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Even Better Than The Real Thing - Cologne
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Take me back to Cologne!!
I´m Brazilian and a huge fan of U2, I´ve been attending their live concerts since 2006 worldwide. In September 2018, I went to Cologne and got to see them live for the 11th time and it was my mom´s first concert ever in her life! I purchased an exclusive T-shirt the one with the megaphone and “Cologne” was printed on it. Last March I was mugged and the thieves took my dad´s car that I was driving, my purse, smartphone, my wedding ring and a bag containing this exclusive t-shirt =( . Thankfully they let me out of the car and I managed to get a taxi to my parent´s place. I tried to buy another t-shirt but it is sold out! Now I´m looking forward the concert in Japan, where I´ll celebrate my 40th b-day!! So excited about it!! All the best for you and see you soon!!
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