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Numb (Zooropa)
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One of the best U2 videos
I love this video and song. It never gets old. It's funny that Edge can keep a mostly-straight face throughout the entire video! Could anyone else do it? Doubtful....
I never got this.
Still struggling today with Numb,the song and the video. Possibly U2's most awful single.Sorry. I reflected back to red rocks,I reflected back to Live aid,I reflected back to JT and AB,when this appeared and thought WTF! lol.
I loved this video! It´s one of my earliest memories of U2, when I was discovering rock´n´roll (thanks to MTV too!).
this is the best performance
cool , this video was the first video i see, and the first time that I knew of u2
Sensory Overload
Lol poor Edge... going from belly dancers to having feet shoved in his face and being tied down by his friends... talk about sensory overload!
edge's numb
I love this video, can't believe he let everyone do this to him. He's such a good sport and so adorable too.... Edge is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiss U Edge
Great video. I bought the VHS years ago ;) It is really a single shot in the beginning ? It must have been so difficult to stay cool ;) Kiss you Edge !
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