was possible - even in the RED Zone. It was worth every franc. Thank you very much!
Waouh ! after Paris, Dublin, Las Vegas, Zurich Thanks for all the happiness for 22 years, you are fantastic....soon Paris. Thank you also to the staff and U2.com
Parfait !
Dublin's, erm, scratch that, the WORLD's fab-four did it again; this time in Zurich. I never tire of watching them perform. U2 continue to exhibit a perfect blend of musicianship and showmanship. Playing their muscular "Magnificent" after the "Stingray" opener was a pleasant surprise. "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" served Bono's red laser suit very well (even if it meant omitting the crowd-pleasing "Ultraviolet ! ")
Thank you, it was sooo great last night züirch! looking forward for tonight again. :-) maby, you will play Bad or Numb. See you
09/11/2010 - Zürich
the show was amazing!!! every track was great ... hold me thrill me was spectacular!! and miss sarajevo was wonderfull - thank you for this great and amazing evening!!!!
U2 Spaceship in Action - Letzigrund
U2 Spaceship in Action Zürich - Letzigrund Show 1 - 9/11/2010
Corinne Koch
thank you for a great great concert last night and for all the years of your wonderful music and spirit !!! will be there again tonight. thanks so much!
Awesome show! HIghlight was our wedding song live ( Beatiful Day)
have u(2) ever seen happier faces?
thank you guys... this was the most magical concert night i've ever leaved in my whole life! and def the greatest in the last 30 years in which u're an important part of my life. love u guys. take care!
It was awesome!
My first U2 concert and it was great! "Where The Streets Have No Name", "Miss Sarajevo" (R.I.P. Pavarotti), "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" ... a lot of good old memories. Thank you for the concert! Hope to see you, David, Paul, Larry & Adam, in Switzerland again! PS: I missed the "Unforgettable fire" ;-)
See you on Saturday and Sunday! :-)
joshua stree
I will be there on 12/9 cannot wait!!
Corinne Koch
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