U2360° TOUR

Sep 12 2010
Zurich, CH / Letzigrund Stadium
with One Republic

Second show in Zurich tonight, and the live debut for 'Mercy' a near-mythical track with legendary status amongst hardcore U2 afficionados.

Just one reason among many why the seriously moist conditions were not going to dampen anyone's spirits.

'First time we've played this live outside of soundcheck,' explained Bono in introducing Mercy, which was written and recorded during the 'How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb' sessions and, while widely referenced, never subsequently released.

The track won a great reception and proved another signal that the band are ringing the changes in the set list: tonight we also had Mothers of the Disappeared, back after its surprise appearance in Istanbul, as well as the fourth of the all-new tracks North Star.

There's something powerful about watching the band perform in such difficult conditions, particularly a track as poignant as Mothers of the Disappeared, dedicated to Aung San Suu Kyi, with Bono banging his chest like a visual pulse. 'We hear their heartbeart...'

The rain continued to pour and the audience to clap in time as we sequed into Walk On and a snatch of Neil Young's 'You Are Like A Hurricane' before an updated lyric of One about having 'some fun in the rain.' Bono was still singing about the weather ('When the rain comes and I don't mind') as 'Streets' arrived and this totally drenched audience were still unbelievably up for it... totally into the music and totally ignoring the conditions!

Quite the sight to see Adam with his shirt off, so torrential did the conditions become, and when Bono thanked everyone at the end of Moment of Surrender for 'a special night'... we all knew we had been at a memorable show.

If you were there tonight, add your own review and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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My First Concert
I really was happy beacuse that was my first real Rock concert at the age of 10! amazing wish i could go there again.
It was really a \"Beatiful Day\" !!!
Everything was fantastic, also the rain !!!
Simply amazing
I have been to 10 shows on this tour and Zurich II was by far the best. Thanks for partying with us in the pouring rain, thanks for playing "Mercy" (I do like the new version by the way), thanks for making this night unforgetable! And please never stop playing live, will you? :-)
The original MERCY please!
I really don't like this version of Mercy. I'm a old and big fan of U2 but I have to say that I hope this live version of the song won't be the final. The original is way better than this one. The original Mercy is really one of the BEST songs they have written ever. First time I heard the song I get the feel of U2 all over it. Sound me like a classic since the beginning. Also is a six minut track. It's the kind of song that make history in a band. Please keep it like the original. Really don't like the because, because, because.... sound like the Menthos tv ad
Let it rain.....
Please, please,please.... let it rain when U2 performs in America next year so I too can see a shirtless Adam live, wet and in person.....Wow......beautiful.. J & M & L (Adams Girls)
What rain!!
What a brilliant night!! U2, you do it every time. It was amazing how the crowd sang & danced oblivious to the rain. Just looked at the setlist for Munich, though & it's exactly the same as ours, except that they played 2 extra songs, so maybe the rain affected U2 a little more than the crowd!! Not really complaing though, cos the gig was amazing & I think lesser bands may have given up much earlier. Look forward to the next tour, (or Glastonbury next year perhaps), as cant afford to go again this tour :(
I was there
...and after Milan 2009 & Wembley 2009, Zurich was absolutely amazing!
"This rain will either kill it, or make it special" that was what our new friend said to us as the rain started pelting down.... and it really did turn into one of the best shows, ever. Thank you so much.
It's my 25th concert of U2 in a lot of places in Europe. I follow them since 1987. But this night on 12 september 2010 was one of my best concert of this band. There was something magic that I can't explain. Thanks to the band for doing this magnificent show.
2nd Zurich
Peoples from Slovakia (Kosice)
A band, a roaring crowd (living people compared to previous night....) and the rain. All was there to make that night exceptionnal. An emotional evening, I hope you could feel it, You could feel it, did you??? Thanks to one republic, to the U2 technicians and staff and to our fabulous 4 "U2". You/We were there, together, inspired and elevated in the pouring rain. One glorious show, with spirit and soul. Lucky we are having experienced that. Thanks and stay safe guys.
Uno, dos, tres...!!!
Uno, dos, tres... and that was it!!! Sunday service sort of purificating rain, reaching out and touchin the flame into the black, rainy sky, right there, wher we are one and the streets have no name. Thank's for sharing Mr. Desmond's message Uno, dos, tres y... HASTA SIEMPRE!!!!
Wonderful concert
This show was truly amazing! Loved Mercy and shirtless Adam :) Thank you so much U2 for giving me the best birthday ever!
Can't.breathe....heart.beating.too.fast...need.CPR.right.now. preferably.by.shirtless.bass player! Thanks SoupRQT for the pic! I just might post that pic over my bed, LOL!
Sunday magical Sunday
I had the great chance to spend the 2 nights in the circle. Saturday was awesome... and Sunday was magical. I was so absorbed by the band that i forgot about my legs, my feet and the rain... txs for this incredible moment, txs for Mercy !!! Oh and i loved singing in the rain :D
Shirtless Adam
This man is in seriously great shape!!! I had the feeling that he knew that some of us were absolutely freezing and when he tried to change to put on a new shirt and couldn't because he was just to wet to slide it on his arms, he joined us in our coldness. Absolutely awesome!
Where are the shirtless pics?
Hey guys, someone has GOT to have a picture of Shirtless Adam! Come on, you can share......PLEASE!!
think the boys needed bigger umberellass
We all got together,all wet singing, dancing clapping,but we all become one on a wet and windy night in zurich,brought back happy memories from milton keynes bowl back in 1985. best song of the night was Mercy, only one regret the band did not play with or without,but heard this the night before.
amazing and unforgettable!!
i was in zurich for both the shows and the second one was amazing!! it was pouring rain, it started right 2 minutes before space oddity and didn't stop till morning! i loved mercy, i was waiting for it for years! and mothers...well mothers of the desappeared under the rain..wow...wonderful! streets was unforgettable too with adam barechest right in front of me... everybody was soaked, tired but really, really happy!! thank you guys for another unforgettable night!!
"Love heals when i lie, love put the blu
Bono, if you read this! Please, dump the new lyrics on "Mercy" and go back to the original ones. It would make it a much better song. I'm glad though that we got to hear a version of it live.
zurich 12/9
After a real tough week with so many frustrating and even depressing moments this concert brought me back to life!!! even the rain felt right. thanks u2 for the best show ever, thanks to all the hardcore- fans who stayed to the last sound, partied and had just a great time!!! see you tomorrow in Munich!!!
Unforgettable !
Thank's U2 ! Thank's so much ! I was in the circle, so close to The Edge ! What an experience ! I saw you playing all those songs I listened (and sometimes tried to play) so many times ! And it was so great to see Larry playing ! being so close is better than all the films you can watch ! This night was wonderful ! No matter the wind and rain ! It was even better ! Jumping et shouting during Sunday Bloody Sunday and Crazy Tonight feeling all that rain on us... unbelievable ! Thank's Bono for those amazing songs ! Miss Sarajevo and North Star were so beautiful ! and what an amazing moment with Mercy ! This song had always been legendary, I often wondered how it would sound live... well, I got the answer ! Adam, thank's for the smile ! I was just in front of you ! Awesome ! 'See you in Paris next saturday ! Guys, you really are the best !
joshua stree
zurich 12/9
'when the rain comes' the rain did nothing to dampen our spirits, if anything it added to the show, a great night!!
mercy under the rain
just one of those magical shows where the band and the audience become One. Unforgettable.. just lots of extraordinary things happening as if was all normal: meeting the band outside the stadium, Dallas handing me a pick during soundcheck, world premiere of Mercy, mothers of the disappeared full band, loads of rain and no umbrellas whatsoever.... pure magic!!
difficult conditions amazing show THANKS FOR STAY IN THE RAIN
I think the 2004 version is much better than this. The song has lost her epic sensation... Bono please don't leave the 'Love will come again' verse! ANDREA Roma
I was drinking some rain - and it turned
THANK YOU U2 THANK YOU Zurich THANK YOU Rain That was the most outstanding concert i have ever been. Words can't describe what happened on that Sep 12th in Zurich. It was MAGNIFICENT! Rock on!!
i do not remember when it was the last time I stood in the rain for 2 hours and dindn't give a damn about the rain!! thanks for singing in the rain with us and for giving us special feeling with mercy!! U2 4 ever!!!
Sunday Rainy Sunday
Awesome show under an irish rain !!! Thanks for this great moment ! Despite the rain killed my camera, some pics on : http://www.pbase.com/stephaubry/u2
Thank you for an unforgettable concert in Zurich! The scene was absolutely fantastic, the show as great as always but the best is still your music!
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