U2360° TOUR

Oct 8 2010
Rome, IT / Stadio Olimpico
with Interpol

'Thank you for this welcome. We're on stage tonight and a lot of people thought that was impossible. And I for one feel very fortunate to be standing on this stage with my three best friends...'

Two months and twenty two shows after U2360 opened up again in 2010, the European leg ended in the grand setting of the Olympic Stadium in Rome tonight and the Italian U2 community - that's u2place.com in particular - made it a real night to remember. Volunteers were in the venue early to create an extraordinary set of choreographed flags - we've never had a more impressive one.

'Still Haven't Found' brought us the reveal - a dazzling Irish flag, Italian flag and the word 'ONE' in red on white. A breathtaking visual moment, for the band, as much as everyone else:'Viva Italia!'

That segued into another great moment with a rare appearance for 'Bad' and, even more unusually on this tour, a snatch of 'All I Want Is You'(...unless you know different, the first time we've heard that on U2360). And then came 'Mercy' one of the six new and unreleased tracks that the band have surprised us with in Europe this summer.

Dallas Schoo got a special shout-out before Bono thanked everyone on the crew ahead of In A Little While. This audience was pumped all night long, delighted to hear Bono speaking so often in Italian. 'I wanna thank all the people who helped us build this dream of ours...'

As this summer European tour came to a close all the phones came out and the stadium 'turned into a beautiful piece of jewellery.' Everyone in the house felt just as fortunate as the singer to be here tonight...

Were you at the show ? Let us know what your own highlight was - or if you took part in making the flags? What was the moment you'll never surrender, the memory you'll keep for ever? Add them below and upload your photos.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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I will follow everywhere!
A Night to remember
We have flown all the way from Israel for this unforgettable, unparallelled experience. We have seen concerts alright, but this tops them all, big time. Amazing night by an AMAZING BAND!!!! We are now figuring out where to fly next to see this wonder again and again and again and again
Thrill of a lifetime ...
I'm from Montréal , and seeing u2 in Roma was incredible thanks for the memorys
Thank You (Too) Bono!!!
It was a beautiful day in Rome the tracklist was very nice!!! Super show!!! Please play Kite if you will be back to Italy next year!!!
Terrigal Mike
A Beautiful Night in Paris
We winged our way from Sydney to Paris for a memorable night on the 18th September. Too many highlights...just taking in the atmosphere of 97,000 passionate U2 fans was just breathtaking. I was hanging out for the new song Glastonbury, but hearing Mercy was, well, spinetingling. Looking forward to seeing the show again in Melbourne and Sydney in a couple of weeks. All you Aussies and Kiwies who have not yet experienced the 360 tour...stand by to be blown away! It's just an extrordinary concert experience.
Chills all over !!!
I'm from montréal ,Canada , and i was lucky to see U2 in Roma .... a great moment in my life ... A super show !!!!! Thanks for the memory !!!
Dreams do come true
I was lucky enough to see this amazing band at the Wembley Stadium 15th August 2009....I travelled all the way to see this show from little old New Zealand.....am now counting the sleeps to see them in Auckland...ABOSLUTE AMAZING SHOW..
From Ottawa to Rome
When the North American leg of the tour was postponed till next summer, we couldn't wait. So we traveled to Rome to see U2 on my 52nd birthday. U2 delivered a great show and a memorable birthday gift. Thanks to the band and everyone else that makes U2 what they are. Cheers, Wayne and Caroline Ottawa, Canada
GRAZIE ROMA, thanks U2 for one of my best days in my life¡¡ We travel from Mexico for the concert and we are waiting for U2 in MEXICO¡¡¡ U2360° ROME was one of our best concert ever¡¡¡¡ Please play BAD, ULTRAVIOLET and PLEASE in MEXICO¡¡¡
Michael Buttimer
Poor sound
I enjoyed Turin. Rome's sound was inferior. If fact, Turin was miles better.
Unofrgettable night""""""
I couldn't mss the U2 Show in Rome. What an exciting evening!!! A magic moment was to see Bono let the Stadio Olimpico sing half of the song "I still haven't found what I am looking for", put his hand over his hearth and thank the fans. What to say about Sunday bloody Sunday addressed to all those people who fight for justice and peace, like Aung San Suu Kyi Thanks U2. I hope to see you soon once more in Rome
4 friends...
Me and my 3 friends couldn't imagine to be part of such an unforgettable show....thankyou for giving us thrills and emotions..hope other fans alll over the world could share this magic ;)))
Pure Passion
I just got back home to Los Angeles last night from a very special trip to Rome for the U2 concert. My husband is from Rome so of course when the date was announced I knew we would be there. I truly feel privileged to have experienced the love of the Italian fans for U2 and their music. What an extraordinary concert. Hard to put into words the emotion and feelings that all experienced. The entire Stadio Olimpico was pulsating and giving passionate loving energy to the band and the band responded in kind. I was mesmerized by the singing and clapping all evening. The fan choreography was so special. Bono's amazing emotional reaction will always be remembered as he stopped singing- with his hand over his heart. I was so touched. Then to hear BAD with the snippet of All I want is You was even more of a special gift. Thank you U2 and thanks to all of the passionate Italian fans who made this concert so memorable and magical.
From Rome with love
One of my best photos... :)
Thanks to everyboby for this magic night! Grazie ragazzi per l'emozione che mi avete regalato...Rimarrà per sempre nel mio cuore!Ero un puntino bianco della bandiera Irlandese.. e siamo stati tutti contenti di regalavi questo piccolo dono!! perché siete GRANDI!
Berlin, Zurich and....Rome
Unforgettable experiences! Thank U2 Gianfranco & Regine
U2 8 October 2010 Concert in the Eternal
Here we are, three guys with a common passion in his heart: U2! We started at 4 am on the road to reach the goal so eagerly awaited: the Olympic Stadium! The date of Rome, the last leg of a sensational tour was for the four boys from Dublin a memorable evening. U2 with Rome, with Italy, a special relationship ... of brotherhood, are surrounded by a special atmosphere every time. The stadium is filled with hour after hour up to 75,000 people ... all ready to watch the show that U2 are about to give and it will be hard to forget. Everything flows like a movie where in between is the most exciting moment: the choreography that leaves everyone speechless! That written huge, ONE, and the two flags on the corners of the stadium make it symbolize the union of two countries without distinction of sex, race and religion. The evening ends in the best of ways with the band excited to greet everyone. Thanks to U2 have lived a dream that finally came true. The row made by the morning at 10 we are rewarded in the best way, it is worth it. For U2 gets all this and more. God bless U2. Franciesco
An emotion called U2!!!
The best concert ever! All together as ONE! United IN THE NAME OF LOVE for U2!... What a wonderful dream! The most memorable moment was the coreography moment!! It was great to see the band get excited!!! A night that I'll never forget!! Thank you Bono, Adam, Edge and Larry! Thank you so much for the music, for the joy, for the energy, for the thrills and everything else! I love you with all my heart!!!! - Mary from Naples -
me and u2
OOh,my God!I can't believe it!I am really at the Olympic Stadium of Rome, with my love, realising my dream, a U2 concert!I say thank to be there expecially to my love and to my parents that with different ways permit me to be here!I say thank especially to U2 because you created the Highest kind or form of music that I hav ever heard! And I say thanks to all of you because Bono,the Edge,Larry and Adam with yours Instruments you created a kind of magic which is U2 music, which is the best music created here on the Hearth!Thanks at all!!! bye, bye! Luca!!!
me and my baby
me and my baby denise , 8 years old were in rome..it was a wonderful experience to live these moments toghether just under the edge denise sent a message to the band...I AM THE FUTURE :-)
Still on a high!
Unbelievable gig - the atmosphere was electric (even if the band were late as usual!). The flags looked amazing and the band are on fire at the moment - the show is better than last year due to getting rid of some of the weak songs from the recent album and introducing great new tunes like Mercy and Return of the Stingray Guitar, as well as rare classics like Miss Sarajevo and Hold me, thrill me..both of which were highights from the show, though I have to agree that the best moment was the unexpected Bad/All I want is you..AMAZING!! The Aussies and Kiwis are in for a treat with the band in this sort of form :-)
The unforgettable show
U2 give us an amazing evening as usual.... Every moment has been fantastic especially during the coreography with flags (a very special moment...) Every show by U2 is an experience that everyone should live during his life! I loved the mix of Bad and All I want is you in particular but also the Bono's thrilling performance in Miss Sarajevo. Thanks to the band for giving us these unforgettable moments.
The unforgettable show
U2 give us an amazing evening as usual.... Every moment has been fantastic especially during the coreography with flags (a very special moment...) Every show by U2 is an experience that everyone should live during his life! I loved the mix of Bad and All I want is you in particular but also the Bono's thrilling performance in Miss Sarajevo. Thanks to the band for giving us these unforgettable moments.
Rome Olympic Stadium 8th October 2010 was stunning in every way. U2 were breath taking and the crowd amazing. I am so glad i was there to witness it. I am so proud to be a U2 fan and bono seriously how could we ever forget U2 its just not possible.
Rome - 8 October 2010
We were lucky that the day after the concert, meet Bono in Rome and make a photo. We were speechless. It reminds us of a wonderful concert in Zagreb 14 months ago. Thanks again, Bono.
Waiting for your next european tour
Thank you to you, U2 ... you're my life band! I am the same age of you, I go with you throughout my life since I was 20 ... we're still growing up together!! Rome .... I still feel so stirred up!!!!! Great concert, great atmosphere ... I was in Turin too! Unforgettable concerts, them both! Moment of surrender is the perfect closing: very touching, wonderful lyrics, very suitable song for such an exciting concert! Very good job, folks!!!
Great concert, great stage, grate atmosphere BUT: for me moment of surrender is not the ideal song for ending a concert, she is beautiful almost so sad... for Mercy i still prefer something more of the demo 2004 version because, because..now the song has lost more of her epic taste. Personally i will prefer for next tour a more intimate mature u2 show that not must be a mainstream.
Bono & Mic
Fantastic concert in a fantastic city
Grazie Roma, Grazie U2
This concert was a perfect ending of a 2 day visit to Rome, as my wife and I were celebrating 5 years of marriage on the day! Thank you guys for giving us such a great present! Our special moment was the fantastic performance of "Miss Sarajevo". Bono did a wunderfull job and at a certain moment I thought Pavarotti would enter the stage and sing with Bono! Thks U2 for just making music!
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