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The oldies
I could watch their old videos for hours!!!
This is my favourite song! I love U2! U2 is my life! Larry♥♥♥
"Larry was fourteen... he still is..."
I will follow
Wauw .. I didn't even know there were a video for this song ..
Blast from the past
As someone lucky enough to have seen the lads at McGonagle's in 1978 and then at the Paradise in Boston during the "Boy" tour, this sure takes me back! Got to love Bono's pants in this video, as well as his dancing - thank God that changed - but in many, many other ways they have changed very little over the years. Adam into his look already, Larry seeming a bit in pain (or is it just deep concentration?) playing his kit, Edge getting a well deserved close up of his technique even back then, and Bono the extroverted showman forever. Thanks for sticking together and remaining true to who you are through thick and thin...
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