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Dec 19 2010
Perth, WA, AU / Subiaco Oval
with Jay-Z

'This is our last night of the year - this is our end of year party.'

And so it came to be, for the second night in Perth and the thirty-second show since the 360 Tour opened up again in Turin way back in early August.

'Let me look at you. ' says Bono. 'Sexy people. It must be Perth. It was great last night... its going to pretty great tonight.

'This is our last night of the year - this our end of year party. Happy Christmas Larry, Adam, Edge - if you don't get any cards, I've been busy!'

The combination of the last night with the impending arrival of Christmas was destined to make this a show to remember and the inclusion of a trilogy of Rattle and Hum tracks sealed the deal: what a reception for All I Want Is You ('This song was first played in this city.') followed by Love Rescue Me and then Desire ('Another song we first played in Perth.')

And special mention tonight to the U2 crew.

'Maddest and smartest, and they're the best at what they do,' explained Bono. 'Two of them have woken up from their madness. You've never met Dave Skaff or Karen Nicholson but if you've ever seen U2 play - they've been there. May 2011 bring you all you want and more.
For all those important journeys our prayer is that you don't get there too quickly.'

As ever great to see two youngsters join the band on stage for In A Little While (tonight, take a bow, April and Elvis) and as the 360 spaceship soared high over Perth a great year on the road came to a fitting close.

'You're an incredible crowd. Thank you to everyone. Everyone who's played such an amazing blinder here. We've been seized. I know a girl - Party girl !'

So a verse from a track from 1983 serenaded us into the final benediction of 2009's Moment of Surrender. See you in February in South Africa - but before that, if you were the final show of 2010 tonight add your own reviews and upload your photos below.

Beautiful Day in Melbourne
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Time to party!
Saturday night was the best U2 concert I'd ever seen -- until tonight! Bono and the boys outdid themselves with a sensational performance from go to whoa. I like to think they were as reluctant to leave as we were. Took my two daughters to their first U2 concert and it was a night we'll always remember. Highlights included the hauntingly beautiful All I Want Is You, the pulsating beat of Vertigo, the beauty or Walk On and One and the passion of Sunday Bloody Sunday. Thanks Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. Please, please, please come back to Perth soon! We love you all!
Incredible! After seeing all Australian 360 shows this is my favorite. Desire was a big surprise as was the Discotheque snippet in Crazy Tonight. A crowd request led Bono to sing a bit of Party Girl. One of my favorite moments was seeing Edge gazing up at the Claw as it descended for COBL. AIWIY brought a tear to my eye. I will never forget tonight...
Last night on Perth
What a show What a band I thought saturday was brilliant, but sunday blew my mind. Thanks for new years day & all i want is you.. Merry Christmas
Awesome Set!!
We stood in the Red Zone last night and loved getting so close to Bono, Edge and Adam and it was an amazing night. Tonight we were in the stands and although it wasn't as close - we couldnt see the sweat on their brows, the set included All I Want Is You and DESIRE!! It was already a 10 out of 10 gig but that just sealed the deal! Jay-Z, who we knew little about, was fantastic: loud, powerful and connected with the crowd honestly and naturally. Everyone knows the stage is mindblowing (better from further out actually in our opinion) so nothing need be said aboutt that. Tonight U2 had power and feeling and they meant every word they sang. DONT TAKE 8 YEARS TO COME BACK LADS! You dont need the Claw - your music is all we need! Seriously - these 2 gigs were the best we've ever been to! Andy and Jodie
between Perth and Denver
pls.consider the Claw at the recently renovated Aloha Stadium in HONOLULU on your way to Denver ( to help pay for shipping LOL )We didnt forget the 06 performance for a minute / pls. come back !!
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