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Original Of The Species (How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb)



01 November, 2014
Touching indeed, especially for me, who
I am just about to discover U2 as a result of the iTunes gift, Songs of Innocence. This website is a great source of information but it would be good to have more info/description about the videos. Like the idea behind the different versions, which year they were recorded etc.
30 August, 2012
original of the especies
touched me ,remind me of you,a night u had spent chating with a chatterbox (me)at a night club in SP long long ago....
13 August, 2012
Love this..
especially that smile on Bonos face :). And the song is beautiful!
16 November, 2011
Give you anything you want
I think I would like a locket with a picture for my pocket.
02 August, 2010
This is an amazing video! It is great to see different perspectives of Bono and the woman at the same time. Bono;s facial expression is very intense and the movements of his hands are also very expressive.
08 July, 2010
oh God, what a song...
There's allways a drop at my eyes when I heard that song...
14 May, 2010
original of the species (how to dismantl
nice video clip,hope they play live the song!
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