U2360° TOUR

Jul 20 2011
East Rutherford, NJ, US / New Meadowlands Stadium
with Interpol

'Give me one more chance, and you'll be satisfied.
Give me two more chances, you won't be denied.
Well my heart is where it's always been
My head is somewhere in between
Give me one more chance, let me be your lover tonight...'

When this tour began two years ago, 'Real Thing' wasn't even in the set, now it would be strange if the show didn't open with it. But nothing surprises with this band. Thirty years ago they were playing the Fast Lane, Asbury Park - before many of the 90,000 people here tonight were even a twinkle in the eye of their parents.

'So much has changed, so much hasn't', mused Bono. One thing that hasn't is 'Out of Control',  in the set in 1981 and in the set in 2011.

'New Jersey, hot summer night, where you gonna take us?'. Jumping aboard the U2360 spaceship, you never know where you'll be taken just that you'll never come back the same.

''Where we gonna go, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey.'

The band have had some unforgettable nights in New Jersey over the years, twenty four shows in East Rutherford alone and Bono just happened to have the original set list from that Asbury Park show back in another century.

'The Ocean, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock, I Will Follow, An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, Another Time, Another Place, The Cry, The Electric Co., Things to Make and Do, Stories for Boys, Boy-Girl, Out of Control, and the encore was A Day Without Me, 11 O'Clock Tick Tock , The Ocean  and I Will Follow.'

Of the fifty-plus tracks they've  played on this tour, 'Out of Control' is not the only one from 'Boy ' to have found its way back into the U2360 set list - 'I Will Follow' still sounds like it could have been written yesterday. It was also on the set list in a club in London in 1981 on the night that The Who's Pete Townshend took a young American singer along to meet this new band from Ireland for the first time. They became firm friends and Bruce Springsteen was here tonight, when the band  paid tribute again  to the late, great Clarence Clemons.
'We're going to say one last goodbye in the company of some of his people, this is for the E Street Band and Bruce of course...'

'At the moment of surrender
I folded to my knees
I did not notice the passers-by
And they did not notice me...'

One of the longest sets of the tour tonight, 26 songs, but 'nothing much has changed' as Bono put it before the surprise closing number. 'Four Irish boys, out of control...'

Were you at the show tonight? When were you out of control and when was your moment of surrender? Write us your own review of the show and upload your photos below.

U2360° FANCAM in East Rutherford!

Stay in Moncton
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Thinking about 2 best moments in 2011: concerts in Philly and NJ. Thank you! Zooropa was a beautiful surprise. Scarlet is so incredibly emotional. Walk on remains the most special moment. Beautiful ending with Out of control. Every song is extraordinary. Thank you for these amazing moments. I wish I could see you in 2012. Natasa
in my first ever U2 show i get front row with my dad and uncle and had the time of my life. at the end f the show one of the crew members gave me bono's set-list!!!! unbelievable show i couldnt ask for more.
Amazing life
Great vibes, unforgettable tour. "Thanks for giving us a great life!"
Blessings for all!
U2 - your music has been the soundtrack for my prayers for the past thirty years and this tour was no exception: Mysterious Ways, Magnificent, Still Haven\'t Found, Scarlet, Where the Streets Have No Name. You made me rejoice: thank you! And come back soon. . . .
Amazing Show!!!
I got to the stadium at about 4pm. The show started about 9:15pm. The set list was long and a great choice. One more!
um yea....
my first my last my love. if i ever get the chance again u2 will hear my voice echo amongst the most proud and loyal fans that this earth has to offer.thank you sarah and thank you larry,adam,edge bono and edge for an experience i shall take to my grave!
Even better than the real thing...
34 years waiting for this moment then finally my dream became true on that unforgettable night... It took me 3 airplanes to get from Venezuela to USA and there were 5 trains involved on my route from Connecticut to the New Meadowlands Stadium, and guess what? it was really worth it! In the end, the show was as the name of the first song of the evening "Even Better Than the Real Thing"... Larry, Bono, Adam and The Edge, Thank you very much guys. Hope to see you once again very soon and keep rocking!
Gracias Bono, Gracias The Edge GRACIAS U2!!!! Un concierto para recordar y contar por años. Valió la pena esperar (2010/2011) y el viaje desde Costa Rica. Thanks Bono! Thank you The Edge! U2 THANKS!! A concert to remember and tell for years. Was worth the wait (2010/2011) and the trip from Costa Rica.
I was at the 9/23 & 9/24 2009 shows....not in my wildest dreams did I ever think they could have topped either of those shows...especially the 9/24 show. All my teenage sons said at the end of the 2009 shows were "WOW!" This was their second U2 concert tour show, the first was Vertigo, but up in the nosebleed section. During 360 we were in the pit for all shows....Well....they absolutely outdid themselves...WHAT A SHOW....OUT OF CONTROL!!!! I also want to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to U2 for providing cooling tents and FREE water to the fans who were queueing all day in that unbearable heat....at first we thought it was the stadium providing it, but someone in the know told us it WAS THE BAND!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!! The Stadium was selling water bottles at $5 a bottle...sheesh
Finally - Out of Control!
Had given up any hope of seeing this song played live on the 360 tour. This was my 9th and last show over 3 years and 3 continents. So it was a huge surprise when my favourite band started playing it - thank you, thank you, thank you.
O M G what a concert..the boys were on top form and to open with EBTRT took the roof off from the beginning! I missed out on the zootv tour, due to being too young (8years of age!) but this made up for it and it also made up for traveling to NYC twice!!! guys you still have many more years ahead of you...keep going and come back to the uk! thanks also to all the people that complimented me on my t-shirt design! (I am a free agent U2 design team! hint hint)
(Checks) Bucket List
the Concert was the most emotional, powerful & uplifting night of my life. U2 have been my number one goal on my bucket list since I was little. I am so grateful & will remember that night for the rest of my life. I cried from happiness. Thank you U2 for showing me how to love & showing the world that just one person CAN in fact change the world!
Beautiful Night
the show in New Jersey has made me forget to sao paulo !!!! was wonderful !!!
Team Bono
U2 was awesome as expected! Next time leave interpol home, and bring muse!!!
What a Show ! !
One of the best U2 gigs ever.So many songs.Highlight for me was Hold me Thrill me Kill me Kiss me and Zooropa.What a way to finish with Out of Control. Thank you U2.
Unbelievable performance! Magnificant and Where the Streets Have No Name....my favorites!!
it was so amazing
my favorite u2 show ever. 13+ hours of waiting was worth it. # 200 i was!!
Can we say AWESOME!
Not just a concert, but an experience. When you couple that with the Meadowlands Stadium, you get a special memory. The boys were right on plus a little (a lot) extra. It was worth every penny. What you are paying for is years of experience and skill that simply yields perfection. I don’t know how they are going to top this on their next tour, but I will be waiting with dollar in hand!!!
We had the dream
To come for the show in NY. We had a dream once for many years that when we will be 40 we shall go to a U2 gig in Dublin for sure.. with my childhood friend. And that happened! Actually twice. Better than the real thing!! Not New York anyway. But I have now a brand new warm leather jacket today suddenly found as the love of my life. So there is always a reason. U2 has always guided the way, one way or the other. I love this band. If not in New York in the universe and in the spirit. Always. Hallelujah. That is what I really need to hear as an audio once maybe. I mean the song has carried me around the world and when I have heard that Bono is singing it lately it was a crush! What?! Again. We are here. Human spirits!
First time! U2´s Music marked my life on the 90´s and Meadowlands concert was beyond my expectations. All songs full of energy and the 360º stage... awesome!!!
I cant imagine life without having a U2 concert to look forward to.That was just amazing!
The Edge
Amazing show!
Not just a concert... It is an Experience I will never forget.
Best moment...
"Edge, can you say what I was gonna say, I need to go change." This was my 16th U2 show, and this will be one of my silliest memories. Thanks for another great tour!!!
I was bummed that I had to wait an extra year by this experience was definitely WORTH THE WAIT. I really enjoyed I WILL FOLLOW and HOLD ME, THRILL ME, KISS ME... All the songs were great and I shouted along to ALL of them!!! Everything was visually stunning. The boys always keep it interesting & never a dull moment! Bono is one hell of an entertainer... I still have goose bumps!! FREAKING AMAZING NIGHT! Come back to NJ --- WE LOVE YOU.
Thank you U2
I want to thank U2 for an incredible show last night in NJ. I was 3rd row from the stage and loved every minute of it (thanks for the wave Larry!). My most memorable moment was when they played Scarlet. It brought back memories from my childhood and I couldn’t help but tear up. As Bono often says “Thanks for giving us a great life”, I want to thank U2 for being a part of my life over the years. Your music is an inspiration to me and I thank you for your dedication and hard work. God Bless
July 20,2011
I have seen U2 many times and I have to say that the show last night was very out of control. It was one of the best U2 shows I have seen in a long time if not the best show. Every time I see the boys I think they keep getting better and better. Thank you for keeping the ROCK ALIVE! ! Sound system was great Larry was hitting the drums hard last night.. I loved it. .Bono, Adam, The Edge and Larry killed it.. Keep up the great work.
Once again U2 managed to take my breath away. It was a fantastic show and the adding of Out of Control in the end just made it perfect. You guys might thank us for giving you a good life - we will then thank you for all the amazing experiences you give to us.... it is so worth the money going across the world to see you. This was the last 360 show for me, and I will be awaiting when and where you play next - I will start saving for another trip now :-) Lots of U2 love from Denmark
sound system
i agree with some others that initially, i had trouble hearing bono (sat in lower level 127) but it improved during second song. Having trouble coming up with a single favorite song since the set list was amazing and to think I actually knew the lyrics to all of those songs was even more amazing!- I would have to say, Stay, was a favorite. It was simple yet unexpected and just beautiful! They are timeless! At 41, I have seen them on every tour since Joshua Tree and hope they continue writing/touring so that I can bring my daughters to a concert in a few years. Best concert ever!
Magnificent.. actually, Out of Control!
A truly great night. first U2 show for me in 24 years. My sons first concert .. all very awesome. I loved the mix new and old and Out of Control truly was a fitting end to the night..
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