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Paris, FR / Stade De France
Were you there at at the Stade de France tonight ? Here's some of our highlights from the show - add your own reviews at the bottom of the page. Meantime here's a clip we caught of the band walking to the stage tonight.

1. First up there were three songs in the set tonight that weren't in it just two weeks ago when the tour opened. Angel of Harlem, Stuck In A Moment (You Can't Get Out Of) and, making its 360 debut, Mysterious Ways. Six shows in it feels like the band are preparing to mix up the set list - that's 27 tracks they've played on the tour to date.

2. Some people have commented that Breathe is not an obvious show opener... not like Vertigo say, on the last tour. Wait till you've been to a show and seen how it goes down. Maybe it's the pent up anticipation of finally getting to see the band again after four years but hearing 90,000 people joining in the opening song makes a pretty convincing case.

'Walk out into the street
Sing your heart out
The people we meet
Will not be drowned out...'
Tonight they were not to be drowned out all night long.

3. Notice how Adam is making the giant circumference of this stage his own. He did an entire circuit tonight during Beautiful Day and from the moment he and Edge, crossed the bridges simultaneously onto the b-stage, it felt like the band spent more time reaching out to all parts of the audience. 'Thank you for giving us a chance to build this space station, you paid for it, hope you like it. ' explained Bono. 'We think it's going to take us to all kinds of places but most of all its job is to get us close to you. That's what the 360 experiment is all about...'

4.The birdsong rings out crisp and clear at the start of Unknown Caller and Bono reminds people that the song was written in Morocco. 'We recorded some of the album in a beautiful riad in Fez with the birdsong coming through the roof... this is for all of you here from North Africa.' Sounded like there was plenty of Tunisians and Algerians and Moroccans in the house tonight and the karaoke style lyrics on the screens marry with the chant-like vibe to create perfect sing-a-long. 'Paris, France - you know your name!'

5. 'Sometimes I feel like I don't know
Sometimes I feel like checking out.
It was a song a lot of people were hoping might make its way back into the set list after going missing for a decade or so. And the combination of the singer returning in a spectacular suit of lights with the opening chords of 1991's Ultraviolet makes the encore all the more special.

So there's a few highlights from us and here's what they played. What did you think?
French Thank You


28 June, 2010
You're like a dream
...the most beautiful dream.....
12 September, 2009
big thanks from Ukraine
I came all the way from Ukraine for the concert. I've been dead tired after sightseeing in Paris all day before the concert. But once U2 entered the stage, I got my energy renewed almost instantaneously. There was just something special in the air. Big thank you for such a great concert and the whole 360 tour concept! Hopefully, one day soon U2 will make it to Kiev, Ukraine. We've got a lot of fans in Ukraine and looking forward to welcome the band.
05 August, 2009
What a great experience. We came from Iceland to attend this great concert. The setlist was very stong and the stage was just out of this world.Hope to see you guys again next year.
25 July, 2009
Serious, it was perfect. I do not have words to describe my feelings when Larry, Edge, Bono and Adam appeared on stage, I just shout and cried! I wait for U2 again in Brazil!
14 July, 2009
i was an ignorant
Of course i heard popular songs of U2 in the 80's but after it was another way for me..... until 2005 !! I started to hear each album from the end to the beginning (a curious method...like french love to do !!), many many songs gave me love like never before ! buying (yes !) each album and especially lives (2001, 2005,..). thank for coming to our country. thanks U2'band for finding the magic recipe. Laurent was here !!
14 July, 2009
the best gigs in the world, ever! Bigger than life.
13 July, 2009
Thank you for sharing with us your love of Music. It was so good than i had "chicken flesh" sometimes... I hope that next time you could make the show in the future "grand stade" at Lille (north of France), which it would be built for 2012... P.S. : (Sorry for my "english")
13 July, 2009
Only love........
I would love to see Magnificent open one night. Also, where is Being Born in the set list??
13 July, 2009
Breathe is KILLER to start off with!! I have a U2 Tribute Band in the US - Mysterious Ways - and we have started playing the set list that U2 is playing and I didn't think it was a great choice til we played it. It tells the crowd "Buckle up, hold tight - you're in for a ride!!" Great choice!! DUBLIN here I COME!!! BTW, I LOVE the set lists!! It's more positive, fun and airy than the last couple of tours - can't wait to live it!!
13 July, 2009
What a night! What a show!
Please U2 go on playing different setlist! :-) Thank you for Mysterious Ways and Stuck in a Moment. Can we have ELEVATION back as well? Thank you. Cheers
13 July, 2009
More 90's
What about "N.L.O.T.H" as an opener?? Where is "Bullet"?? More from 90's Era would be nice, but like the changes in the setlist.
13 July, 2009
I try to find words (in english)to say how I feel. What sound, what an imposing presence. New songs were so unbelievable. I'll never forget this show. Thanks specially for "Unforgettable Fire" and "Ultraviolet".
13 July, 2009
A good set list but what about the ninet
Great that they are mixing up the set list almost every night. Seems the second shows show the highest variation so far.. However, I know a lot of people would appreciate more songs from the nineties. In particular since neither Zooropa nor Pop has been represented yet on the 360 tour...
13 July, 2009
Thanks for last night, that was just awesome ...all this energy between so many people !! Great tour to u
13 July, 2009
So many energy and positive attitudes from this live. An amazing go crazy songs and Ultraviolet. Make sure it is an magical band for all the world......
13 July, 2009
Tunisian livin' a dream
it was amazing i was in the pit just at 10 meters from the scene and it was amazing. i lived a dream thank you!!!!!!
13 July, 2009
Sing our heart out
This show was absolutely amazing! Extraordinary energy coming from the public and the band. This stage is breathtaking! Even if the stadium is huge, we felt close to the band. Everything was amazing, thank you.
Anna Jolly
13 July, 2009
im 16 and this was my first u2 concert and i've got to say i've never seen a band captivate the audience this much. the atmosphere around me was so great. the concert was so magical and i cant wait to see them again live. rock on u2!
13 July, 2009
if i have a dream
if i dreamt this night, it never can be better than that.energy happyness, you give me that for a lot time. it was magical, different than the first show and so good: we love you U2.thanks for that
13 July, 2009
Thanks !!! So goods songs. Magnificent tribute to Michael JACKSON with an Angel of Harlem wich finish in a complit silence in the stadium...... ! How many energy in me to wait for the next time !
12 July, 2009
very good that the band is now going around!! I hoped for it at the second show in Barcelona and the first show in Paris!! I saw the two shows and didn't saw the band good. In Barcelona we were on the block 108 and in Paris on K8 and it was on the left and the back side of the stage. Maybe we will go to London and hope to see them better! Greetings from a member of Brussels!
12 July, 2009
I know My Name . . .
Paris, our 2nd U2360°show . . . Such GoodVibes from Still ain't found a cappella to Moment of Surrender . . & Mystérious ways, Walk On - wearing Aung San Suu Kyi mask . .Thanks Larry-Adam-Edge-Bono (who just can't stop joking 2night!) Perfect U2Fan Life ! ! ! See You Guys Next YEAR !
12 July, 2009
Sunshine, Sunshine...
Was in Paris in spirit only (and online), but I do know birdsong is good, African birdsong better,U2song--the best! We're waiting patiently for our turn in the USA! Rock on,Europe and U2!
12 July, 2009
There could not be a more deserving song opener for this tour than Breathe with Larry's building drum intro that ends in a crescendo of Adam,Edge and finally Bono giving the song life....what a rousing intro Some people are overthinking tour openers just a tad
12 July, 2009
World needs a big kiss like that ...
Thanks a lot for all: - this fantastic show with a 360° view was so great, - the energy you gave us so enermous, Hope you feel great this evening in Paris ... and I wish U the best for the 360° world tour. Hope to CU soon ...
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