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23 October, 2009
It's going to be busy, you might want to think about parking or carpooling. Take a read.
23 October, 2009
'My name's Joe, I'm gonna show you around...' A slightly different perspective ahead of showtime in Phoenix, Arizona.
21 October, 2009
A second show has been announced for Coimbra, Portugal on October 3rd 2010. Presales for subscribers have opened today.
21 October, 2009
In Norman, Oklahoma, they know how to pay tribute to a groundbreaking rock'n'roll touring show. It goes straight to their heads.
20 October, 2009
The roof is open in Phoenix tonight and we're looking up into an endless Arizona sky. Here's what they played.
19 October, 2009
This Sunday's show from the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, California will be broadcast live and free all around the world on YouTube.
19 October, 2009
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The band's new BlackBerry App gives you the chance to tell the story of a U2 song through the images it inspires for you. We want you to mail us your images - and become part of U2's mobile album. Here's how.
19 October, 2009
'Escape yourself and gravity...' Unknown Caller is a song that insists you join in - now you can. The band's production team are aiming to create a 'global chorus' of people singing the track. Sing up - and send us your video clip.
18 October, 2009
Here's what they played in Norman, Oklahoma tonight. More coming soon.
16 October, 2009
Over the last two shows in Texas the band have dedicated Unforgettable Fire to Stephen Gately.
16 October, 2009
Second night added in Helsinki in 2010.
15 October, 2009
'We feel right at home here in this the home of space stations.' Houston, we have no problems at all on the 360 Tour.
14 October, 2009
'Come in Frank, it's Bono and The Edge calling space.' Exclusive video from yesterdays visit to the Johnson Space Centre.
14 October, 2009
Only the fourth show at the New Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. Took some planning, their screen was even bigger than ours.
13 October, 2009
Bono and Edge visited the Johnson Space Centre today. They spoke to the staff and were given a tour around the centre by working astronauts.
12 October, 2009
Over 70,000 in the newly opened Dallas Cowboys Stadium tonight, and with the roof over our heads, we really knew it.
12 October, 2009
You've been emailing Edge with your photos - wearing the Aung San Suu Kyi Mask all over the world. Check out some of the best.
09 October, 2009
'The future needs a big kiss,' sang Bono in hot, hot, hot Tampa tonight and the future arrived, all the way from Guy Laliberte, orbiting the earth in the International Space Station. 'Planet earth looks so great...'
09 October, 2009
A date in Brussels, Belgium has been added to the 2010 European leg and subscriber presales, along with those for Paris and Coimbra, open Tuesday.
09 October, 2009
Under the roof of the Georgia Dome, a close encounter with the U2 360 Spaceship.
06 October, 2009
Loud, loud, loud under the roof at at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta tonight. Here's what they played.
05 October, 2009
From Children of the Revolution to The Jean Genie via Kurt Weill. From Gavin and Courtney to Edge and Lou. From The Virgin Prunes to Lady Gaga and Shane MacGowan. Hard to describe the unprecedented creative gathering that took place at Carnegie Hall last night, celebrating Gavin Friday, raising funds to fight AIDS.
03 October, 2009
'Magnificent Larry Mullen Junior, magnificent The Edge, magnificent occassion...' Only one word to describe tonight's show in Raleigh, North Carolina.
01 October, 2009
College show at the Scott Stadium, University of Virginia in Charlottesville tonight. Brings its own special vibe, here's what they played.
29 September, 2009
A memorable show in Washington DC where 'New Years Day' is dedicated to the late Teddy Kennedy.