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Now this
is inspring!! Thank you! Magnificent!
U2 Rocks!!!!!
I'm from Ireland & I am 13 & I just want to say U2 Rocks!!!! Further more, I went to see the '360 Tour' in 2009 & am happy to say it was AWESOME!!!!!!!
i beg you guys...!!
Come to BRAZIL and do this perfect show that just you guys know how to do! ohhh....please connect to space (nasa) like you guys did in Dublin and Tampa, was so amazing and beautiful. We are waiting you guys here in Brazil(São Paulo). Will be a honor receive you. Big hug for each one. Bruno Esturba Molino.
Please !
Please U2 come to Brazil we are waiting for you ! We love you <3
Very beautiful!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE TOO MUCH U2 and humanitarian causes which always helps! PLEASE COME TO BRAZIL, my biggest dream is WATCHING THE SHOW FOR YOU! JULIANA SOUZA CIDADE - SANTA CATARINA/BRAZIL.
I was there for the Houston show and I remember when they brought up the fact that they were at NASA the day before. I was like "What? They were here for 2 days and went to NASA too!?" Anyway, it was awesome to include a little bit of space travel into the tour, considering the theme, with the stage and all, did make it seem like we were in space. I sure know I was! Then again, I always am when I listen to a U2 song. I wanted to be an astronaut when I was growing up and was in love with space. I went to Mission Control when I was 10 and told my mom and dad "I"m gonna work here one day!" Even though I'm in nursing school now, I still like astronomy (not to be confused with astrology). My two loves together at last - U2 and space.
The Penney
An exception video. I was at the Croke Park concert in Dublin and thought that that this was a truly original idea for U2 and NASA to combine their efforts to make everyone more aware of the state of the planet earth today. It was also nice to see U2 turn the focus from the "Rock Stars" to the researchers and scientists at work trying to make the planet a better place. Bravo Gentlemen!
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