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When was this shot?
I think it\'s terrific, but I still prefer/adore the way Bono covered it in the original.
Martha Dillard
The Best Version
Though Bono does a great job, Mary adds the passion of a woman that I think the song needs. Never knew the difference before her version, though and still love his. He is such a generous performer; how many singers of his stature would let someone else cover this so well??
I participated in the Mardi Gras Half Marathon this past weekend, in New Orleans. This very beautiful version of the song was on my iPod, and played at the end of mile 11. It make my spirits soar, not only because so many of us needed to "carry each other" at that point in the race, but also because we were going through an area that is still recovering from Katrina. I realized, at that same time, how the aftermath of Katrina proved that we really are "One". It was very moving to think about all of that while listening to Mary J and Bono sing together with such intensity.
Wow! Shivers!
This is such a powerful version of this song I'm wondering how it did not become a number one hit all over again. The mix of Mary J's voice with Bonos is incredible - and the things she can make her voice do is nearly angelic. The video is also great - not a huge production, just a perfect backdrop to showcase the song.
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