U2360° TOUR

Jul 5 2011
Chicago, IL, US / Soldier Field
with Interpol

The only place to open this review is at the end. A quarter century, almost to the day, from the death of Greg Carroll, friend and crew member, tonight closed with a beautiful tribute.

'The moon is up and over One Tree Hill
We see the sun go down in your eyes.
You run like a river on to the sea
You run like a river runs to the sea...'

If All I Want Is You surprised everyone at the close of the Nashville show, tonight Soldier Field was equally transfixed as a song the band rarely play outside Greg's New Zealand, emerged from Moment of Surrender to end the night.

'Twenty five years ago we lost our great friend, his name was Greg Carroll, we wrote a song for him...
'Here's the deal,' added Bono. 'If we screw up really badly you don't put it on the internet.'

It was a fitting finale to a memorable night, the day after the Independence Day before.

'Summertime in Soldier Field,' as Bono had observed early on. 'Where else would you want to be?' Opening with a dazzling quartet of tracks from Achtung Baby before slamming into Out of Control ('This is our first single...') and 'Get On Your Boots', no-one wanted to be anywhere else.

'How was it for you this morning after the party?' asked Bono, referring to the Chicago White Sox game the previous night, 'Was re-entry a little difficult. Edge and I missed the party, from what we hear Larry and Adam have been the very soul of it...'

They were working on a campaign, he continued, to extend Independence Day into Independence Week. 'We've been talking to Mayor Emanuel. You don't have to go to work tomorrow - it's official!'

You could say that went down quite well.

'My kind of town, Chicago is my kind of town'.

The band have had some great times in this city, including three nights here at Soldier Field on PopMart in 1997 and you never have any doubts about an audience here. 'Incredible, we've had some noisy shows but... something very special happened with our band and your city!'

Were you at Soldier Field tonight ? When was it you realised you were Out of Control? What was the moment you'll never surrender? Add your own review and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in Chicago!

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Chicago's Love Affair Continues with U2
It's been a little over a year since U2's 2011 stop in Chicago, and I am still floored that we got rarities Out of Control and One Tree Hill with another overall fantastic show. As a guy from the Chicagoland area, I can't thank you and the tour crew enough for always seeming to make Chicago a special show. Over the past 3 tours I've seen 10 shows, and from Elevation to Vertigo to 360, you have dropped rare performances of The Sweetest Thing, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, The Ground Beneath Her Feet, All I Want Is You from Elevation Tour...Gloria, Discotheque, The First Time and the best version of BAD from the May 12 2005 Show of the Vertigo Tour...Bad, Your Blue Room, Out of Control and One Tree Hill from the 360 Tour. This means everything to the most faithful of fans that you take the time to delve into your great catalog and re-learn such great works. Can't wait until your next time through Chicago, please bring us more surprises, we'll be giving you our love. Kevin C, Chicago
Curran\'s Love U2
On July 4, 2011, a car containing members of the Curran family, four sisters and four daughters, headed down I-55 to Soldier Field. It is one thing to experience a Chicago Bears football game at the stadium but it is quite another to experience the U2 360 concert at Soldier Field. Our seats were great b/c at the start when they showed the band walking to the stage on the big screen, we could see them as they were filming it. Glad the song set was different from the 2009 tour but nothing, and we mean nothing can beat \"Where The Streets Have No Name\" live. It\'s packed with energy and brings down the house ever time. The highlight however was \"One Tree Hill\" as we had never heard it live in concert before. It was a fantastic ending to a fantastic concert. It was a great experience for the Curran family to see U2 together live for the very first time. Although we had to wait 2 years for them to come back, the entire experience was above and beyond anything we could have expected. Thank you for making our evening so memorable. We look forward to your return to Chicago. Love, The Curran\'s
U2: Simply the best!
Though I go to a lot of concerts this has to be my favorite ever! It wasn\'t my first U2 show, but it was my first time doing general admission. Now that I\'ve done it, I can\'t imagine it any other way. I had fun meeting fellow fans and hanging out. And when we got our spots we were right along the outside of the walkway. The view was amazing to say the least. The whole thing was great, but my favorite moment of the night was when they were performing Mysterious Ways and Edge and Bono stopped right in front of me, literally just a few feet away!!! That was awesome and the whole experience the best day of my life!!!
U2: Simply the best!
Though I go to a lot of concerts this has to be my favorite ever! It wasn\'t my first U2 show, but it was my first time doing general admission. Now that I\'ve done it, I can\'t imagine it any other way. I had fun meeting fellow fans and hanging out. And when we got our spots we were right along the outside of the walkway. The view was amazing to say the least. The whole thing was great, but my favorite moment of the night was when they were performing Mysterious Ways and Edge and Bono stopped right in front of me, literally just a few feet away!!! That was awesome and the whole experience the best day of my life!!!
North Richland Hills, TX in the house
Just had to go my sweet home Chicago to see the show with my Bonnie. It was truly spectacular, a rapturous delight in sound and vision. Thanks to all those who make it possible. Great job spot 3, thanks for the smile.
One Tree HIll
For my 13th show it was Awesome, One Tree Hill is my favorite song and finally getting to hear it live was amazing. Perfect night with the perfect company. Who could ask for anything more.
4th show in a month
Oakland, Anaheim 1 & 2 (magical), Chicago and one more to go...see you in Minnesota! fantastic night - cannot believe they played One Tree Hill... what that song takes me back to ... thank you band, crew and everyone who makes this show possible.
Our U2 Adventure
It was an amazing night! Here is how our Chicago U2 adventure rolled out...complete with photos and video: http://www.justarobot.com/2011/07/2011-07-05-our-u2-adventure.html
Chicago Rocks
A great, great night in Chicago. Travelled from the UK to be there and would do it again and again. Saw the band at Solderfield in 2009 for the opening night of the 360 tour in North America. Both nights were awesome. It was like watching a different show on 5th July and great to hear old songs like Zooropa and The Fly. One Tree Hill topped off a fabulous night. Amazing! Thanks guys and hope to see you on the next tour.
I saw the guys play East Lansing as well and must say the Chicago show was better! They played an inrehearsed One Tree Hill and this had to be the biggest treat for all us fans! I just love how Bono can make a stadium feel like a quaint intimate little bar venue! Only U2 can do this! LOVE U2!
Great show!
We enjoyed every minute!
Best Concert Ever
I drove from South Carolina to Chicago to take my son to the show. I saw it last year in Atlanta and it was so good that I had to make sure that he got to see them. Though Atlanta was great, this show was more streamlined, had an even better setlist, and the video from the space station for Beautiful Day was breathtaking. I may just have to drive to Pittsburgh in a couple of weeks...
Stellar Concert
What a great show!! I liked the visuals, especially the message from the International Space Station during "Beautiful Day." Also, "The Fly" and "Until the End of the World" were excellent. Very impressive show. They did Rejoice and Out of Control. So cool!
Todd Glime
The show was EPIC awesome. Great production. I have been a fan since 1981 and love all the albums yes POP Mart too. So I have loved all the 11 other shows that supported albums, but this was 30 years in the making a show where U2 was free to fly. U2 was in full flight and the crowd in Chicago was awesome as usual. Please rest up and make another run at it when your ready. I be waiting!!!!
"Irish Mexicans"
Just like Bono said in Mexico "We are Irish Mexicans". Once again in the show, but now in chicago with my own flag in the soldier field. "Beautiful country". Nice performance, both was awesome!
U2 rocks Chicago
Someone below said the show in Chicago the other night was like a religious experience. I understand that feeling as the concert in Chicago shortly after 9/11 struck me (and many others) the same way. But to me, the 360 tour shows I saw in Chicago in June of 2009 and the other night were more just fun in the summertime. I have seen U2 in concert about 15 times over the last 20 years or so and they never fail to deliver the goods. And they did it again last Tuesday night in Chicago--their kind of town.
Great show loved zooropa would have stayed all nite, especially because the Mayor gave us the week off. Looking forward to a new album and the re-release of your Achtung Baby and my favorite..... Zooropa
Thank you U2!
I had tickets for the 2010 show and saved them and this show was so worth the wait! So much different and even better than 2009 opening night in Chicago!! I loved the opening Achtung Baby set list! Hearing "Stay" and "One Tree Hill" were such great surprises! Third time seeing U2 and by far the best concert, although all were excellent! The energy was great, set list incredible and U2 just flatted out ROCKED! I danced and sang and felt alive and happy and that is what happens at a great rock show! Best Birthday present ever!! Going to miss them til they go back out on the road again! Only request is come a little closer to Cincinnati, OH please!
A big fan from India..
I am from India..i always had a dream to see U2 live...finally, the dream was realized in Chicago..it was indeed a heavenly experience for me....feeling lucky to be a part of such a great concert with great social causes.Thank you U2!!u r the BEST!
The show
WAS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!! Thank you to the whole band for the love that you gave the Larry Mullen Band girls on the outer rail!
One Tree Hill
Thank you!
This was my 4th U2 show - 2nd this tour....brought my 12 yr old and he loved it! How could he not? It was awesome! We are from New Orleans and we will never forget U2 coming to re-open the Superdome in Sept, 2006 after Katrina --- we have the lyrics that Bono wrote to Beautiful Day for us hanging in our home --- those words have inspired us to rebuild our city and our lives....Thanks U2 -- you are a special group of human beings --- Peace - Terri
Maria Loves U2
Thank you guys it was a awesome night. Had a good time. I love Zooropa. Hope to see you next year bono, edge. larry and Adam. You guys ROCK. Chicago LOVES YOU.
The Edge, "Even Better" on the catwalk
I was on the field about 15-20 ft. outside of the catwalk circling the main stage. This shot was taken during "Even Better Than The Real Thing" as The Edge walked by. Check out my video of the impromptu rendition of "One Tree Hill" which closed the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEPBJsULE08
u2, Chicago... is there any better combo
The answer is NO! Chicago is a great city in itself. When you combine it with a band like U2, a band that has a knack for writing great music and putting on concerts that send fans home in a trance for days, you get a real orgasmic experience! This is my 3rd concert on the 360 tour, the first being here on 9/12/09. These have been the greatest three concerts I may ever attend in my life, and I am happy to have experienced them! I can now die happy! But bring back Magnificent, I missed that song :(
matt Moss
This was my 7th U2 show, and the best yet! My wife and I brought along 3 friends that have never seen the band live. They had a great time, and for me, last night was incredible. The amount of energy from the band and crowd filled me with the feeling of an out of body experience. EUPHORIC!
Keller, Texas in the house in Chicago
GREAT CONCERT! Broke foot on Sunday and flew in with husband on Monday. You can not keep us away. Saw them in Dallas but not the same as in my home town of Chicago! We want MORE! Going to another show before end of tour. Thank you guys so very much!!! One.org!!! I am ONE and this one thanks U2 for all they do and inspire me to do!
maire aine
One True Hill
Thank you for all of your work all you guys do. The spontaneity of One Tree Hill brought the support of the fans. I felt my loved ones who have passed right next to me during this song! See you guys in St. Louie!
life changing!
What a beautiful night of dancing and dreaming. U2 was awesome! My husband watched our 3 boys so I could go to the concert he has been 2 times already. He said that their concerts were like a religious experience! I agree today the day after I have been dreaming about what I can do with my little life to rejoice and pass it on! I feel ready to pass some peace and love on!! The best band ever!!!!
Worth the wait....
U2 in Chicago on a summers night....what could be better than that? Show was awesome -as usual. One Tree Hill was an amazing treat and suprise. All these years and this band is still so completely relavant. From age 13 - 43...these guys have written the soundtrack to my very life.
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