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Sweetest Thing - Best of 80-90 Double
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Sweet sweet,bitter seems!
the best, always, to reach, to enjoy , to live and to see! All in movement! let bitter behind!
It's a sweet tune.
First heard this in 87 on a bside,Streets I think. Loved it then in its more stripped down version,blinding tune. I remember being in a pub with a few mates at the time as a 19yr old after the Joshua Tree release and we were all discussing this tune that appeared on a single b side wondering why it wasn't on the album. This was nice video though,glad they re-visited the song.
The Sweetest Thing
It's a great Love Song, but what I love about it is that it was done as an apology to Bono's wife...and the video is just the sweetest thing. I especially love the banners that say "I'm sorry" with the giant heart in the sky. Now not everyone could go to all this trouble just to apologize, but Bono can and it's a sweet gesture.
"I always forgive you", she should have said. I love the colors of this video and all the things that appear in the background. Funny and surprising.
Funniest U2 video ever!
Funny, but sweet and heartfelt too. From what I understand this song came about when Bono was trying to write a song for his wife Ali's birthday. (Correct me if I'm wrong but that is actually her in the carriage with him.) But all that kept coming out was this sort of bitter sweet song. I loved this song as a B-side since it came out and was happy to see it on the Best Of compilation. Does anyone know where the Elvis Costello getup came from though??
Carriage rides, flowers, puppy dogs, men with long hoses and the backing of friends that clearly love you. The only thing missing was the chocolate. If it were me, I would have gobbled them all up too 'cause therein lies the sweetest thing next to the real...
amazing, bono, you are so sweet haha
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