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FriNov 12 1993
Melbourne, VIC AU
Cricket Ground
SatNov 13 1993
Melbourne, VIC AU
Cricket Ground
TueNov 16 1993
Adelaide, SA AU
Football Park
SatNov 20 1993
Brisbane, QLD AU
Anz Park
FriNov 26 1993
Sydney, NSW AU
Sydney Football Stadium
SatNov 27 1993
Sydney, NSW AU
Sydney Football Stadium
WedDec 1 1993
Christchurch, NZ
Lancaser Park
SatDec 4 1993
Auckland, NZ
Western Springs Stadium Auckland
ThuDec 9 1993
FriDec 10 1993
Tour News

21 September, 2010
'Miss Sarajevo' has become one of  the highlights of the 2010 show. Bill Carter has the story behind it.
18 February, 2010
Novelist Salman Rushdie was in hiding for fear of his life for many years. Then he showed up onstage with U2. Then he wrote a song with them. In this latest highlight from our archives he recalls how it all came about.
03 August, 2009
'Once the music began, no one cared about last names, nations, or religion. All they cared about was the music. The simple celebration of music became a celebration of the end of the war.' A week ahead of U2's Zagreb shows, Bill Carter remembers what it was like when U2 played Sarajevo in 1997... and how a city under siege had become a defining image of the ZOO TV Tour.
16 July, 2009
This weekend U2 return to Berlin, the city where they recorded Achtung Baby. Here's what it was like in 1990.