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Gloria (October)
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This was the first time I ever saw U2 and was on MTV and knew at that moment that this band would go so much further. Still one of my favorites! The enthusiasm in the sound was so contagious I had to find more. My favorite band from that moment on. Then found I Will Follow. Bad from Rattle and Hum became my favorite piece of U2 footage ever!
Give God The Glory And See What He Will
Not long ago, a woman found in her attic, Bono's lost lyrics from "October". Bono's book of lyrics were stolen from him sometime during U2's 1981 tour. It would be so interesting to compare the lyrics to the words that made it on the album. I love the songs "Gloria, Fire, Rejoice, & Tomorrow" from the LP. Like a child who is lost in the wilderness, Bono cries out to God for strength and direction. te domine Gloria...exultate...Glory to God in the highest!
The watery beginning adds some interesting feelings to the video. Great song.
Loved U2 at the 1983 US Festival!
The first time I saw U2 was at the US Festival in 1983. I was 13 and already a big fan. Bono climbed the scaffolding and waved a white flag from the top of the stage. A fond memory I will always have. Love him and wishing him a speedy recovery! He should take his time to recover and I will see him again whenever the Anahiem shows are rescheduled. Take the time you need. Back issues are no fun! Blessings, Meredith
October is one the album of U2 that i look for listening very often. I enjoy doing it from the first song till the last. This video meets the song properly, i love the colours of it.
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